Jun 132013



02:11 Your Feedback Is Just Right: feedback, fascism vs communism, Just Right updates
13:28 Edward Snowden – Blowing The Whistle: Edward Snowden, government surveillance, turning fascist, 9/11, laws to fight terror, NSA, intelligence agencies, unfree but comfortable, American future worse, turnkey tyranny, secret government decisions, digital communications, content vs meta-data, privacy, Fourth Amendment, NSA’s constitutional violations, data dangers, perpetual war on terror, a fascist tyranny, corrupt government, no honest thief
32:16 Cell Phone Tumour Rumours: cell phones and cancer, Lawson Health Research Institute, electromagnetic fields may be healthy, radiation
38:08 Shocking Debate: Who Owns London Hydro? sale of London Hydro, ownership, Vinay Sharma, City of London is sole owner of 1001 shares, imaginary shares, conservation, economic resources vs natural resources, fixed charges, rationing electricity, hydro cost’s negative effects, jobs lost, top dollar for bottom service, judging the success of of London Hydro, Outage Management System, profit for government, no cash cow, infrastructure, regulation no protection 59:28 END


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