May 302013

Yaron Brook - Robert Vaughan


00:07 Journey Into Selfishness: Dr. Yaron Brook, capitalism most moral system, sacrifice, individual pursuit of happiness, rational self interest, socialism, morality, Ayn Rand, cronyism
09:26 Capitalism Works – So Socialists Lie: capitalism in decline, from poverty to plenty, socialism, fascism, self evident truth that capitalism works, Paul Krugman lies, salt-water economists, government and economy, lying as a weapon, lying philosophy, socialists lie, sharing for sharing’s sake, conditioned for slavery, Montessori instruction, lying is the tool of the left, selfishness
28:25 Just Sad: A Society Built On Sacrifice: JP Morgan, 1907 financial crisis, banking, selfishness, federal reserve, Alan Greenspan, selflessness, elevator regulations, disinterested bureaucrats, robber ethics, altruism, sacrifice, self interest, degrees of fascism, reason, good, evil, thought, productive work, the good, first paycheque
41:45 Saints Alive! Bill Gates Or Heaven’s Gate? moral revolution, group behaviour, morality of service to others, best of both, trading societies, moral credit, Saint Bill Gates, the benevolent society, forced benevolence, cultural revolution through stories, stories of sacrifice, stories of heroes, selfishness is love of humanity, examples of positive stories, work 56:02 END

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