May 232013

Red Choices


00:07 Insufficient Philosophy: technology, science, political knowledge, social knowledge, capitalism, moral foundation, Yaron Brook, Ted Harlson, reality, reason, self, consent, neo-conservatives, Ayn Rand, collectivism, socialism, fascism, communism
20:26 What’s Black And White And Red All Over? left wing, right wing, left and right, political spectrum, TV news media, capitalism, polarization, Adam Smith, pursuing self-interest, nobility, virtue, philanthropy
32:10 Just Grin And Polar Bear It: Why ‘Socialism’ Really Is A Dirty Word: polarization, media, medicare, socialism, politics, force, left, right, choice
47:00 Creating Interest In Self Interest: capitalism works, Hong Kong, ethics, morality, the good, sacrifice, selflessness, self interest, Saint Bill Gates, suffering with socialism, self interest is virtuous, Dr Yaron Brook, economist, philosopher, selfishness, arrested moral development, capitalism 57:32 END

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