May 092013



02:05 The London Connection: Islamists Wearing Mosques GUEST: Salim Mansur, CJBKam1290 Radio, Andy Oudman, terrorist incidents, Dr Munir El Kassem, London an incubator for terrorism, London Muslim community, London mosque community is Islamist, cancer analogy, public record of El Kassem, Saudi-funded organizations in London, jihad, Muslims Facing Tomorrow
18:06 Issue At Root: Theocracy Vs Democracy RCMP community briefing, hostile response, Islamophobia, intimidating the police, fertile breeding ground for global jihad, GUEST: Salim Mansur, fear mongering, victim mentality, 10-15% solution, Muslims vs Islamists, theocrats vs anti-theocrats, western confusion, mosque community an organized minority, Lara Logan CBS News correspondent, false narrative, Taliban today, Afghanistan, not like Viet Nam, ignoring our enemy’s identity,
31:33 Media Myopia: Can’t Hear The Trees For The Forest City London Free Press, GUEST: Salim Mansur, multiculturalism over facts, Arab spring, veil of democracy, theocratic society based on Sharia, a free media, alternate media tells the story, mainstream media credibility shattered, Munir El Kassem, campus hotbeds of Islamic radicalism, prayer room radicalization
44:19 Asymmetry – 21st Century Vs 10th Century enemies of the West, journalism, Islamist motivation, not insurgency, wrong strategy, GUEST: Salim Mansur, state funding of terrorism, Lara Logan, Saudi Arabia the most retrograde system of government, global jihad, asymmetry, worst Canadian terrorist act Air India bombing, Canadian politicians support terrorists, Muslims vs Islamists, multiculturalism 56:49 END

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