Dec 062012

Woman with gun


Never Hear The End Of It Day
Have Gun Will…?
Feminism On The Left: See No Right – Hear No Right – Speak No Right
In A ‘Heavy Flow Daze Every Day’

  6 Responses to “279 – Men have cooties”

  1. Great Show – thanks.

  2. p.s that pic looks like Brigitte Pellerin on Sun News!

  3. Many thanks ladies. If only there were more of you. I am told there are masny more supportive and understanding women who know exactly what is going on in the war against men but although I hear that a lot I never seem to meet them. Except of course for courageous women like Mary Lou and Kathy.

  4. As a Canadian, as a father, as a P.A.L. holder, as an advocate of moral and values minded empirical thinking in legislation and policy – The radio show was thought provoking on some issues that most of us Canadians are afraid to admit and discuss.
    Thanx for taking up the torch!

  5. You ladies raised the bar!
    Wit and wisdom.

  6. That was an awesome show! Great guests, great clips, great topics!! Brilliant idea to attack the very idea of a Women’s only broadcast, by not catering to the status quo. Thank you!

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