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Muslims Facing Tomorrow – Modern Day Martin Luthers
Bad Medicine – Profiting From Non-Profit
Rae Of Darkness – Bob Rae’s Prescription For Health Care
Good Doc Bad Doc – Where’s The Justice?

  One Response to “270 – Muslims Facing Tomorrow / Good doc bad doc / Sanction of the victim”

  1. Dear Robert and Robert,

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for giving a voice to peaceful muslims on your radio show. I was also in that room on Sunday and felt a surge of affinity that I’ve never experienced in the 10 yrs since I converted to Islam. There is so much politicization and mis-information, that an accurate understanding is a hard won thing and speaking out brings abuse from both extremists and Islamaphobes.

    Your support and open-mindedness is welcomed by those of us seeking to educate and inform so people can develop an opinion free from political and religious propaganda, and in doing so remove the platform for extremism that exists in the consciousness of the general population.

    I recently wrote a blog post about my experience as a convert to Islam in which I sought to discredit extremist views and present the core values of the faith; peace, tolerance, compassion and reasoning. I’ve received thanks from many readers but have been baited by Islamaphobes with an axe to grind too. By far the worst comments have been those posted on a group discussion forum in LinkedIn by someone who uses personal insults, religious and racial hate-speech and talk of gang-rape in an attempt to shut down dialogue they don’t support. I’ve flagged his comments as inappropriate, emailed the moderator and LinkedIn support and nothing has been done, leading another group member to comment, “It’s curious to me that vitriolic Islamaphobia is tolerated in the media, and apparently here on Linkedin.“

    I thank you again for your support.

    Best regards

    Aisha Ashraf

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