Feb 172022

The entire ‘Covid’ narrative is crumbling and the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy in Ottawa has sped that process exponentially. Every lie, every sinister intentional action to destroy the lives, health and welfare of citizens everywhere, will soon become common knowledge as more and more people waken to their political reality.

This terrifies the likes of Justin Trudeau, whose fascist policies have created the very tyranny against which Canadians are protesting. He has been justifying his fascism based on a Covid narrative whose falsity is becoming more self-evident with each passing day.

Censorship and propaganda have been governments’ primary weapon in an ‘information war’ that has been extraordinarily effective, thanks to the ‘fake-news’ media acting as a government-paid propagandist for the state.

The ‘info war’ has now escalated into an all-out ‘word war’ spree. At the heart of the conflict is the word ‘freedom’ itself, a concept that the Left cannot tolerate or defeat. That’s because the word ‘freedom,’ above all, means freedom from coercion, which happens to be another way of saying freedom from the Left.

Individualism (on the Right) operates on the principles of freedom and consent. Collectivism (on the Left) operates on the principles of control and coercion. Since individualism is moral while collectivism is immoral, it should come as no surprise that the Left is doing everything possible to denigrate the concept of freedom by morally equating it with the Left’s own ideals of coercion and violence.

The Left’s attack on the concept of freedom is mirrored in its similar attack on the concept of the political ‘Right’ – by associating it with fascism (which is explicitly Left) – and by inventing meaningless terms like ‘alt-right,’ or ‘extreme right wing.’

To win the war for freedom it must be understood that there are no ‘degrees’ or variants of freedom. It’s just freedom for the same reason that what’s right is Just Right.

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