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One of the tragic ironies of living in a free society is that freedom comes to be taken for granted, resulting in a broad disinterest or disdain for politics. As long as they are being left free to pursue their own livelihoods and interests, most people do not see politics as relevant to their daily lives or their personal freedoms.

Today, finding themselves deprived of the freedom they took for granted, many individuals are considering political involvement for the first time only to find that political protests, petitions, and rallies seem to have little or no effect on the fascist agenda of the Western nations’ governments today.

Our tyrants came to power using the political party system and that is precisely how they can be removed from power. The door to government change is wide open yet so few people – on the Right, on the side of freedom – walk through it.

While protests serve a function as a means of communicating to both the existing government and public, for individuals, party politics is the most effective way to get results. Most importantly, party politics is the only way to resolve political differences in the absence of resorting to violence. History demonstrates that the common people have never overthrown tyrannical governments directly; when it happens, it has always been the military that overthrows the government.

The world is run by minorities because the majority is not interested in politics and never will be. Thus, for the few who decide to become politically active, this represents an enormous opportunity and advantage. To become part of a minority that actually affects political issues in a meaningful way requires only one thing: making a personal choice to do so.

To discover just how simple this can be and how much influence you can have as an individual, join us as we share some of our own experiences that demonstrate this truth. Along the way, you may laugh and you may smile, but you may also discover your own way of becoming part of a political effort that’s Just Right to win the war for freedom.

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  1. Just wanted to remark on your use of one of the first episodes of the Newhart TV series (“Hail to the Councilman”). I had come across that hilarious and so very relevant episode on YouTube last month.

    Glad that you chose to include the highlights in this week’s podcast episode.

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