Nov 182021

Perhaps the most frightening aspect about our current fascist pandemic is the inconvenient truth that a majority supports it. The failure to understand this can lead to unfortunate consequences.

For example, a lot of effort might be wasted in an attempt to bring reason, evidence, and clarity to a significant percentage of people utterly unwilling or incapable of processing the information. In their hypnotic state of denial, they are literally incapable of seeing the tyranny before their very eyes. Even worse, many who attempt to awaken this group blame themselves for the failure to do so, concluding that nothing can be done.

In his November 12 discussion with the legal team of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Mattias Desme – who specializes in “mechanisms of mass formation and totalitarian thinking” – estimated that the unreachable ‘hypnotized’ group comprises around 30 percent of the population. Another 40 percent, he suggested, are capable of ‘seeing’ but are afraid to speak out, thus making themselves part of the majority (70 percent) who end up supporting fascist measures. This is the group that, if effectively persuaded, can turn a tyrannical majority into a majority for freedom.

That leaves it up to the remaining 30 percent who can clearly see the tyranny to lead the fight for freedom. But how? As one courageous voice for freedom recently put it: “We can’t wake the sheep. We must wake the lions.”

Understanding the process and psychology of ‘mass formation’ may be the key to developing strategies against tyranny that are Just Right and that can lead us once again in the direction of freedom.

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  2 Responses to “733 – It’s psycho! (logically speaking)—the psychology of tyranny”

  1. What could be more mass psychotic than thinking that the decisions made by mere politicians have to be followed as if they were Decrees from On High or we have to jump through hoops to overturn their decisions?
    Taking private $ while in public office is ILLEGAL. Since we can prove they are all doing this and since you have more than enough listeners who can sign onto an initial effort that, once the rest of the public sees that there are others who signed onto it will do so themselves, you’re literally THE problem by continually refusing to DO this.

  2. 1) Can what you’re complaining about occur WITHOUT the 100% knowledge & complicity of everyone on this list Are they accidentally cashing in the corporate lobbying checks AND voting in ALL OF the corporate agendas?
    Our “systems” don’t “have” checks and balances. Those are things that need to be APPLIED BY the people running the systems.
    The conflict of interest laws that exist are for US to use. Not for the politicians to voluntarily choose to imprison themselves instead of accepting millions of $. YOUR COWARDICE is the only thing preventing you from acting.
    You’re actually so cowardly you’d rather broadcast this fact & ensure Daddy-Government that you’ll never HAVE the least bit of courage than ever enter into even discussing acting against Him. And there IS NO “Daddy-Government.” You literally made up an entity to fake loyalty to in order to justify your hypocrisy.
    Grow tf up. Stop reporting on the crimes while refusing to stop them. You HAVE the audience. Let’s talk strategy.

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