Oct 282021

Sinister and simultaneous developments throughout the Anglosphere continue to move in one political direction: Leftward towards the establishment of a globalist fascist state.

Using the distractions of ‘fighting climate change’ and the politics of ‘pandemics,’ the fascist agenda referred to as ‘Agenda 21’ or the ‘Great Re-set’ has always been the real objective of the globalists. Former British Columbia premier Bill Vander Zalm has called the current government-mandated lockdowns and ‘vaccinations’ the “scariest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.”

As the adverse reactions to all of the measures from lockdowns to mandated injections pile up under an avalanche of evidence demonstrating the destruction of their measures, politicians and state officials around the world remain oblivious to reality and are even more aggressively demanding a fascist state.

Unlike socialism or communism, which are based on the ‘ownership and control’ of productive property, fascism dispenses with ‘ownership’ and strictly employs state control of private matters and choice. Thus, the government can force privately owned businesses to advance its fascism, leaving the private sector to bear the responsibility and pay for potential damages caused by state policies.

This fascism operates on every level of government – federal, provincial/state, municipal – and internationally. The propaganda war against the unvaccinated – upon whom those pushing the vaccines are projecting their own evils and failures – is well under way.

It has now emerged that all of these governments have prepared to force their citizens to be injected with no fewer than eight shots of the poisonous gene therapies they continue to falsely call ‘vaccines.’ Along the way, politicians have repeatedly and glaringly lied to their citizens, constantly ‘moving the goalpost,’ falsely informing the public that they would be ‘fully vaccinated’ – (against what is anybody’s guess because it’s not against Covid) – after receiving the ‘second’ shot. Now, those who received the two mandated shots have discovered that they are no longer vaccinated after several weeks, and will require a constant ‘boosters,’ simply to maintain their so-called ‘vaccinated’ status on a forced ‘passport’ that is both immoral and unconstitutional.

The good news is that the tide is beginning to turn against the oppressors. For example, in Britain, murder charges have been successfully filed against a school and the vaccinators who demanded that a young child attending the school be injected with the pretended ‘vaccination.’ The child died, and because producers of the vaccines have been granted ‘immunity’ from prosecution for the damage they cause, the people prescribing or advising that people get injected are the next in line to be held responsible – and they have no such legal immunity – particularly where children are involved.

On other fronts, mass demonstrations against the mandates continue to grow, while fascist politicians continue to push their globalist agendas. Theirs is a sinister and evil agenda that has nothing to do with keeping anyone safe or healthy.

The sooner these politicians and all those responsible for the deaths and adverse reactions to the injections are held directly responsible for their roles and actions, the sooner things can become Just Right again.

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  2 Responses to “730 – Sinister developments on the road to fascism”

  1. “If you found this presentation valuable please consider supporting us.” What use is a bunch of people whining about what’s being done instead of even DISCUSSING ways of blocking it? Especially when they have the legal power to do so?
    Taking $ while in public office is illegal. Why tf would I spend $ supporting blah-blah blah-ing ABOUT a problem & not DOING anything ABOUT it?
    Yes, you would need mass public support behind this effort so it would not get blocked or dismissed. Gee, too bad no one invented a way for you to communicate with the masses and acquire such support. I guess you’re stuck whining then.

    • You don’t know whom you are talking about, Michael.
      I assure you that the men behind Just Right are certainly not just whiners who are not doing anything. If you are interested, you should have a good look around freedomparty.on.ca to see these men in action.

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