Aug 262021

“Don’t forget to take your vitamins today. I took mine but they won’t work unless you take yours.” Silly, yes. But such is the non sequitur being used to promote and mandate dangerous ‘experimental’ injections into the arms of every man woman and child on the face of the planet.

The cognitive dissonance required to accept this kind of logic as a reason to ‘get a jab’ or to sacrifice one’s individual freedom is a subject that deserves our attention, especially since a significant portion of the population actually thinks this way. Many of them would not see the humor in our opening ‘vitamin’ example.

For those who still don’t get the joke, taking vitamins (or any medicines) works for the person taking them even if no one else takes vitamins. Seriously. That’s actually a fact. Similarly, getting vaccinated works for the vaccinated even if no one else gets vaccinated. Seriously. That’s what being ‘vaccinated’ means. Otherwise, it’s not a vaccine.

Not only that, but being ‘vaccinated’ means being vaccinated ‘against’ something. Yet, according to the manufacturers of the injections themselves, the so-called ‘Covid’ vaccines do not even protect against ‘Covid’ or prevent the spread of any viruses that may cause ‘Covid.’ Still, despite these glaring admissions, there are people who take the jab under the exact opposite expectation, oblivious to what they have been told.

But the cognitive dissonance doesn’t end there. Many take the ‘vaccine’ in the hope of regaining some limited freedom of mobility. But again, officials have already told us in no uncertain terms that whether vaccinated or not, mask wearing, lockdowns, and more forced ‘vaccinations’ will continue unabated. Consider the sheer lunacy of it all.

The official frenzy to vaccinate is evidence that the Covid narrative is falling apart, particularly in light of the outrageous and irrational rules and restrictions being justified in the name of Covid. Just look at what is happening in Australia today. Beyond being comical (were the matter not so serious), the rules being imposed on Australians are patently insane – insane that is, if one accepts ‘fighting a virus’ as being the objective of those rules.

The rules themselves demonstrate the falsehoods surrounding the official pandemic narrative. Utterly divorced from any ‘health’ concerns whatever, Covid rules make perfect sense when viewed with the understanding that this is a political crisis, a literal war waged against the Western nations by those intent on their destruction.

What makes this difficult to comprehend or accept for many people is the denial that their own political representatives and medical officials could possibly be participating in the destruction. Yet America’s Joe Biden, the current recipient of a stolen election, has escalated the drive to ‘vaccinate’ in his country, while Canada’s Justin Trudeau has made mandatory vaccinations (and fighting climate change) his primary platform issues in a Canadian election to be held September 20. Their intentions are unconscionable in light of knowledge that the vaccines have already killed hundreds of thousands and injured millions around the world, a fact still not reported in the mainstream media.

Meanwhile in the United States, documented evidence of the stolen election continues to emerge as President Donald Trump returns to the political stage. Trump may well be the only major political figure to have openly acknowledged the real conflict facing the United States and is now mustering his forces to confront the challenge.

Indeed, Professor David Clements, upon meeting Trump for the first time at the Cyber Symposium where evidence of election fraud was being reviewed, described Trump as “the art of war personified.” It would appear that the most immediate goal in Trump’s strategy is to break the spell of ignorance currently hypnotizing a major portion of the populace.

“It’s inescapable,” observed Clements. “The ‘black hats’ know that Trump won the election. The ‘white hats’ know that Trump won the election. The only people that don’t know are the people who have been indoctrinated through a constant stream of propaganda, day in and day out. And as soon as we can break that spell, we’ll have our country back.

“In order to see the enchantment – to see the spell – you have to know the truth and if you don’t know the truth you’ll have deceived yourself. The only way we can ‘see’ the truth is if we ‘know’ the truth.

In calling upon an appeal to reality and reason to make the truth visible, we’re happy to report that Dr Clements’ prescription for breaking the spell is Just Right.

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  1. Remember now, it is just for two weeks. It is just keeping your distance. It is just until we can flatten the curve.

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