Oct 142020

With relentless tenacity, members of the former Obama Administration, led by the failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton have sought to undermine and overthrow the duly elected President, Donald Trump by falsifying allegations against him, and by illegally surveilling his transition team.

Since George Washington stepped down from office in 1797 there has been a peaceful transition of power. Each preceding president has accepted that his time as leader of the nation was over and that the will of the people must prevail upon the investiture of his successor. This 219-year tradition came to a close with the end of President Barack Obama’s term in office.

Aided by the apparatus of the intelligence community and a complicit media the Clinton/Obama conspiracy will go down as one of the darker moments of American history.

Only three weeks away from the next election, Professor Emeritus, Salim Mansur and Robert Vaughan discuss the attempted coup d’état and how it might affect the very nature of the United States as a constitutional republic.

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