Jul 162020

What was once a COVID-19 pandemic has now mutated into the COVID-19 Derangement Syndrome, no doubt contracted from the same virus that causes Trump Derangement Syndrome. Together, these two syndromes symbolize our political zeitgeist.

The continued persistence of those on the Left in demanding extensions of the COVID-19 lockdown and the mandatory wearing of face masks reveals a motive unrelated to any medical concerns. Clearly, neither the statistics on SARS CoV-2 ‘cases’ nor the efficacy of wearing face masks justifies this.

The real motive, inescapably, is political, and the pandemic is a perfect mask to hide behind in order to justify unjustifiable power. The real target is U.S. president Donald Trump, who, contrary to current polls, appears to be headed for a landslide victory in the November U.S. election. And of course, Trump is calling for a complete re-opening of the economy.

Perhaps that accounts for the second wave of Trump Derangement Syndrome that is now upon us. The sheer hatred of Donald Trump spewing from the mainstream media defies all reason and logic. Whether expressed by columnists and commentators, or by members of the general public, their hatred is outrageous and irrational.

What both derangement syndromes have in common is their cause: a failure or refusal to think critically or objectively. Of course, refusing to think has deeper causes. Like, say, hating Donald Trump.

The primary spreader of all these derangement syndromes is a mainstream media that intentionally deranges all the facts, knowledge, and perspectives on which people depend to be able to form a valid opinion.

As the seeming lone voice of reason in a world suffering from various derangement syndromes, Donald Trump holds a cure, one he can only administer by winning a second term in office. With an election just around the corner, small wonder he is so hated by his political enemies. But he is by no means alone.

The best cure for the virus that causes these syndromes of irrationality is to loudly and boldly present a perspective that is Just Right, while also exposing those that are just wrong.

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