Jul 092020

Both Canada and the United States commemorated the founding of their respective nations during the first week of July.

Due to a mutual history that can be traced back to Magna Carta, each nation has generally enjoyed similar rights and freedoms despite their differing constitutional structures. Not surprisingly, each nation suffers from the same internal – and eternal – ideological conflicts and challenges.

Determined to celebrate America’s Independence Day and the principles on which America was founded, U.S. President Donald Trump declared that “No nation has done more to advance the human condition than the United States of America.” Against the backdrop of Mount Rushmore, Trump passionately recalled many of America’s founders and heroes, all who contributed to the fabric and greatness of his country.

In stark contrast, Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau cancelled his country’s traditional Canada Day celebrations and then released a Canada Day message completely disparaging of the country:“What makes Canada special is not that we know that this is the best country in the world; it’s that we know that it could be.”

True to his political commitment to multiculturalism, Trudeau declared that “We are so proud as Canadians to know that our reputation is that we are strong because of our diversity.”

As if to defy that assertion, Trump stressed that Independence Day “represented a triumph of spirit, philosophy, and reason.”

In addition to having similar cultures, each nation continues to face its own COVID-19 pandemic disaster brought about by various state and provincially imposed lockdowns – and each nation is dealing with the violence instigated by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

But in one critical respect, the two countries are becoming very different. Their leaders are moving in diametrically opposite political directions that represent incompatible values.

After comparing their differing visions of their nations, you may come to understand why we think that Justin Trudeau is just wrong for Canada, while America’s Donald Trump is the leader who’s not only Just Right for his country – but for the rest of the world.

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