Oct 242019


Many people believe that cannabis has been ‘legalized’ in Canada, but this is not so. What has been called ‘legalization’ is really a form of government control over cannabis that makes the previous prohibition pale by comparison.

In effect, the formerly free (though illegal) cannabis market was replaced by an un-free (though legal) market.

Meet Canada’s new and real pot-heads: the crony politicians who have taken over and monopolized the cannabis industry through arbitrary regulation and outright extortion. Led by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, these newly organized criminals wield the force of law in a way that only serves their own political interests at the expense of everyone else, even those who have never used cannabis.

The outrageous new laws being used to control the cannabis market in Canada only demonstrate that government regulation is oppression, and this is a principle that applies to all enterprises and economic activities controlled by crony politicians.

Economically, this results in higher costs and prices for everyone, tragically including those who do not use a particular ‘crony regulated’ service or commodity. Politically, this results in a loss of individual freedom and choice. Morally, it represents an evil ideology.

Some have suggested that cannabis should be marketed the same way that alcohol is, by charging so-called ‘sin’ taxes as is widely practiced around the world, or by completely controlling the market as is done in provinces like Ontario.

We disagree. Government should not be in the business of dispensing drugs, alcohol, or cannabis. As soon as government does this, it ceases to be the referee of the market place and becomes a monopoly player in the game, one that can change the rules of the game at whim. Ironically, this makes it impossible to govern these areas of activity and only increases the problems that governments say they want to solve.

National Post columnist Terence Corcoran has called for “bringing back the cannabis free market,” and brilliantly and humorously illustrated the sheer absurdity of the current “Potbusters” regime in his commentary of October 18.

We agree. Of course, that restored market would exist in an environment free of prohibition. Government should only act as the referee in that market because only then will it be able to govern it in a way that is Just Right.

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