Sep 122019

PPC Panel

In a discussion proposed by People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate Dr Salim Mansur, five PPC panelists – Mark Friesen, Frank Vaughan, David Haskell, Laura Lynn Thompson, and Ivan Pak – dare to put their views about mass immigration, Islamism, and globalism on the discussion table for all to hear and consider.

The sheer hysteria on the part of the mainstream media and all of Canada’s other political parties surrounding these issues reveals a truth that is inescapable. They are all on the wrong side (the Left) of these issues and are opposed to what a majority of Canadians think and want.

After hearing the panelists, it is completely understandable why the Left finds itself resorting to utterly ridiculous and false accusations of ‘racism,’ censorship and promoting outright lies about the PPC. They have no other means of countering the integrity of PPC candidates or the truth inherent in the PPC philosophy and platform.

Now that the Canadian election is officially underway, it’s time that our politicians migrated to the issues that are the ones Just Right for Canadians to consider when they go to the polls on October 21.

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