Sep 082019

During the People’s Party of Canada’s first National Convention the Party chose three Canadian veterans who are running as candidates to reveal the Party’s platform plank on veterans.

Two major initiatives of the plank are:

“Reinstating the fair disability pension as previously provided for by the Pension Act. The pension will apply retroactively to 2006 and lump sum payments received since then will be treated as advance payments”


“Reemphasize the legislative guarantee of the “Benefit of doubt” standard under the Pension Act.”

Prior to the announcement Johanne Mennie, Executive Director of the Party called on over 40 veterans to join her at the front of the hall for the announcement.

This is Just Right media’s coverage of the announcement. You will not be able to find as thorough coverage with any other media outlet. We thank the People’s Party of Canada for permission to use their audio for this presentation.

For more accurate automatic YouTube subtitling we have separated the French portion of this presentation which can be found here: French Presentation. The English portion can be found here: English Presentation.

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