Jul 252019

With Maxime Bernier

Following a dramatic turn of events, Just Right’s regular contributor Salim Mansur has joined the team of Maxime Bernier’s newly-formed PEOPLE’S PARTY of CANADA (PPC) and will be that party’s candidate for London-North-Centre as Canadians head towards the October 21 federal election. Both Salim and Maxime join us today to tell a story that you will likely not hear in the mainstream media.

Having already spent ten months campaigning to be nominated as the Conservative Party (CPC) candidate for the riding, Salim’s Conservative candidacy was rejected because his views would be considered ‘Islamophobic,’ one of many critical issues that the Conservative Party refuses to discuss. Given that Salim’s views on Islamism have long been known far and wide, it is disgraceful that the CPC allowed him to campaign on that party’s behalf for so long before rejecting his candidacy. And of course, the irony that Salim is a Muslim himself cannot be escaped.

Fortunately, Salim’s voice will not be silenced, thanks to Maxime Bernier’s principled support of freedom of speech.

What the experiences of both Salim and Maxime illustrate is that the Conservative Party of Andrew Scheer is no different that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. A political victory for either of those parties represents a clear loss for Canada and the Canadian people.

Regrettably, the ‘mainstream’ media will do all it can to prevent Canadians from discovering the true nature of the PPC, and evidence is already mounting to illustrate this fact. Whether through the spreading of fake news – or by reporting no news at all – the institution that was once the Fourth Estate will continue to abandon its responsibility to the people it was intended to serve. This is a tragedy that cannot be understated.

For Canadians, the formation of the PPC is a development that is so urgent and so dramatically significant, that what you will hear on today’s broadcast represents merely the tip of a giant iceberg that must be entirely exposed to be fully appreciated. It’s just the preface to the rest of the story – a story that we will continue to tell during the months ahead leading into the next Canadian election.

Thanks to Maxime Bernier, Salim Mansur, and a slate of PPC candidates on Canada’s political stages from coast to coast, this may be the first time we’ll be able to talk about a Canadian federal party that is Just Right for Canadians.

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