Jul 182019

Donald Trump

For Leftists, what was once called the ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ has now become the new normal. Continued media criticisms of Trump on the most flimsy and unjustifiable grounds continue unabated.

Consequently, to those who are rarely exposed to real news, Trump’s positive accomplishments go unnoticed and unacknowledged. And of course, truth is displaced, resulting in a level of national ignorance and irrationality rarely witnessed on such a scale.

It’s certainly understandable that Trump’s political opponents should attempt to challenge him. But the pettiness and shallowness of their reactions to the President’s Fourth of July speech, which was a simple review of American history and the people who made America great, reveals a contempt and hatred not just of Trump, but of truth, freedom, and the values represented by America.

Rather than share in the celebration of America’s unprecedented accomplishments, the media of the Left cries out for ‘fact checks’ and highlights every misspoken syllable or word uttered by Trump. All this, while ignoring the truth of his message.

It’s remarkable how Trump is repeatedly proven right after the ‘real’ facts are checked and placed in context against the fake and unbalanced news coming from the mainstream media.

As long as Democrats and their media counterparts are permitted to continue false narratives and engage in their irrational rhetoric, one fact we can be certain of is that anything they say will never reflect a perspective that’s Just Right.

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