Jul 272017

Kathleen Wynne Patrick Brown Fascism

Kevin Flynn, Ontario’s Minister of Labour (Liberal) has made it explicitly clear that his government’s planned minimum wage increase is not about minimum wages at all. The legislation has been designed primarily for the purpose of exercising the Liberal Party’s Marxist philosophy, most popularly (and incorrectly) understood as: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need…”

“We told our advisors ‘Don’t deal with minimum wage’ because we already have a good handle on that,” Flynn said to interviewer Andrew Lawton on July 10. “The underlying principle is that there are a number of people in our province that are doing very well these days.” (From each according to his ability…)

“The underlying concern is that people in this province are making less than $15 per hour, which we know is below the poverty level.” (…to each according to his need).

So the whole minimum wage debacle is not about minimum wages at all! It’s about socialist wealth redistribution, plain and simple. Straight from the Labour Minister’s mouth.

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364 – Policing the police / Animal emotions / Nick Hanauer – Anti-Capitalist

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Aug 212014

Robin Williams and Koko


00:07 Police policing: militarised police forces, abuse of authority by police, realistic perspective on police violence, transparent quick and just process for dealing with corrupt police officers, local police service boards, judicial process essential, technological solutions, body cameras
13:00 Puppy love: happiness in animals, Ayn Rand on happiness, rational vs irrational man, anthropomorphising, emotions in animals are self-evident, Robin Williams and Coco the gorilla, human vs animal happiness, future expectations and happiness
21:39 Muddled minimum middle thinking: Nick Hanauer, plutocrat, capitalist, riches, luck, risk, rate of economic inequality rising, uprisings, police state, Henry Ford, minimum wages, perpetual motion machine
44:55 Adam Smith’s Invisible Hanauer: Nick Hanauer, capitalist case for minimum wage, risk taking and capital, missing capitalist concepts, equality vs freedom, prices, supply and demand 54:26 END

336 – Guest: Paul McKeever – Freedom Party’s Opposition Budget / Minimum wages

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Feb 062014

Freedom Party Opposition Budget


00:07 : Logan’s Runaway from balancing the budget Guest: Paul McKeever – Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne’s budget, Drummond Report, Balancing the Ontario Budget, end of life care, lethal injections to balance the budget, Tim Hudak chimes in
16:34 : Budging the budgetary elephant: health care’s share OHIP – competition and choice not privatization, taxes, HST, the price of OHIP, health care vouchers, all-day kindergarten, Ontario clean air benefit, opting out of OHIP, Canada Health Act compliance, CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) all candidate’s debate exclusion of Freedom Party candidate Erin Goodwin
34:10 : Maximum denial behind minimum wages Union representation, Ontario minimum wage rise, the relationship between employment and minimum wage laws, the German example, the economic smell test, well-meaning? Kathleen Wynn not sorry for job losses, immorality of minimum wage laws, guaranteed poverty, the employer’s role
51:25 : They do it on purpose minimum wages are designed to hurt the economy, politicians succeeding, beneath our contempt, the evil nature of those who advocate minimum wages, asking Satan to stop sinning, the joke’s on us 57:34 : End

333 – Michael Chong’s a party pooper / Minimum wage – maximum damage

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Jan 162014

Tory Caucus Meeting


00:07 Chong’s deformed Reform Act: white lies, Michael Chongs’ Reform Act, hyper­democracy, majority rule, non­confidence leadership review, government control of political parties, media misinformation and debate,
23:20 For democracy’s sake, party on! leadership, democracy without voting, voting without democracy, democratic participation vs voting, political parties
33:58 Minimum­ thinking Conservatives: minimum wages, wage and price controls, economics and principles, a Conservative record of socialism and high taxes, taxation
53:00 Got a job? Laissez­ nous thankful: real job creation vs government job creation, state rationing, capitalism, government intervention in commerce, laissez ­nous faire 58:59 END

254 – Nihilism, altruism and despairing youth

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Jun 142012

254 - Alexander DeLarge 168x100


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