Inconveniently Screwed – The science debunking the politics of climate change

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Dec 072018

When Al Gore released his “An Inconvenient Truth” video the world was taken in by a science that neither they nor Gore truly understood.

With his book, “Inconveniently Screwed,” author Dave Plumb unravels the science behind climate change and in doing so debunks many of the myths and junk science promulgated by climate change alarmists, politicians, media, and yes, even some scientists.

This Just Right exclusive is a follow up to our interview with Dave Plumb on show #579 – The Frozen Debate on Climate Change which aired October 25, 2018.

Oct 252018

CO2 cycles

“Inconveniently Screwed” is the title of our guest Dave Plumb’s book about climate change – and about the litany of outright fear-mongering and shameless deception that defines the Left ‘s so-called ‘climate’ agenda.

Being ‘inconveniently screwed’ is also the perfect way to describe what will happen to voters in the four provinces (Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick) specifically targeted by Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday via his National Climate Plan.

Arbitrarily citing an “urgent need to put a price on pollution,” Trudeau announced nothing more than another socialist wealth redistribution scheme on Tuesday, glaringly self-evident as such. Using an argument that could only be taken seriously by those totally disconnected from reality, Trudeau outrageously promised that “Eight in ten Ontario families will get back more than they pay directly.” That of course means that two out of ten families have to give their money to the other eight out of ten. That’s a ‘climate’ plan?

“Starting next year, it will no longer be free to pollute,” announced Trudeau in referring to carbon dioxide, offering as blatant a display of ‘facts don’t matter’ as one could possibly conjure. The fact is that carbon dioxide is no pollutant and is actually beneficial to life on earth! To suggest otherwise is an outright lie! Continue reading »

534 – Guests: Paul McKeever & Dave Plum – When opinions trump fact the first victim is truth

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Dec 072017


It would be nice to believe that the unjust and unfounded inquisition experienced by Teaching Assistant Lindsay Shepherd at Wilfrid Laurier University was an isolated and bizarre anomaly.

Unfortunately, her experience appears to have exposed but the tip of a poisonous ideology now rampant in all of Ontario’s educational institutions. It is an ideology that holds unsubstantiated opinions and feelings as superior to facts and truth.

Just ask our guests Dave Plumb and Paul McKeever, who both have witnessed this phenomenon first hand – though from differing perspectives.

Like Lindsay Shepherd, Dave Plumb was an educational instructor / teacher who found his job threatened by an anonymous complaint. Like Lindsay Shepherd, Dave was being held accountable for the “feelings” of the unidentified complainant while simultaneously being denied any way of directly addressing the complainant’s concerns. Continue reading »

Sep 142017

greenhouse defect

Inconvenient truths about the ‘climate change’ debate

We call it the “Greenhouse Defect.” Take it literally. Take it figuratively. Works both ways.

In the politically driven debate about “fighting climate change,” the actual “science” surrounding climate and the earth’s environment is simply not relevant.

Just ask Chris Ballard, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. In his Sept 9 letter to the editor disputing a column by Lorrie Goldstein, Ballard wrote the following:

“As Ontario’s independent environmental Commissioner said in her annual report, ‘putting a price on carbon by itself would not be enough to achieve Ontario’s reduction targets… Ontario needs complementary emission reduction measures.’ Continue reading »

Feb 022017

oil well

When it comes to climate, one theory holds that there’s a fifty-fifty chance that we’ll be unable to adapt to climate change 90% of the time. For the other 10% of the time there’s still a fifty-fifty chance that our odds will remain even. Of course, it depends on which side of the C02 / carbon tax issue you’re on, and on which political party you support.

Sound confusing? Confusing us is the whole point of playing the percentages warns Dave Plumb, who joins us today for a continuing discussion about both the science and politics of climate change.

Here’s a 100% certainty: CO2 production is a natural and healthy occurrence. You could even say that efforts to rid our planet of CO2 are unnatural and unhealthy.

Playing the percentages is just one of the ways politicians justify “fighting climate change” by taxing CO2 production.

Citing man-made CO2 production as a reason for “fighting climate change” – and in turn using the “fight against climate change” as a premise for taxing man-made CO2 – is a circular and fraudulent way to impose a new tax that will neither reduce world CO2 levels nor prevent climate change. Continue reading »

476 – Guest: Dave Plumb – Climate change’s CO2 diversion

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Oct 272016

Coronal Mass Ejection - NASA

Are you skeptical about climate change and CO2? If so, consider yourself in denial. At least that’s how proponents of “carbon pricing”, “carbon taxes,” “carbon trading” and of all the other variants of carbonated climate politics have framed the debate.

Having thus dismissed “climate change deniers” as both irrelevant and morally deficient, no further discussion is warranted. The debate (which never occurred) is closed. The “science is settled.”

What those who say “the science is settled” really mean is that “the Politics is settled, and we’re going ahead with our political agenda no matter what science has to say about it.”

What those who say “the science is settled” also really mean is that “science” is irrelevant to them. Since science and knowledge are never “settled,” to suggest otherwise is clear evidence of just how wrong those who utter such nonsense really can be.

Ironically, in labeling the skeptics “deniers”, it is the accusers who are the active deniers.
Continue reading »

Aug 042016

The Big Picture

EXPERTLY FOOLED ON CLIMATE CHANGE: Have we been expertly fooled on climate change? Let’s ask the experts.

So that’s exactly what we did not do, as Dave Plumb, author of ‘Climate Hope’, joined us for a down-to-earth understandable view of what the real climate change process is (nature’s process, not the political one) and how it works.

In fact, says Dave, it’s the ‘experts‘ who we can blame for all the confusion about the reality of climate change, and in particular, the scientific mythology concerning carbon dioxide – a mythology driven by political propaganda and taxpayer-paid financing.

The near irrelevancy of CO2 to the actual and real factors that affect climate change would make our carbonated politicians seem laughable, were it not for the sinister motives behind their propaganda and carbon taxation schemes.

This is the conversation that no politicians want to hear, and why they insist that “the science is settled.” In fact, in some areas, it’s a topic that legislators want legally prohibited, while those religiously committed to a ‘green’ philosophy hurl accusations of ‘climate change denial’ as their only means of rebuttal. Continue reading »