440 – Bonus Audio!


It’s clear that CKTBam610’s Tom McConnell does not share my views on the Ghomeshi case. After listening for a while to his broadcast last week, I finally had to call in. I come in at around the 29:08 point of this very interesting (50:54) collection of differing opinions on the subject.

Told you so – on last week’s broadcast of Just Right!

Last Thursday afternoon, more clear evidence of the issues raised on today’s Just Right were offered, thanks to CJBKam1290’s Andy Oudman, who interviewed feminist Megan Walker and lawyer Phil Millar. So just ask yourself: What’s wrong with this picture?

Feminist Megan Walker: “Of the women that come to see us at the London Abused Womens’ Centre with sexual violence cases I have not seen one that resulted in a conviction. The rape crisis center in Ottawa is the same. They’ve never seen a conviction. In every case I’ve been involved with, the perpetrator is freed. It’s an injustice to women to say that they’re responsible for being on the stand and not testifying appropriately.”

Lawyer Phil Millar: “The conviction rate in Canada is very high. Convictions happen all the time and any woman who has a legitimate complaint …should go to the police, because convictions happen. That was not accurate. I think convictions sometimes happen too frequently, but sometimes Megan focuses a little too much on the fact that anybody who says there’s a victim is never lying.”

Hear it yourself – and plenty more, in this unedited 17:30 audio byte, from Andy’s show on February 11, 2016: