416 – Bonus Audio!


Apparently eighteen Uber drivers were officially charged for doing business in the City of London earlier this week. So late Monday afternoon I called in on Andy Oudman’s LIVE DRIVE CJBK radio London show, and much to my surprise, Andy just sat back and played referee as past city councillor Roger Caranci and I duked it out over the city’s taxi monopoly. Here’s the essential four minutes of our exchange:

For those into it, here’s the entire (1 hour) LIVE DRIVE segment that was focused on the Uber controversy with all the details about the charges being made. There were some very interesting callers and unusual perspectives as the whole debate concluded with the exchange between myself and Roger Caranci:

The ‘BRICK WALL’ hits the airwaves on CKTBam610 St Catharines-CKBKam1290 London! On Tom McConnell’s Sept 4 Vox Populae segment (where callers, e-mailers and texters get to say whatever they want in two minutes or less), it was instantly clear that the ‘Brick Wall’ was listening in to the previous day’s Just Right.. A great summary of the basic Uber issues in under two minutes (1:56) including a few of his own interesting observations.