316 – Bonus Audio!


On Andy Oudman’s CJBKam1290 radio show of September 2, 2013, Bob Metz called in and was on the air for over an hour in discussion and debate on the LABOUR MOVEMENT.

He turned the focus of the debate from one about LABOUR and JOBS to the real issue: CAPITALISM AND FREEDOM.

WITHOUT commercials, the following audio file runs for 1 hour and 6 minutes. Bob is on from approx the 28:52 minute mark — TO THE END of the hour. Apparently, everything he was saying on the air was also being played live on speakers at the LABOUR DAY PICNIC event (at Thames Park, London, with about 2,500 people attending) going on at the same time! Thus he was given an opportunity to address the members of the various unions themselves, directly.

In addition, Andy played the entire Solidarity Forever union anthem which Robert Vaughan discusses in the fourth quarter of today’s episode of Just Right.