Jun 242018

With their royal thoughts on a royal subject, Robert and Danielle reflect on the May 19 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.

Whatever one’s views on the subject, it’s not necessary be a ‘monarchist’ in order to appreciate the cultural significance of the event.

Against the backdrop of serious troubles facing the United Kingdom, royal weddings remain one of those events that still retain a clear association with the history and culture of the kingdom. With its transition from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, the way was paved for the eventual recognition of individual rights – and of the state’s role and responsibility in protecting those rights.

Against all of the changing and varied frames of cultural reference that have presented a challenge to the peaceful kingdom, interest in the royal wedding transcends the nation’s problems.

The symbolism of the wedding may incorporate many things, from the fairy tale of living in a castle – fantasy brought to life – to the tradition of family and nation in a way that unites and brings people together.

Either way, notes Danielle, royal weddings provide a “feel good moment that celebrates life, love, happiness,” and portends a future that promises to be Just Right.

Jun 212018


It’s too bad that the substance of U.S. President Donald Trump’s statement at the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec on June 9 was utterly lost on the general public. His message needed to be heard.

The media tirades against Trump’s policy on trade serve a purpose and it is not to enlighten. Their purpose is to create confusion about where Trump stands on free trade, to hide corrupt trade practices like ‘Supply Management’ in Canada, and to express their hatred about the reality that U.S. President Donald Trump holds all the cards – and Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau holds none.

Both the mainstream media and Leftist political interests portray Trump’s threats of tariffs and trade barriers as a threat to the status quo trade that exists now. None want to acknowledge Trump’s strategy as a means to push other nations to drop their own tariffs, barriers, and subsidies – which is exactly what Donald Trump has been telling them he’s doing all along.

“No tariffs. No barriers. No subsidies. That’s the way it should be,” Trump stressed at the G7 Summit, but few have even heard these words, and continue to believe that Trump is against ‘free trade.’ Continue reading »

Jun 192018

Lindsay Shepherd recounts her story to the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship.

With a bit of humour and a lot of grace she details the deplorable harassment she received at the hands of those who should have been her objective mentors. The personal consequences she has had to endure for standing up to her tormentors have been substantial.

In this Just Right Media exclusive video Lindsay Shepherd is interviewed by Professor David Haskell on the finer particulars of her predicament at Wilfred Laurier University. The discussion took place at the 2018 AGM of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship and is followed by a question and answer period.

Jun 192018

As part of a series of video presentations dealing with academic freedom and freedom of speech we present Dr. Mark Mercer, President of The Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship.

Dr. Mercer introduces SAFS, its mission, beliefs, and goals, and follows with “Honest rudeness or insincere civility.”

He is the first of four presenters at the Annual General Meeting of SAFS which took place at the University of Western Ontario on May 5, 2018.

Jun 192018

Once again Just Right was privileged to be able to record the presentations at the Annual General Meeting of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS).

Gad Saad, Professor of Marketing and Conordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioural Science and Darwinian Consumption and host of The Saad Truth on Youtube was the keynote speaker at this year’s AGM.

His presentation introduces a number of novel concepts adding to our understanding of the threats posed to academic freedom and freedom of speech. These concepts include: idea pathogens, collective Munchausen by proxy, and nomological networks of cumulative experience.

“Idea pathogens are pathogens of the human mind, pathogens of the human spirit that regrettably could potentially be as dangerous as biological pathogens.

“Radical feminism, post-modernism, social constructivism, cultural and moral relativism, political correctness, echo chambers void of intellectual diversity, the culture of perpetual offensive victimhood, identity politics coupled with progressive self flagellation. Each of these are really really dangerous idea pathogens.”

Dr. Saad’s presentation was followed by a lively discussion and question period with the members of SAFS.

Jun 172018

“Let it be resolved that what you call ‘political correctness’ I call progress.”

The Munk debate of May 18th, featuring Jordan Peterson and Stephen Fry on ‘con’ side and Michael Dyson and Michelle Goldberg on ‘pro’ side, barely even touched upon the nature of political correctness.

Nevertheless, though the resolution was not really debated or discussed, the ‘con’ side of the resolution was certainly very clearly demonstrated. Continue reading »

Jun 142018

Doug Ford

On the heels of Ontario’s newly elected Progressive Conservative majority government under Doug Ford, expectations of ‘change’ – for the better – are high. It would be difficult to imagine anything worse than what Ontarians endured under the ousted Wynne Liberal Party, which no longer holds official party ‘standing’ in the legislature.

However, it must be recognized that the conditions under which Ontario currently suffers are a consequence of the cumulative actions and directions taken by all of the parties in the legislature. Kathleen Wynne and her government merely continued in the political direction (Leftward) already established and entrenched by previous governments – including those of the Progressive Conservatives.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict or evaluate what the PCs may do under Ford, since the party won its majority mandate under a single objective: getting rid of Kathleen Wynne.

In the absence of any substantive or credible commitment to actually ‘change’ the Leftward direction in which Ontario is heading, Ford and his PCs have left us little to speculate about. After all, how does one reconcile a promise “to increase government spending, reduce taxes, and balance the budget?”

What we do know about the PC party is its history and tradition. Continue reading »

Jun 102018

Tommy Robinson, best known for his public opposition to the ‘Islamification’ of Britain and for exposing ‘industrial-scale child sex rings’ highlighted in British court cases, has himself once again become the focal point and symbol of Britain’s rapid descent into a police state.

The established and uncontested facts surrounding Robinson’s arrest are clearly unconscionable acts undertaken by utterly corrupt officials.

It is as if Britain had lost the Second World War and was operating under the principles of the government with which it was at war. Many recoil at such comparisons, considering them extreme. But just what does a ‘police state’ look like?

On the surface, generally no different than our own neighbourhoods, note Danielle and Robert in their mutual lament about what has happened to Britain. It is only when one attempts to speak publicly, enter a profession or business monopolized by crony politicians, or attempts to exercise a right to one’s own life liberty and property in a manner not approved by the state, that the reality of the police state really becomes ‘visible.’

Just ask Tommy Robinson.

It’s not Tommy Robinson who should be sitting in a jail today; it is his jailers. Only when that happens will we be able to say anything about the Tommy Robinson affair that’s Just Right.