Apr 182019

Me Too

As a political weapon of the Left, the so-called ‘#MeToo movement’ is a propaganda effort specifically calculated to destroy principles of fundamental justice. ‘Convictions’ take place not in a court of law, where at least some semblance of due process still nominally exists, but in the court of public opinion, where due process has no place.

Unlike a court of law, where both the prosecution and the defense have a seat at the table, in the court of public opinion there is only one seat for the prosecutor, and none for the defense. And that’s exactly how the Left likes it; so much so, that every effort is being made to make our courts of law operate very much like their favored court of public opinion.

Behind this evil trend is the postmodern cult of feminism which has been using its #MeToo propaganda campaign to justify libeling, slandering, and otherwise hurling public accusations against men without being held accountable.

Worse, using an epistemologically invalid array of ‘gender identities,’ the Left has now ‘transgendered’ itself from promoting an abuse of justice to promoting the abuse of children. The growing number of victims of this form of child abuse are not discussed in mainstream media, because that media is a part of the Left and refuses to report the abuse. Additionally, outraged and shocked parents of the children being abused have been told by authorities that any action on their part to protect their children or to bring their concerns to the public will be met with severe legal consequences – including having their children taken from them. Continue reading »

Apr 172019

Audio only. As heard on WBCQ

The rule of thumb is simple: white man’s culture is bad and must be changed.

Joe Biden, as a white man, finds himself cornered under the new rules of the modern clown world Democratic party. If he wishes to run for president under their banner, he must repent his skin color and gender. He must apologize for the perceived sins of white—aka western—culture. And that’s exactly what he attempted to do during a speech at the Biden (yes, I’m not even kidding) Courage Awards in late March 2019.

Join Danielle and Robert as they discuss what is culture and why “white culture” has value.

Apr 152019

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University and nomination candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the Riding of London North Centre explains his reasons for supporting the CPC and why, given the formation of the new People’s Party of Canada under Maxime Bernier, it is the only party which can defeat Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

Salim, a frequent guest on and contributor to Just Right tackles what he considers to be the divisive and destructive attempt by others to split the Conservative vote once again, as it was done with the Reform and Canadian Alliance Parties, and hand the Liberal Party a win by default. “since the act of confederation in 1867 there are only two parties that have governed Canada, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party. This is not about to change, and any change that goes to weaken and divide the Conservative Party can and will only benefit the Liberal Party,” says Salim.

We at Just Right Media endorse Salim as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada and think that, if elected, he would make a fine parliamentarian. At this point, however we have not endorsed any particular federal political party.

Apr 132019

Audio only. As heard on WBCQ

A tale of two victims: Jussie Smollet and Donald Trump. Smollet had been accused of feigning victimhood by staging a racially motivated crime; Trump had been subject to the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion.

One investigation found a plethora of evidence, but the charges were dismissed and the file sealed. The other one, found. . . .nothing. In the first case, the media insists that we may never know what really happened; in the second, they insisted that something must have happened.

And as we all know, lies become the truth if they are repeated often enough; and the truth is always too late to the party.

Join Danielle and Robert as they discuss the de-legitimization of the truth that runs through the progressive left resulting in rules for thee and not for me.

Apr 122019

On Tuesday, April 2th, 2019 former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould and former President of the Treasury Board Jane Philpott were kicked out of the Liberal Party Caucus by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in what Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus of Western University is calling Canada’s “Tuesday Night Massacre.”

Here Salim delves deeper into the backstory of the SNC-Lavalin scandal suggesting that Wilson-Raybould was right in refusing to grant a Deferred Prosecution Agreement to the Quebec engineering giant for alleged bribes to Libyan officials speculating on possible ‘grim’ consequences from said bribes.

Prof. Mansur explains that Justin Trudeau and his coterie were breaking hundreds of years old traditions by allegedly attempting to interfere in the administration of justice.

Apr 112019

Bernie Sanders

It has recently been announced that Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign will focus on “exposing socialism,” a welcome objective to be sure, but no easy task.

Socialism appears in a myriad of forms, many individual components recognizable, yet with socialism’s greater destructive ideology remaining invisible to its victims.

For example, few would recognize socialism in government efforts to ‘fight climate change.’

To ‘fight climate change,’ governments have imposed what they call a ‘carbon tax’ or a ‘price on carbon’ – citing ‘carbon pollution’ as something that needs to be eliminated in order to keep the climate from changing. Continue reading »

Apr 042019

Justin Trudeau, Jody Wilson-Raybould

Does Canada operate under the ‘rule of law’ or under the ‘rule of Trudeau’ and political expediency? As Canadians find themselves drowning in details about the scandal involving Quebec construction giant SNC-Lavalin, the correct answer to that question may depend on the greater story that has yet to be seen in its full context.

Most people quite correctly understand that the controversy involves alleged political interference and obstruction of justice by the Prime Minister’s office concerning a criminal prosecution case against SNC-Lavalin. But few seem aware of the original circumstances that led to the decision to prosecute the company against the wishes of Prime Minister Trudeau in the first place.

It appears that many have come to cynically conclude it’s just another ‘business-as-usual’ case of bribery and corruption so often encountered when dealing with totalitarian regimes. (In this case, the totalitarian regime in question was the country of Libya during the final days of the period when Muammar Gaddafi was its president.) Not so, says Dr Salim Mansur, professor emeritus, faculty of social science at Western University. Continue reading »