Dec 092018

Expected to be fully implemented by 2020, China’s compulsory ‘social credit’ system has been promoted to sound a lot like a normal market economic credit rating system.

Says Chong Jiyah, manager of Alipay: “Once a person has a score, all their credit behavior in life is recorded and can be evaluated by that number. Our goal is to ensure that if people keep their promises, they can go anywhere in the world and if people break their promises, they won’t be able to move an inch.”

The ‘Social Credit score’ is based on five factors: (1) credit history, (2) fulfillment capacity, (3) personal characteristics (phone, address), (4) behavior and preference (purchases made and associated characteristics with those purchases, and (5) interpersonal relationships (those you associate with).

Only the first two appear directly related to financial ‘credit’ behavior or to ‘keeping promises,’ while the rest look more like a social media profile intended for marketing/information gathering. Unfortunately, this profile is compulsory, one shaped not only by a citizen’s actions, but also by the actions of those with whom he/she associates. Continue reading »

Dec 072018

When Al Gore released his “An Inconvenient Truth” video the world was taken in by a science that neither they nor Gore truly understood.

With his book, “Inconveniently Screwed,” author Dave Plumb unravels the science behind climate change and in doing so debunks many of the myths and junk science promulgated by climate change alarmists, politicians, media, and yes, even some scientists.

This Just Right exclusive is a follow up to our interview with Dave Plumb on show #579 – The Frozen Debate on Climate Change which aired October 25, 2018.

Dec 062018

Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science at Western University, answers our questions about the purpose and possible effects of Canada signing The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

He suggests that the Compact for Migration is but one facet of a broader agenda by globalists to demolish nation states and national sovereignty. He faults Justin Trudeau for entering into such an agreement calling him the “poster child” for the globalist agenda.

Salim issues a dire warning to Canada that its signing the Compact on Migration may trigger the United States to tighten up its northern border and perhaps even build a wall separating Canada from the United States as they work to do the same on their southern border with Mexico.

Dec 062018

Altruism is repeatedly confused with charity, and yet the two very differing concepts continue to be used interchangeably to the detriment of both individuals and society at large.

‘Charity’ is defined as: “1. the providing of help to the poor; 2. that which is given to help the needy; 3. an institution, organization, or fund to aid those in need; 4. tolerance; leniency; 5. an act of good will; 6. brotherly love.” (Funk & Wagnalls) These are in fact among the acts and values associated with charity.

In contrast, ‘altruism’ is defined as “selfless devotion to the welfare of others.” (Funk & Wagnalls) That’s not charity; that’s activism disguised as charity. It is the Left’s virtue signal for political causes that are far from anything that could be considered ‘selfless.’

Warned Ayn Rand: “Do not confuse altruism with kindness, good will or respect for the rights of others. These are not primaries, but consequences, which in fact, altruism makes impossible. The irreducible primary of altruism, the basic absolute, is self sacrifice – which means, self immolation, self-abrogation, self-denial, self-destruction – which means: the self as the standard of evil, the selfless as the standard of good.” Continue reading »

Dec 032018

The Canadian Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is set to sign the United Nations Global Compact for Safe Orderly and Regular Migration in Morocco on December 10, 2018.

Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science at Western University urges his fellow Canadians to contact their Members of Parliament and register their outrage and opposition to this attack on Canadian values, identity, and sovereignty.

Mansur labels Trudeau the “poster child of the UN borderless world” and predicts that this Compact will usher in a new global world order which will destroy Canada and the countries of the global north.

We here at Just Right share Professor Mansur’s concerns and consider this action by the Liberal government of Canada to be a watershed moment in the long history of our nation and an existential threat to our existence as a country.

Here is Salim’s latest article in American Thinker regarding the Compact:

Dec 022018

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has effectively put the final nail in the coffin of Canada’s mainstream media credibility by committing $595 million tax dollars towards “trusted sources” in that media. In other words, Canada’s media can no longer be seen as a “trusted source” in any regard.

Our concern is not just about the undemocratic and immoral use of the cash subsidies. Those subsidies are just part of a larger state propaganda and media control campaign.

Quoting from Objective 17, Danielle cites the objective of that campaign to Robert in opening their conversation about the coming welfare media. Namely: to “promote independent objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet-based information by sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants, in full respect for the freedom of the media.”

Says Robert: “This is one of the most important and draconian measures I’ve ever seen any government do in the Western world – to buy out the media and make them more or less a welfare press.”

More frightening than Trudeau’s subsidies will be the continued promotion of his government’s perverse and obscene obsession with racial diversity. With plans to ‘sensitize and educate’ media professionals on what ‘migration related’ language they must use in expressing their own ideas, Trudeau’s diversity policy reveals itself to be as racially intolerant as that of past nations promoting racial purity and harmony! Neither policy represents ‘objective’ truth; both are explicitly racist and originate in the ideologies of the Left. Continue reading »

Nov 292018

Tommy Robinson with Andrew Lawton

With a first-hand account of several arresting developments in the ‘re-trial’ of Britain’s Tommy Robinson, guest Andrew Lawton shares some of his personal observations about the real story behind the on-going trials of Tommy Robinson. As a fellow of the True North Initiative, Andrew recently found himself face-to-face with members of the British media while attending court proceedings there.

It turned out that there was less to report about Tommy, than about how the British media has (not) been reporting the arresting developments related to his ‘contempt of court’ charges. To complicate matters, discussion about the issue at the core of the entire controversy – immigration and the problems related to political Islam – is not tolerated.

Having declared the media an “enemy of the people,” Tommy Robinson does not risk alienating a media that might otherwise objectively report the facts surrounding the sheer injustice to which he has been subject. Britain’s mainstream media, like the North American mainstream media, is primarily Leftist in nature, cocooned in an environment where ‘facts-don’t-matter.’

In an age where people can see the ‘facts’ for themselves thanks to modern technology and communications, the contrast between what the mainstream reports and what people can see is difficult to avoid. Yet the Left does indeed avoid it, without apology. Continue reading »

Nov 252018

“…We need to have a full conversation about what is the right regulation (of the Internet), not whether it should be or shouldn’t be,” testified Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg before the April 18 Senate Commerce and Judiciary committees. That ‘conversation’ concerns freedom of speech and the right to express that speech using social media.

Notes Danielle to Robert in her introduction to their own ‘conversation’ on the ‘right regulation,’ there was a “cascade of ‘de-platforming’ that accelerated over the months after that hearing.”

“The largest platforms are primarily controlled by the Left,” acknowledges Robert, while however also acknowledging that there is no obligation on their part to provide anyone with guaranteed service.

‘Shadow banning,’ ‘de-monetization,’ suspensions, account deletions, and other restrictions justified on ‘terms of service violations’ have become an increasing phenomenon that has ironically encouraged voices on the right – those being unjustly targeted most – to call for anti-trust legislation curbing the right of social media providers to take such actions. Continue reading »