Dec 142019

While Boris Johnson may not be properly grouped into that class of populist leaders like a Trump, Orbán, or Farage his recent reelection and resultant resounding majority in Parliament has captured the resentment most voters in that nation have towards the elites who have denied them the break from the EU they demanded in 2016.

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus at Western University, joins Robert Vaughan to discuss the election and how it might portend a bright future for Canada’s own populist People’s Party.

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Dec 122019

It was an epistemological train wreck. To understand today’s appeal of socialism and why capitalism remains an “unknown ideal,” one need look no further than to the December 4 Munk Debate on capitalism held in Toronto. The motion: “The capitalist system is broken. It’s time to try something different.”

Speaking in favor of the motion were Yanis Varoufakis (economist, author, Greece’s former finance minister) and Katrina vanden Heuvel (editorial director and publisher of the Nation, Washington Post columnist). Speaking against the motion were Arthur Brooks(Harvard professor and author) and David Brooks (political commentator, New York Times columnist and author).

Despite their credentials, none offered even a subjective definition of capitalism, and despite being presented as debate opponents, all effectively spoke in favor of the motion. In fact, as noted in the National Post coverage of Dec 6, “Munk Debate opponents find common ground.”

That common ground was their mutual hatred of capitalism and what Ayn Rand described as “a hatred of the good for being the good.” All of the debaters praised capitalism’s role in lifting billions from poverty, yet all condemned capitalism with their next breath. Continue reading »

Dec 052019

Generally, when most people object to lying, they think about themselves being lied to – or lied about – and consider lying to be a moral indiscretion. They rarely see themselves as being the liar, nor do they consider how they might even unwittingly or unconsciously be lending credibility to a lie told, whatever its source or intent.

A ‘lie’ is defined as “an untrue statement made with the intent of deceiving; a falsehood; that which creates or is intended to produce a false impression.” (Funk & Wagnalls)

Note that the definition, per se, does not necessarily imply any form of criminal or immoral objective; it merely defines a lie as being a statement that does not represent the reality of a given situation or fact.

Even among the Ten Commandments there is none commanding that “Thou shalt not lie.” However, specific forms of lying are indeed implied in the eighth and ninth commandments, which command that “Thou shalt not steal,” and “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” Continue reading »

Nov 302019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

Peer pressure may be partly what is behind the firing of Don Cherry from Sportsnet’s Coach’s Corner.

The current cultural hegemony of the left prohibits any dissent or disagreement and even television executives, it seems, are not immune to its destructive force.

They either lack the inner strength to resist the societal tide or they lack the intellectual vocabulary to defend what is right.

Of course, there is always the other option and that is that they actually share the prevailing philosophy of ‘cancelling’ any objection to the order of things.

Whatever their reason for taking Grapes off the air, these people are poltroons and Cherry’s term “cuckaloos,” fits them to a T.

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Nov 292019

During the first People’s Party of Canada’s National Conference held in Gatineau, PQ from Sept. 20-22, 2019 Maxime Bernier was acclaimed as Leader of the Party by the unanimous applause of those in attendance.

Attendees, numbering approximately 500, included PPC candidates, riding executives, and members of the national executive.

The motion was read by the Party’s Executive Director Johanne Mennie.

Just Right Media was there and captured this rare video of the event.

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Nov 282019

Why Johnny Can't Think

Increasing illiteracy rates and decreasing rates of mastering common knowledge have become highly visible trends within education systems right across North America.

Millennials in particular have been identified as the least educated and most illiterate generation in recent history. However, this is not the fault of that generation, or necessarily of others similarly afflicted by illiteracy and its attendant symptoms. Most of the problem can be blamed on the education systems and the teaching trends followed by most schools across North America.

Moreover it’s not just about ‘what’ is being taught (or not taught), but about ‘how’ it is being taught. Perhaps the most disturbing realization about what has been called ‘progressive education’ is that its teaching methods have been intentionally designed to interfere with and cripple students’ ability to reason. This is no mere accusation, but is the explicit and stated goal of the architects of progressive education.

While for most this is an unthinkable and sinister thing to do to children, to those intent on nurturing compliant and obedient followers incapable of resisting the forces of collectivism, it’s the perfectly appropriate thing to do. It is a practice that has been growing and gaining acceptance within public schools for the better part of the last century. More than any single cause, this practice is responsible for today’s shocking level of illiteracy and for the increasing number of young people who cannot reason objectively or think independently. Continue reading »

Nov 232019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

With the ever-increasing divide between Left and Right it’s heartening to see both sides come together in brotherhood over the Jeffrey Epstein saga. Most on both sides agree that he didn’t kill himself.

It’s not the first time that the public at large have been at odds with pronouncements by officialdom and it won’t be last. The “official” declaration is that he checked himself out with no help from those who would benefit from his departure when there exists a preponderance of evidence suggesting murder.

The case is yet another example of the complete lack of trust the public has for those in charge and those who would like those in charge to stay in charge.

(And, as predicted in the show, YouTube has limited the monetization of this video.)

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