Jul 152018

Absurdity takes many forms, and some of the stories finding their way into many media reports today certainly fit the bill. Though the stories themselves may not be threatening or scary, what they symbolize might very well become so.

In their appraisal of some ‘absurd’ reports, Danielle and Robert cite three recent media features that share the common threads of ‘group think’ and ‘victim culture’ ideologies (two absurdities in and of themselves).

When a low percentage of ‘black skiers’ on a particular ski slope is interpreted as evidence of racial bias, it’s clear that the great outdoor ‘white space’ being objected to by that writer isn’t the snow.

When mankind’s exploration of space and the planets is portrayed as an undertaking to ‘colonize’ space in a manner resembling the historical imposition of one culture upon another, it’s clear that those now calling for the ‘decolonization’ of space have already Left the planet. Continue reading »

Jul 122018

facebook fascism

As if the general understanding about the essential differences between Left and Right wasn’t already confused enough, it’s distressing to realize that the confusion is as pronounced about a single side of the polarity as it is about the differences between the two.

While the Left can accurately be associated with all forms of collectivism, it’s only logical and consistent that individualism and its political corollaries – being the very opposite of collectivism – can only be found on the Right. Yet beliefs persist that varying forms of collectivism are to be found there, once again pushing individualism, freedom and capitalism out of the picture.

One of these collectivist forms, of course, is fascism. Having long been philosophically and historically associated with the Left, fascism was artificially ‘moved to the Right’ after the last World war as part of the Democratic Party’s attempt to distance itself from the ideology of Hitler’s fascism which it so openly admired before the war.

This was the essence of the ‘Big Lie’ described by Dinesh D’Souza in his book of the same name, and cited on a previous broadcast. And of course, the false association of fascism with the Right has since been used as a political weapon against the Right. Continue reading »

Jul 112018

We interview Professor David Haskell of Wilfrid Laurier University about his quitting a University task force created to make recommendations regarding freedom of speech on campus to the Administrators of Laurier University.

This interview followed his presentation, along with Lindsay Shepherd, to the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship’s 2018 AGM at Western University. This presentation can be found on our Youtube channel.

Jul 082018

It’s clear that the world will never learn the truth about what’s really happening at the Mexican-American border, if the fake news media continues to report ‘facts’ that just ain’t so.

That’s the reality that comes to light as Danielle and Robert look at some of those facts, best illustrated by Time magazine’s fake news story featured on a recent cover with the heading: “Welcome to America.”

It’s not the fake cover photo with Trump looking down at a young child purported ‘ripped’ from her mother’s custody at the Mexican-American border that’s at issue. That could be fair editorial comment. What’s at issue is the fake news story that the cover represents.

The devil is in the details, as with many stories of this nature. Not only was the young child never ‘ripped’ – or even separated – from the custody of her mother, but the mother herself was in custody of the child illegally. And that’s the tip of this particular iceberg. Continue reading »

Jul 042018


First published in 1943 at a time when the United States was at war with Germany, Italy and Japan, Isabel Paterson’s God of the Machine clarified one of the greatest and most fatal of misunderstandings about the nature of government and governing. Contrary to prevailing belief and opinion, countered Paterson: “It is a mistake to say that ‘Government is Force.’ Force is what IS governed.”

In this regard, no more powerful words have ever been spoken. The great political choice facing mankind is, and always has been, whether that Force should be governed by the Left or by the Right – or by both. At the heart of this moral dilemma lies the answer to why Western society has been so radically drifting towards the Left.

In our continuing discussion about Left and Right, we have already clearly demonstrated that fascism in all its forms is a direct manifestation of the Left, and will continue to do so on over the course of today’s presentation. But beyond the continual misrepresentation that fascism sits on the ‘Right,’ there are still many other popular misinterpretations of the ‘political spectrum’ that require remedy.

One in particular is the notion that the Left – Right ‘spectrum’ represents a gradual transition from ‘Extreme Force’ on the Left, to ‘Degrees of Force’ in the ‘middle,’ and finally to ‘No Force’ on the Right. Unfortunately, this has become a popular viewpoint of many ‘libertarians’ and ‘Objectivists’ who knowingly or not are at odds with the fundamental nature of Objectivism. Continue reading »

Jul 022018

Robert Vaughan interviews Lindsay Shepherd about the cult-like nature of certain humanities studies, Left vs Right, and her diminished employment prospects after her showing of a Jordan Peterson clip in class upset her radical Leftist faculty.

This interview followed her presentation to the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship’s 2018 AGM at Western University which can be found on a previous post.