Sep 232018

California is a state in crisis, mostly self-imposed. Given its government’s Leftist mindset, the crisis is bound to deepen.

As if oblivious to the human excrement on the streets, the needles littering every block, and much more, California has focused instead on legislating everything from ‘straw bans’ to passing laws about the kinds of beverages restaurants must offer their customers. Because water prices are regulated by the state, the state is now rationing water, with threats of $1000/day fines for those households exceeding water usage of 55 gallons per day.

To ‘fix’ the California state-burdened economy, the state legislature is forcing an increase in the number of female directors on state corporate boards, arguing that this will ‘boost’ the economy as well. The forced sexual discrimination is accompanied with all the usual threats of fines and imprisonment for those who do not comply.

With this kind of thinking going on in government, small wonder that many have become hopelessly cynical about California’s future. Podcaster Bill Whittle has proposed that “the way to fix California is to take the liberal’s positions to their ultimate conclusions.” Danielle and Robert describe those conclusions as a bullet – “the bullet at the end of the gun that is government.” Continue reading »

Sep 202018

The New York Times

That there are those who would regard the New York Times’ anonymous admission of a crime to be an ‘op-ed’ is astounding: “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration. I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations” reads the Sept 5, 2018 headline.

How is it possible that an admission of this sort can be considered ‘opinion’?

This is no ‘opinion.’ It is an assertion of fact on the part of its writer. It is not possible to argue that claiming to be part of a ‘resistance’ is an ‘opinion.’ Nor does the blind rage and hatred expressed against Trump in the same editorial qualify for ‘opinion’ status since it is utterly baseless and presented without a single example or referent on which that ‘opinion’ is based. It is not opinion; it is hate speech.

All participants in this crime, including the New York Times, which has admitted knowing who the criminal is, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent that US law allows. Continue reading »

Sep 132018


How Canada will fare in closing trade negotiations with the United States is among the big questions of the day. Actions like Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s impotent trade retaliations only serve to demonstrate Canada’s failure to understand the election of Donald Trump, a president who has vowed from the beginning that he would re-negotiate NAFTA.

So says Salim Mansur, who joins us for a discussion that illustrates ‘political theatre’ from NAFTA to the New York Times, where an admission of apparent criminal and unethical behavior on the part of an anonymous op-ed writer is being reported as reflecting poorly on Donald Trump! Thanks to the Trump Derangement Syndrome, when it comes to anything political, we don’t get news anymore. Instead we get political theatre masquerading as news.

Watching Leftist politicians/media on both sides of the Canada/US border signal the virtues of ‘free trade’ while standing firm on their protectionist policies is pure political theatre. It is political theatre watching them accuse Trump of being the villain opposed to free trade – when the only national leader on the world stage who has explicitly sought ‘zero’ tariffs and barriers in those very terms has been Donald Trump!

Fact is, certain economic interests often join forces with political interests willing to use the force of law to give them a trade advantage by placing barriers and tariffs on their competition. Or, an advantage can be secured by government subsidies or tax breaks unavailable to others. Given his ‘no tariffs no barriers’ trade philosophy, that’s why Donald Trump is their enemy and must be made to look the fool.

Free trade is not merely about economics, as most would like to believe. In arriving at a trade deal that is Just Right for everyone affected, it might be useful to remember that the ‘free’ in ‘free trade’ ultimately refers to the individuals engaged in it.

Sep 092018

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

That’s the slogan being promoted by Colin Kaepernick and Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ ad campaign.

While at first glance, both the slogan and campaign name sound inspiring and uplifting, a second glance reveals that they are equally applicable to both positive and negative values.

Known as the ‘kneeling millionaire’ for choosing to kneel on one knee in advance of a 2016 NFL game (as a political protest against killings of blacks by police), Kaepernick rose to celebrity status – by not rising to the national anthem playing at the time. Continue reading »

Sep 062018

Newspaper Boy

U.S. President Donald Trump has accused Google and other tech companies of ‘rigging’ on-line news searches in a manner biased against ‘conservative’ voices. The situation has become serious enough that the White House is considering whether such companies should be subject to some government regulation, a risky precedent to say the least.

It is the failure to establish ‘evidence’ of such ‘bias,’ say Trump’s opponents, that Trump’s claim is questionable. However, it is indisputable that the problem identified by Trump is real – even as many continue to dispute it.

The established media on the Left has framed the entire debate as a conflict between Trump and the media. But the real conflict is strictly within the media: between an old and corrupt ‘fourth estate’ that has degenerated into a ‘false estate’ – and a new emerging ‘fourth estate’ beginning to take form.

So despite his charges of media bias, it might be surprising to learn that Donald Trump actually trusts certain news sources. Apparently, near the top of his list is the Epoch Times, an on-line and print media source (published in 35 countries and 21 languages) that has a mission statement dedicated to “providing readers with an objective, informed perspective on issues that matter to them. In our approach and in our content, we uphold universal human values, rights, and freedoms.” Continue reading »

Sep 022018

Public apologies to the collective have become a rage for the Left these days, and the apologies themselves reveal much about this new social(ist) media fad:

“I am deeply sorry for my inappropriate and insensitive words and ‘likes’ on social media. I take full responsibility for my actions and I sincerely apologize. This has been a pivotal life lesson for me. I’m dedicated to becoming a more informed and educated version of myself.” So said actor Israel Broussard (Net Flix – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) in response to the criticism he received for his own social media posts and ‘likes.’

The reason the Left likes apologies like Broussard’s is because the apologies themselves are being made TO the Left. The climate of intolerance surrounding the predominantly Left Hollywood crowd these days is downright ‘Orwellian’ notes Danielle in conversation with Robert about this continuing sinister trend.

The visible gap between the morality and character of the heroes often played by Hollywood actors on TV and in the movies – and their own real values as expressed on social media and in the news – is disappointing to say the least. Worse, while there are still exceptions, most ‘Hollywood’ productions themselves no longer even express positive values. Continue reading »

Aug 302018

Scheer and Bernier

Maxime Bernier, whose recent loss to Andrew Scheer for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) precipitated an internal power struggle, dropped a political bomb just as the party was heading into its 2018 party convention in preparation for next year’s Canadian federal election.

That ‘bomb’ was not simply the fact of Bernier’s announced resignation from the CPC, which would have been serious enough. Nor was the ‘bomb’ his scathing judgement that the CPC was “intellectually and morally corrupt,” something rarely heard in Canadian circles – and coming from a past leadership contender for that same party – a devastating indictment.

However, the real political ‘bomb’ was Bernier’s announcement that he would start a new Canadian political party (as yet unnamed) – and lead it into next year’s federal election in the hopes of defeating both Canada’s ruling Liberal Party and opposition Conservative Party. The implications for Canadians are enormous and so is the potential opportunity – or obstacle -that a new Canadian political party represents to the electorate.

As a conservative who both appreciates the principled views of Maxime Bernier and the importance of political party unity, Andrew Lawton joins us for a discussion about the potential consequences of this incredible development. Having recently represented Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party in London West during Ontario’s last election, Andrew shares his views on the perpetual balancing act faced by political parties on the ‘right.’ Continue reading »

Aug 262018

Canadians were shocked recently when Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused a woman attending a public rally in Quebec of being racist. What made the accusation shocking was that it was a response to a strictly fiscal question.

Trudeau was simply being asked the same question being put to him by many Canadian provincial premiers, including Ontario’s Doug Ford. In essence, when will Trudeau’s federal government reimburse the provinces for costs imposed upon them by federal policies that encourage ‘illegal’ immigration into the country? With the provinces forced to foot the bill for an exclusively federal initiative, it’s a perfectly reasonable concern.

In attempting to solve the mystery of Trudeau’s irrational reaction to a perfectly valid question, Danielle and Robert are both forced to conclude that, since race was never even mentioned until he raised it, it is Trudeau who is the racist.

Worse, it now appears that the term ‘illegal’ when used as an adjective to describe those entering a country without going through due process – is ‘racist’ – especially if the person using the word happens to be white. Continue reading »