Feb 182019

In the latest presentation from our friend Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus of Western University, he sends a powerful message to Canadians that our policies of both multiculturalism and open immigration are incompatible with the founding classical liberal values of our country.

“We have to un-elect the existing Liberal government. We have to get rid of Justin Trudeau. And we have to get rid of this whole notion of multiculturalism based upon the premise that all cultures are equal. Because all cultures are not equal. The founding culture of Canada is not equal to the culture of the Taliban, or to the cultures of the people coming from the Middle East, or from Africa. We are a unique culture. We are a culture of classical liberal values and we have to defend that.”

Feb 172019

“Pushing limits” once meant pushing the limits of knowledge, science, understanding, and human potential. But to the Left, pushing limits means pushing the limits of social and moral tolerance of the Left’s offensive ideas and behavior.

“There are no limiting principles to Leftism – none whatsoever. So once you allow this thing, you’ve got to allow the next thing. You’ve got to allow the next thing after that.” (Steven Green, Right Angle, Feb 6/19) Green’s observation was inspired by the state of Virginia’s proposed Bill HB-241 allowing late-term abortions up to the point of birth and, warns Danielle, to “what amounts to infanticide.”

“The Left is a train wreck of competing ideas that one day will fall in upon itself like a house of cards,” predicts Robert. With competing interests all vying for ‘victimhood status’, the inevitable power struggle between victim classes will self-destruct in clashes similar to the one between ‘Black Lives Matter’ and organizers of Toronto’s gay pride parades. Continue reading »

Feb 142019


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal government has announced a sinister plan to curb ‘fake news,’ political ‘misinformation,’ and ‘foreign influence’ in Canada’s elections.

Supporters of the Trudeau Plan, like the Globe and Mail’s ‘disinformation expert’ Marcus Kolga, actually believe that it does not go far enough, and ‘divisive’ ideas and discussions like those about ‘anti-immigration and anti-globalism’ should be even further curbed on social media.

All of this is reprehensible, and should be loudly condemned. We have one clear message for Trudeau and his fake supporters: “So fake off already – and get real!”

False news reports have been with us since the news itself. But as we learn on today’s broadcast, the current context of the term ‘fake news’ was first introduced on October 13, 2016 in an Obama speech calling for a campaign to “curate information in the wild west media environment.” Continue reading »

Feb 102019

Gillette, the brand that hates white men,” is how Danielle describes that company’s market positioning statement due to its public service announcement (PSA) portraying white males in a negatively sexist and racist manner while asking:“Is this the best a man can get?”

It is a stark contrast against the company’s original decades-old commercial, ‘Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get,’ containing the lyrics “we give you all we have to give for all a man can be. When the race is run, you’re the champion.”

The change in attitude and message has not been lost on a significant portion of the public, having already accumulated more than 1.2 million ‘dislikes’ on YouTube. Yet, in conversation with Danielle, Robert suggests that the PSA may well have been a ‘brilliant marketing ploy’ on the part of Gillette seeking to re-establish and expand name recognition and dominance in the marketplace.

Sadly, Gillette’s message is disturbing and provocative – for all the wrong reasons. As an indictment of the moral state of our society – condoning and promoting ‘hateful nonsense’ – the PSA stands on its own. But the ‘message’ (that most men are toxic) is a glaring moral condemnation of heterosexual masculinity itself.
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Feb 072019

The Covington testament

To appreciate the significance of an event that began in front of Washington DC’s Lincoln Memorial on January 18, it is first necessary to determine which event we’re talking about.

Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, who with his fellow high school students from Kentucky were congregated at the Lincoln Memorial waiting for a bus to return them home, suddenly became the Leftist media’s national poster boy representing hate and racism.

After two avowedly racist activist groups aggressively confronted him with their racist ideologies – Sandmann’s inaction and smile in response to the unjustifiable obscenities hurled at him was cause enough for the media and a significant portion of the public to blame the victim. More significantly, that same media dismissed or even justified the immoral and racist actions of those confronting the fifteen-year-old student.

‘Fake news’ is a far too inadequate label to describe the Covington narratives created by the media of the Left, from CNN to NBC. Even after the full context of relevant factors had surfaced, their continuing false narratives serve as a testament to what has become a new low in journalistic standards or integrity. This is the real story, the compelling story, the essential story, the encompassing story that must be preserved as a lesson for all. Continue reading »

Feb 052019

“All cultures are not equal. Never have been.

“The cultures of the Taliban, the cultures of the Bedouin and nomads of North Africa or Sahara or Arabian desert, the culture that accepts female genital mutilation or promotes polygamy is not a culture that is equal to a culture that is based upon the rights of individuals, freedom, the culture that has landed man on the moon, that has decoded the DNA.”

Salim Mansur, Professor Emeritus of Western University, takes us on a trip through Canadian history to show how Canada has gone from being a nation founded on the uniquely Western values of individual rights and freedom to a country without a “core identity” as Justin Trudeau has so proudly crowed.

Salim begins at the beginning with the BNA Act, proceeds to the Bilingualism and Bicultural Commission of 1967, the Air India bombing of 1985, the ethnic silos in our major cities, and ends with the impending appeasement of the Muslim community as they come to this country by the tens of thousands demanding that Canada accommodate their backward culture.

The result is a country made up not of individuals but of groups and ethnic tribes competing for political influence and power. A country of rudderless political parties willing to sell the country’s soul to get the favour of hyphenated Canadians and, most importantly, their votes. The worst culprit has been the Liberal Party of Canada beginning with Pierre Trudeau and coming full circle with his son, Justin.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada have accelerated Canada’s decline as a once-proud country to become, as Trudeau has claimed, the first “post-national state.” In his rush to follow in his father’s footsteps he has subjected us to increased acts of terrorism, a complete disregard for immigration laws as evidenced by those crossing the border illegally and being met with open-arms, and a cultural shift away from individual freedom and towards ethnic conflict and Sharia.

Feb 032019

On Jan 18 in front of Washington DC’s Lincoln Memorial, a remarkable newsworthy event did not happen. Consequently, it became a top news story. Remarkable!

So remarkable, that it should be referenced in all future tests relating to the credibility of journalism itself. In fact, suggests Robert in his conversation with Danielle, it should be referred to as the ‘Covington Test,’ in honor of Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann who became a symbol of the media’s disgraceful abandonment of its traditional role as a source of reliable information.

Having earlier attended the ‘March for Life’ rally barely acknowledged by the media, Sandmann found himself thrust into the court of public opinion, judged guilty of the “face crime of smiling while white,” as Danielle describes the media spin.

Though merely waiting for a bus to take him and his fellow Covington students back home, he found himself caught in a controversy that could become a defining point in the phenomenon of ‘fake news,’ as well as represent a possible turning point regarding the future of journalism itself. Continue reading »

Jan 312019

Doug Ford - Scrap the carbon tax

Ontario premier Doug Ford has been chastised, ridiculed, and criticized for connecting the imposition of carbon taxes with the possibility of an ‘economic downturn,’ or recession. While governments and economists assure us that the odds of a recession are remote, in light of the recent report by MMP insolvency trustees that reveals 46% of Canadians are within $200 of insolvency, one wonders if Canadians aren’t already in the middle of a recession.

What makes the whole debate fascinating is the superficial level on which economists are analyzing a very real and serious situation. It is difficult to reconcile the assurances of economists that Ontario’s economy is growing at a healthy rate with the visible reality of the growing rates of poverty that Canadians are reading about each and every day in their news reports.

Meanwhile, in the United States, there can be very little doubt that America is experiencing an economic resurgence unparalleled in recent history.

What is common to both the American and Canadian experience is how the Left in each country continues to suffer from the political Derangement Syndrome once only associated with America’s Donald Trump, but that is now surfacing with respect to Ontario’s Doug Ford. Of course, what has been called the ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ has always really been a deranged attitude associated with anything to be perceived on the Right. Continue reading »