Mar 262019

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In light of “International Women’s Day” are women still the weaker of the two sexes and in need of governmental and societal protection or are those in power using the long-standing myth of the patriarchy in order to keep women in a mental state of victimhood?

Join Danielle and Robert as they “marvel” over the fact that one of the most privileged and protected classes in society today still clings to the oppression card instead of appreciating the greatest amount of freedom they have ever experienced in the history of mankind.

600 – The label gun

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Mar 212019

Brenton Tarrant

No sooner had last week’s tragic events in New Zealand unfolded than the mainstream media instantly politicized its narrative surrounding the terrorist attack. The urgency of this action was necessitated by the fact that the terrorist had published and distributed a written ‘manifesto’ entitled ‘The Great Replacement Towards A New Society’ prior to his attack. It is a ‘manifesto’ outlining easily recognizable Left-wing values and objectives that could prove to be an embarrassment to those on the Left if ever associated with terrorism.

Naturally, the media pulled out its most powerful weapon: the Label Gun. Relying on the term ‘right-wing’ as a pejorative, the Label Gun is a political weapon that shoots ‘right wing’ labels at those who present any threat to the Left – including Leftists themselves.

This is done in the hopes that the label will stick and keep the Left distanced from the consequences of its own beliefs. Thus, Brenton Tarrant was immediately labeled a ‘right-wing’ terrorist by the mainstream media, despite all the available evidence making it abundantly clear that Tarrant is motivated and driven by Leftist ideologies and goals. Continue reading »

The Right community – The Danielle Metz Show 053

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Mar 192019

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Who do you follow?

Danielle and Robert take a break from the serious topics of the day in order to discuss their online inspirations and offer suggestions for those who are looking for like-minded and ‘right-minded’ content creators, giving credit where credit is due.

If we’ve missed anyone that you think we should check out, please let us know.


599 – Left, Right and the Extreme Center

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Mar 142019


Like them or not, the labels of ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are invariably used in the political war of words that rages perpetually. As ideological identifiers, they are fundamental and necessary.
While those on the Left often proudly boast their ideological affiliation with the Left, those on the Right have been shamed into avoiding their proper and commendable political affiliation. Today, being labeled ‘extreme right wing’ is considered the ultimate insult since it has been falsely associated with the evils of fascism, an ideology of the Left.
This problem has become particularly visible (though not understood) thanks to the debates seen and heard on social media, where accusations of being ‘extreme’ right, racist, fascist, etc have become the common pejorative used by the Left against its opponents. 
This has made it possible for many on the Left to justify censoring or banning the ‘extreme right’ from social media.  Ironically, social media has been monopolized by the Left – communists, fascists, socialists, and ‘progressives.’ Continue reading »

The corruption disruption – The Danielle Metz Show 052

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Mar 122019

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The clouds are circling around Prime Minister Justin “Sunny Ways” Trudeau in the form of a scandal regarding Canada’s largest construction company: SNC-Lavalin, based in Trudeau’s home province of Quebec.

The Prime Minister’s Office, officials and even the Prime Minister himself have been accused of pressuring the then Attorney General and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to override the Director of Public Prosecution and give SNC-Lavalin a walk on bribery and fraud charges during an election year. When she didn’t, she was fired.

She did not go quietly.

What does this scandal mean for the fate of the federal Liberals in Canada? Just what does it say about the state of Canadian politics in general? Join Danielle and Robert to find out.

598 – This is war

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Mar 072019

This is war

There is a growing consensus that what was once only a ‘war of words’ is now approaching a point where that ‘war’ can no longer be fought only with words. The war is now moving into the courtroom, and a major case going forward is Steven Crowder’s (Louder With Crowder) lawsuit against Facebook.

We fully support this action, as we find ourselves asking: Isn’t it time that those on the ‘Right’ began treating their opponents on the Left in the same warlike manner the Left has been exhibiting towards them?

It has regrettably become clear that social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook , Twitter, and others known to be owned and/or operated by interests on the Left, have been found to be misrepresenting themselves and their services in a way that should concern everyone able to read these words on-line.

After having actively pursued content providers on the ‘right’ to set up shop on their platforms, they have now been found to be unethically restricting and banning those same voices from their promised ‘free speech’ platforms, for the most dubious reasons. This has been done through the filing of numerous false copyright claims, ‘de-platforming,’ ‘de-boosting,’ ‘de-monitizing’ and other hidden actions cutting off content providers from their established audiences. Continue reading »

DMS 051 – The fool on The Hill

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Mar 052019

Audio only (Length edited for broadcast)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been touted as the “fresh new face” in Congress ever since her election in 2018; but the “fresh new face” of what?

Ignorance or evil?

Evil insinuates itself subtly and ignorance succumbs to its vague platitudes and “fresh new faces.”

Danielle and Robert discuss the openly communistic and blatantly immoral Green New Deal introduced by the “fresh new face” of the Democratic Party who declares herself ‘boss’ thanks to climate change, and the ever-increasing turn to the Left that Western society has taken.