Nov 252021

As advocates of individualism and individual freedom, during the 2021 Canadian federal election we endorsed the People’s Party of Canada under the leadership of Maxime Bernier. Now, with the June 2, 2022 provincial election pending in the province of Ontario, our endorsement goes to the Freedom Party of Ontario under the leadership of Paul McKeever.

Why Freedom Party? To answer that question in a way rarely understood or appreciated, Paul McKeever joins us to discuss many of the persistently pursued, failed, and futile political strategies to which well-intentioned advocates of freedom continually succumb.

For those anxious or desperate to escape a given tyranny of the day, the idea of supporting a new and original political option is immediately dismissed.

Instead, this group is focused on ‘voting against’ the party in power and will generally choose to vote for any other party that appears to have a chance of winning an election. The fact that all of the parties in this electoral position are the same – ideologically and politically – merely offers an option of replacing one tyrant with another. Continue reading »

Nov 182021

Perhaps the most frightening aspect about our current fascist pandemic is the inconvenient truth that a majority supports it. The failure to understand this can lead to unfortunate consequences.

For example, a lot of effort might be wasted in an attempt to bring reason, evidence, and clarity to a significant percentage of people utterly unwilling or incapable of processing the information. In their hypnotic state of denial, they are literally incapable of seeing the tyranny before their very eyes. Even worse, many who attempt to awaken this group blame themselves for the failure to do so, concluding that nothing can be done.

In his November 12 discussion with the legal team of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Mattias Desme – who specializes in “mechanisms of mass formation and totalitarian thinking” – estimated that the unreachable ‘hypnotized’ group comprises around 30 percent of the population. Another 40 percent, he suggested, are capable of ‘seeing’ but are afraid to speak out, thus making themselves part of the majority (70 percent) who end up supporting fascist measures. This is the group that, if effectively persuaded, can turn a tyrannical majority into a majority for freedom.

That leaves it up to the remaining 30 percent who can clearly see the tyranny to lead the fight for freedom. But how? As one courageous voice for freedom recently put it: “We can’t wake the sheep. We must wake the lions.”

Understanding the process and psychology of ‘mass formation’ may be the key to developing strategies against tyranny that are Just Right and that can lead us once again in the direction of freedom.

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Nov 112021

“Those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it.”

As a variant of tyranny, fascism has an ally: the failure to remember – or even to have learned about – fascism’s history. November 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada, and it seems that a majority of Canadians don’t even know what it is that they should be ‘remembering.’ The sheer ignorance and distorted perspectives about the nature of freedom emanating from citizens of a supposedly free nation is nothing short of a tragedy. It also explains why Canada today has fallen to fascism.

As demonstrated in a sampling of letters to the editor of a daily newspaper in London Ontario, the comments and opinions are dark and disturbing, particularly given that they represent a significant majority of views:

“Since when do the rights of the individual override the rights of the group?”

“In a letter to the editor, (the writer) equates his grandparents’ risking their very lives in a real war, to his selfish ‘fight for choice and freedom.’”

“It is shameful… to suggest Canadians enlisted in the Second World War so their descendants could choose to refuse a life-saving vaccine.”

“Some now claim a right to choose to refuse vaccination, an act of selfishness.”

“(Coercing them) may be the only way to get recalcitrant people to put the common health above conspiracy theories and their selfish wishes to avoid possible minor vaccine side-effects, and finally vaccinate.”

“In a collective society, during a pandemic, each person must pull together for the betterment of all.”

“Civilization did not get this far by individual’s rights.” Continue reading »

Nov 092021

Just Right Media’s Bob Metz recently appeared as a guest on Bob Bierman’s Truth to Ponder which broadcasts around the world on shortwave.

From Truth 2 Ponder’s website:

On this edition of “Truth to Ponder” Bob takes a visit to Canada with his special guest, Robert Metz. Robert Metz became a founding member of the Freedom Party of Ontario in 1984 and has been its president since that time. Robert Metz is also the host of a program aired on Shortwave and as a Podcast entitled “Just Right,” which can be found at Today they expose the tyranny of the left trying to take hold of the western world, and how this pandemic has been one of the primary tools along with the climate change narrative.

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Nov 042021

It’s remarkable how many people still think that because someone is a ‘capitalist’ that he or she is a supporter of ‘capitalism.’ But it just ain’t so.

Capitalists come in all flavors and shades of political preferences and one might be justified in saying that ‘capitalism’ is on the bottom of their preferred list. The confusion between these two terms – ‘capitalist’ and ‘capitalism’ – has caused incalculable damage to our basic understanding of a free society.

Take for example Saskatchewan Dr Francis Christian who has recently gained attention arguing that the world is currently suffering under a “tyranny of capitalism.”

The good doctor is fighting the good fight towards his goal of establishing that ‘informed consent’ be mandated in matters regarding one’s personal health. Yet he has labeled the only known social system based on consent ‘tyranny.’

In so doing, his fear that there are no good forms of government – only a choice between the “tyranny of communism” and the “tyranny of capitalism” – becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Continue reading »

Oct 282021

Sinister and simultaneous developments throughout the Anglosphere continue to move in one political direction: Leftward towards the establishment of a globalist fascist state.

Using the distractions of ‘fighting climate change’ and the politics of ‘pandemics,’ the fascist agenda referred to as ‘Agenda 21’ or the ‘Great Re-set’ has always been the real objective of the globalists. Former British Columbia premier Bill Vander Zalm has called the current government-mandated lockdowns and ‘vaccinations’ the “scariest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.”

As the adverse reactions to all of the measures from lockdowns to mandated injections pile up under an avalanche of evidence demonstrating the destruction of their measures, politicians and state officials around the world remain oblivious to reality and are even more aggressively demanding a fascist state. Continue reading »

Oct 212021

Under their agenda of requiring vaccination passports presented to both public (government) and private service providers alike, politicians have created a political target for discrimination: the so-called ‘unvaccinated.’

In opposition, our guest – leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario Paul McKeever – has called for an outright legal ban on discrimination based on vaccination status. Because such a ban would apply to private businesses and service providers, the question has arisen as to whether such a prohibition represents a violation of private property rights and freedom of association.

Not so, argues Paul in a written report he has called ‘The Rights Argument: a self-destructive perversion of rights.’ Most significantly, notes Paul, the ‘rights argument’ – routinely made by freedom advocates themselves – is perfectly consistent with the establishment of a fascist society. Under this theory, the usual source of individual rights has been described as ‘God-given’ or ‘natural’ or ‘morally-based.’

The classic error made by the ‘rights argument’ is to assume that ‘rights’ – however defined – exist independently of any government or law. Rights are not ‘ethical’ in nature: they are ‘political.’ Rights concern not ‘shoulds’ but ‘shalls.’

The ‘rights argument’ fails to protect rights because it fails to recognize that rights exist to serve the purpose of defending human nature, concludes Paul.

One thing is certain. Unless rights – political and legal – are fully understood in a way that is Just Right, we soon won’t have any.

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