Apr 212016

Politica Map


00:03 Teachers struck: feedback from Michael, blaming teachers for failing to teach reason, recognizing the good teachers, qualifying remarks, some teachers deserve to be bashed, praising the educators who earn it
11:50 Law of nations: national identity, nations as systems of law, changing national borders throughout history, cause of national identity crisis, secular laws vs theocratic laws, Donald Trump on national identity, borders are essential
26:20 Justin Trudeau’s mob Rule: democracy under attack by democrats, Liberal Party of Canada – the party with no memberships, Trudeau breaking Liberal tradition, Liberal movement – not party
43:35 Democratic myths and misses: Goldwin Emerson’s humanist democracy, the meaning of democracy, the meaning of majority rule, the meaning of people rule, voting myths and voting truths, role of political parties, the meaning of democratic equality, the human factor – reason 59:42 END

Nov 122015

Village of the Damned


00:03 Campus blahs: Yale campus disturbance, inter-cultural affairs committee letter on Halloween costumes, theory vs practice
13:10 Progressive deformity: zero tolerance for free speech on campus, John Dewey, Ayn Rand’s Comprachicos,deformity for political suppression, disconnecting the mind from reality through progressive education, anti-cognition as the standard of education, from structure and discipline to chaos and disorder, student activists as the modern comprachicos, abandonment of reason in favour of force
28:25 The failure of success: Harry Dent’s great re-set, predicting economic crashes, engineered destruction of capitalism in America, David Stockman, ‘Irrational Economics Summit’, government enterprises as successful failures
40:50 The success of failure: the economic re-set, no political re-set, inflation’s attractions, irrational fears of deflation, the relativity of inflation, quantitative easing, recognizing the crisis, system of socialism vs conditions of capitalism, ends and means 55:18 : END — promo to 59:42

Apr 232015



00:07 Monologue: Hydro One, Privatization of Beer Sales in Ontario, talk show callers, cannabis protests, monologue, monopoly, history repeats itself, history does not repeat itself, capitalism has no history to repeat, technological advances, words and concepts
17:10 Monopoly: Ontario beer sales monopoly, expansion of monopoly, private interests, Hydro One, conversation in a vacuum, essential service myth, monopolies at root of increasing income gap, state capitalism, privatization, public, private, ownership, public ownership
33:45 Culture of Learning – from Charlemagne to Amit Chakma: Western University, Amit Chakma, non-confidence vote, education priorities, attracting international students, Government of Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan, salary contract, fundraising and building international presence, idea of university, Charlemagne
54:29 Going up in smoke: 420 cannabis events, London Victoria Park protesters, frivolous news coverage of cannabis, Marc Emery, not legalizing but ending prohibition 59:19 END

Apr 092015

Harvard Seal


00:07 No service please: right to refuse service, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, right to discriminate, public vs private realm, public notice of discrimination
09:05 Ending philosophy: intellectualism, reality is objective, Prospect’s vote for top ten world intellectuals, Thomas Piketty, Yanis Varoufakis, Naomi Klein, Russell Brand, Paul Krugman, Arundhati Roy, Jurgen Habermas, Daniel Kahneman, John Gray, Atul Gawande, Russell Brand’s ending philosophy
30:40 The fact of Camille Paglia: Harvey Mansfield, Camille Paglia, political correctness, academics challenging the status quo, they saw it coming, creating angst division and confusion, properly informed people are less vulnerable to manipulation, cult of personality vs ideas, Paglia’s calls for education reform, the certainty that some ideas are better than others
44:50 Just great: world religions as great symbol systems that sustain, Camille Paglia, state of education, youth as anti-establishment, abandonment of greatness, knowledge of history, there are facts, critique’s that lack solutions, focus on core curriculum, knowledge is hierarchical, postmodernism’s relative contradictions 58:41 END

Apr 022015



00:07 Things going right vs things being right: feedback from Todd – Joe – Simon, right and wrong are not events but judgements, trade-offs, Hydro One, price discovery mechanism, Objectivism vs subjectivism, friendly ignorance, spirit of eternal vigilance
16:45 University scam plans: state of mis-education, high minded platitudes, turning luxuries into rights, the entitlement society, irresponsible promises, higher education and regressive thinking, teachers as co-parents, progressives are in charge of the schools, the cause mongers, anti-intellectualism, undermining faith in Western culture
30:35 Beyond backwards: On Camille Paglia, feminism, academia, anti-intellectual anti-reason trend, isms on campus, diversity bureaucracy, no viewpoint diversity, a costly bureaucracy for inferior education, Amit Chakma, committed to equity
43:30 Green people are red people: Earth hour, Ontario electricity prices as green incentive, green as fraud and deception, carbon taxes, real reason behind global warming scare, the UN’s intentional transformation of capitalism, precautionary principle 55:25 END

Feb 262015

Affirmative Consent


00:07 Shady Characters – Cosby’s accusers: Bill Cosby lawsuit, a review of Cosby’s accusers, Lachele Covington, Shawn Brown, Carla Ferrigno, Joyce Emmons, Chloe Goins, Beth Ferrier, Cidra Ladd, Kathrine McKee, attorney Gloria Allred, women now empowered
17:15 Thirty-three shades of one allegation: more Cosby accusers, Linda Brown, Lise-Lotte Lublin, Tamara Green, Linda Joy Traitz, Therese Serignese, patterns of allegation, patterns of complainants
30:20 Fifty shades of grey – bound to consent: Fifty Shades of Grey, feminist protests, bondage, consent, legal definition of consent
39:40 Two shades of black and white – consent vs affirmative consent: Freedom Party red alert on redefinition of consent in Ontario Curriculum, ‘yes’ does not always mean consent, children knowing vs understanding, affirmative consent, political monopolies, state education 53:20 END