Nov 242016



U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has vowed to “make America great again.” Just what does “greatness” look like? How will we know if he succeeds or fails?

On this, Thanksgiving Day in America, it is certainly a “great” day to reflect on just what it is that makes America “great.”

All nations have the potential to be “great” nations, but most unfortunately choose to become like the Lilliputians in the classic Gulliver’s Travels, dedicated to bringing greatness down to their level. Has the United States become a victim of this trend, or will it always rise above the Lilliputians?

Joining us for a second round of post-U.S. election discussion on today’s Just Right are Western University’s Associate Professor of Political Science Salim Mansur, and John Thompson of the Strategic Intelligence Group. Together, the picture they paint of what makes a “great” country looks something like this: Continue reading »

Jun 302016

Nigel Farage

Have the British people, by rejecting membership in the European Union, created a darker or brighter future for Britain? Our first impressions of the post-‘Brexit‘ European Union will no doubt not be our last.

As the British exit from the political EU, there’s no reason why an economic union cannot continue to be part of Britain’s future relationship with Europe – a union under free trade. If there is opposition to that kind of relationship, it will likely come from Brussels, as Nigel Farage stated so boldly before the EU this past Tuesday. All expectations about the EU’s future have yet to be confirmed or proven incorrect, as the story continues to unfold.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, the Liberal plan for Cannabis Legalization is well under way, as police conduct raids on Toronto cannabis dispensaries, charging operators and employees with ‘trafficking’ offences. Many of these dispensaries had freely been operating for years as cannabis vapor lounges, tolerated under the previous Conservative government, which had no plans to ‘legalize’ cannabis. Continue reading »

Mar 172016

Robert Vaughan, Lars Hedegaard, Bob Metz

00:03 Attempted murder most foul: an account of the Feb 5, 2013 assassination attempt, Danish police assurances, hate speech charges, mass Muslim immigration, ominous phone call from Danish police, life under 24-7 police protection, all mosques are radical
16:10 The fall of The New Rome: clash of cultures, open immigration or limit immigration, barbarians with a political ideology, support for Sharia law, how ‘liberal’ governments cheat and lie, Danish immigration crisis, Western values reviewed, Islamic opposition to sovereign nations, differentiation within Muslim culture, an amorphous enemy, too late for Sweden
32:10 Controversial labeling: no appeasement possible to Islam, civil war or total submission, liberal altruism and its willful blindness, the people vs the elites, importing a new proletariat, ‘left’ in the past, realist – not pragmatist, a political ideology masquerading as a religion, defying a gag order for self-protection, secret trial, convicted of releasing name of attacker
50:45 Close the barn door: too late for many countries, the nation-state social contract, the state’s monopoly on retaliatory force, government abandonment of its primary function, the rising trend of self-defence groups, closing Islamic immigration, banning advocacy of sharia, advocating secular government – not theocracy 59:42 END

Jan 072016


00:03 No great expectations: speculating on 2016 and beyond, 2013 Bill Whittle commentary
06:50 Expectation disintegration: promoting despair and malaise about the future, longing for a garden of Eden, human infallibility, the no hope philosophy, cultural nihilism, post-modernist culture, political narcissism, political trends, time to revolt against political correctness, distinguishing between society and the individual, achievements of past generations, teaching history as a continuum, deconstruction of values, cultural decontextualization, information – knowledge – wisdom, cultural stories, the cult of envy, destroying values to destroy differences, hatred of the good for being the good, tolerance of intolerance
31:45 Cultural fragmentation: Justin Trudeau, lost capacity to make reasonable judgements, Liberal Party platform, Trudeau as Canada’s hollow man, Trudeau the counter-intellectual, spirit of the times, one world government agenda, nation state concepts, using environmentalism as the means to defeat capitalism, defending or defeating human nature, multi-culturalism is the immigration crisis, cultural fragmentation
53:30 Our cause – freedom: personal-cultural-societal values, necessity of values for a freedom culture, values create Western culture 57:07 END — Promo to 59:42

Dec 172015

comma period

00:03 Taboo topics: history of Just Right’s suspension, Middle-east “refugees”, Western values under attack, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, immigration ban, political correctness as neo-totalitarianism, immigration history, parallels in history, taboo subjects: immigration – health care – theocracy – anti-capitalism
17:30 It’s a comma. Period. religion vs political ideology, reactions to Donald Trump’s calls to stop Islamic immigration, qualifying remarks, political Islam, the West’s history of banning ideologies, multiculturalism vs immigration, national sovereignty, constitutional rights not abrogated, misquoting Trump
36:10 What freedom requires: destruction of democracy through democratic institutions, history of Muslim brotherhood, the West’s culpability, Christian parallels, not his theocracy-our theocracy, what freedom requires, the left is pro-theocratic, terrorism as a distraction, freedom is responsibility
49:40 A fighting culture – Western civilization: carry both shield and sword, fighting ideologies by breaking them, Westernizing hostile cultures, knowing our own values and traditions, checking bad ideas with good ideas – and weapons
59:42 END

Nov 052015

In God We Trust


00:07 Mission Just Right: co-host trust issues, WBCQ 5.110 MHz, Paul Lambert, American and Canadian culture, eternal issues of humanity
13:15 Smile when you say freedom: Marni Soupcoff’s Sunny Side of Liberty, vaping for freedom, pitfalls of selling freedom, partisan and non-partisan freedom movements
26:25 Busting the trust culture: GOP Debate – Ted Cruz, fourth estate, biased media, declining trust in the media, Democratic media, trust issues, trust but verify, how government can be trusted – according to its nature, moral and cultural relativism
44:00 Common trust: intuition as cognition, trust in the commons, cultures of mistrust, clergy, politicians, media 54:27 END – promo to 59:42