Mar 022017

Amir Farahi

Armed with the courage of his convictions, Londoner Amir Farahi has launched an on-line petition, No to London, Ontario becoming a Sanctuary City, which has caused a sea of controversy in the city.

At some point, we have to stand up to the politically-correct, social-constructivist, post-modernist society that we have today. If you oppose an idea that doesn’t meet the agenda of those who call themselves ‘progressives’ – especially if you are male and white – you are automatically ‘privileged,’ you are automatically a ‘white supremacist’…

I don’t care how politically risky it is. I will stand firm.

On today’s Just Right, Amir shares some of his experiences in having become London Ontario’s principal and principled voice against the city’s motion to become a “sanctuary” for those fleeing the United States. Politically precipitated by US president Trump’s travel/immigration restrictions against seven nations (among them, Iran), Amir objects to London’s setting up any kind of “sanctuary” – from just laws.

An Iranian immigrant himself, Amir has found himself opposed by various “Marxist organizations,” including members of the Occupy Movement, Solidarity Across Borders, No One Is Illegal In London, and even a fan of Vladimir Lenin who accused him of being a ‘traitor to this country’ for opposing the sanctuary proposal. And of course, there’s the usual gang of city hall politicians and administrators who regularly seek sanctuary from the opinions of their voters. Continue reading »

Oct 202016

Robert Creamer

Could Donald Trump have been Just Right when insisting that the US election was being rigged?

The release this past Monday by Project Veritas Action, chronicling ‘straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth’ testimonies from the very people admitting to rigging the process, would certainly suggest so.

Already seen by millions of people within the first few days of its release on Youtube, the fact that the Democratic Party is indeed rigging the election can no longer be denied. It’s now documented, capable of being seen by any wishing to witness the sordid testimonies.

Yet, it is but one small fact among many. Together with many other known facts (including the Democratic platform itself), the fact of rigging elections supports a much greater and deeply sinister truth. Continue reading »

Jul 212016

Donald Trump - GOP Entrance


Some have called Donald Trump a Trojan Horse in the Republican camp. However, that legendary analogy may only be a small part of a much bigger picture: How does Trump’s success at this week’s GOP convention relate to the Homeric tales of Troy and Sparta? What is the lesson we should learn? You’ll be amazed by this unparalleled conversation about history’s eternal parallels.

“The gods of history are trying to tell us that we are conceited to think we are fully rational actors, fully forearmed and foresighted, that we know everything, at a given point in time.” All the world’s a stage in the story told by our guest, Salim Mansur, as he connects the dots between significant historical events and ideas that have led to the Trump phenomenon, the Brexit vote, the rise of Islamist terrorism, the resurgence of racism and the various crisis‘ that face the world today.

Given the theme of today’s conversation, it should not be surprising that our discussion about history’s ‘unintended consequences‘ should similarly have led to unintended and unexpected directions in that conversation:

“History is paradoxical because none of us knows what the unintended consequences of our decision are. We always understand history in retrospect. But we live history in prospect. Continue reading »

Jul 142016

Muslim on Muslim


So how come only white people are generally portrayed as racist? The answer’s becoming clear: Because the mainstream media has been irresponsibly promoting the scripted narrative of political groups dedicated to that racist narrative. So honky if you’re white – because you’re a racist.

Of course, it’s a ridiculous and false perspective. But you might be surprised how many people believe it – and why.

Two stories, one theme: (1) the racist shootings of white police officers in Dallas Texas at a Black Lives Matter protest; (2) the racist accusations made as a consequence of a physical altercation between two Muslim women in London Ontario. The one theme: Even though innocent, only white people were the targets of both.

White people, apparently, are the problem.

On today’s Just Right, tune in to hear that narrative blown back into the world of reality.
Reality is not a place where the left likes to be, so it remains in denial of that reality and continues to push and promote its own very unreal irrational hatreds. Continue reading »

Jun 232016

This my rifle...

The Constitution of the United States of America
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
The tyranny which the Second Amendment was written to guard against can be seen forming quite clearly in the actions and goals of Democrats today. They’re gunning for guns, an agenda Democrats have worked towards since long before the tragic event in Orlando last week.

Consider it an object lesson in objects: While the left wails about the objects (weapons) used by criminals and terrorists, it refuses to acknowledge how it contributes to the conditions that make such events what some are now calling “the new normal.” But there’s nothing ‘normal’ about what happened in Orlando last week. Continue reading »

May 052016

Chris Goodwin and Marc Emery

00:03 Principals of Pot: breaking pot laws to change pot laws, redemptive experiences, life behind bars, a privileged life, the importance of loving parents, sentencing reform vs prison reform, the community of prisoners, prison morality, creating a state monopoly for pot
16:25 Arresting developments: dispensing pot in vapor lounges, complaint-driven laws, market demand for cannabis, competitive disadvantages, enforcement by whim, risks of going public, political motives, licensing wars, the black market is the free market, monopolies a secondary issue, state propaganda plans, distribution prohibitions, more punishments under legalization, political hypocrisy as the status quo, on the cusp of legalization, Uber issue like the pot issue
31:20 Civilly disobedient: facing jail for political activism, attracting attention, intellectual arguments as a follow-up, emotional symbols motivate, border-free Europe, border barbarians in North America, police intimidation, global developments on the cannabis front, European tobacco problem, absence of biological father as cause of addiction, fathers figure, playing the blame game, the virtue of classless societies
47:40 Fear factor: Tommy Chong’s prison redemption, normal and not normal people in prison, politics in general, Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the coming global legalization of cannabis, legalizing all drugs, repeal activism, repealing unjust laws, branding the Prince of Pot, fear factor 59:42 END