Dec 292016


As 2016 draws to a close, we would like to thank you, our listeners, for making 2016 Just Right’s greatest single year in audience growth. 2016 was Just Right’s first year as an independent weekly radio broadcast and podcast, free from the constraints of the politically-correct university environment in which the show originated.

Our on-line listener statistics for the 2016 tell a remarkable story: Over the past year alone, visits to our web site have increased from a few hundred per day in 2015 to an average approaching 2000 per day. “Unique visitors” to our site have increased from an average of 2000 per month to 15,000 per month. And with each passing month, thousands more are added to these numbers.

Considering that Just Right is produced only once a week, the growth in the number shows downloaded over the past year is significant. In 2015 Just Right’s bandwidth traffic of 848 gigabytes represents approximately 12,110 show downloads, while in 2016, bandwidth traffic (to Dec 21) of 4.6 Terabytes represents a minimum of 65,242 show downloads. That’s a growth rate exceeding 500% over the past year alone, and the numbers show no signs of slowing down. Continue reading »

Aug 272015

Andy Janson


00:07 Hydrogen bombed: hydrogen as fuel, hydrogen storage device, fears of hydrogen, water as fuel, OPG’s plan to bury nuclear waste, Deep Geologic Depository, introducing uranium
16:05 Nuclear wasted: from uranium to lead, disposing nuclear waste – identifying the problem, nuclear submarine storage, nuclear reactors being built around the world
28:35 Nuclear new clear vision: new proposals for eliminating nuclear waste, ASAT (anti-satellite), one way trip to the sun, Fulton device, Gerald Bull, Thunder Well, hypersonic shock wave, an irrational one hundred thousand year contract
44:10 An elevating future: uranium’s future potential, nuclear waste as fuel, liquid fluoride salt, irrational nuclear waste burial expectations, space elevator, financing the true disposal of nuclear waste 57:48 END

Jul 032014

Digital Canada 150


00:07 When the sh*t hits the spam: CASL – Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, by permission only, violations and enforcements, commercial electronic message, prior consent, exemptions, voice-messaging, e-mail, text messaging, social media, Four Horsemen of the Internet, Industry Canada, CRTC, Competition Bureau, Privacy Bureau, Harper delivers on the prostitution principle, spam definition
23:55 Digital Canada 150 years to lose our freedom: CRTC, Digital Canada 150, over half a billion dollars already committed, heritage, culture, official languages, emissions tests for your digital equipment, selective policing and enforcement, private lawsuits, passive vs active consent
32:15 Agenda 21 – Sustainable Communism: Lord Christopher Monckton, Agenda 21, an open conspiracy, United Nations’ environmental agenda for the 21st century, Earth Summit 1992, sustainable development, communism, fear of words, ignorance of history returning us to a totalitarian state, environmentalists of today are the communists of yesterday, same difference – communism and socialism, voting for servitude, Green Cross International, redistribute the wealth
46:26 Green Double-Cross International: evidence clear on side of free market, Agenda 21’s implicit goal is destruction, process of Agenda 21 – from international to local, making driving unattractive, mass transit schemes, Aboriginal status, environmental movement destroys environment, successfully destroying the West 59:09 END

Jun 202013

Fire Water


02:40 Fracking Environmentalists! blipverts, fiction as documentary, Gasland, Josh Fox, hydraulic fracturing, fracking, FrackNation, water on fire, Phelim McAleer, government regulations, private property rights
12:06 Oil’s Well That Ends Well: Gasland vs FrackNation, speculation, water chemicals, motivation, the real story, Leni Riesenstahl, Triumph Of The Will, Cinéma vérité, arrogance and snobbery, emotion instead of truth or fact, Gasland Oscar nominations, oil, pollution, environmentalism, private property
32:22 Words To Live Or Die By: trust, politics of I, morality of we, David Brooks, individualism, demoralization, words and phrases, communal words, individualistic words, moral terms, courage words, bravery, social science terms, governmentalization, moral awareness, moral culture, Briar MacLean, hero, cultural vocabulary
45:30 Trust Me – I’m Honest: fink, my generation, four horsemen, truth, beauty, honour (honor), verities, right and wrong, social metaphysics, definitions, honest people, reality the common denominator, reality check, fact, truth, honesty, lying, intellectual honesty, taking ideas seriously, selfish virtue, when lying is the honest thing to do, knowledge and choice, false guilt, law of identity 59:28 END

Jun 132013



02:11 Your Feedback Is Just Right: feedback, fascism vs communism, Just Right updates
13:28 Edward Snowden – Blowing The Whistle: Edward Snowden, government surveillance, turning fascist, 9/11, laws to fight terror, NSA, intelligence agencies, unfree but comfortable, American future worse, turnkey tyranny, secret government decisions, digital communications, content vs meta-data, privacy, Fourth Amendment, NSA’s constitutional violations, data dangers, perpetual war on terror, a fascist tyranny, corrupt government, no honest thief
32:16 Cell Phone Tumour Rumours: cell phones and cancer, Lawson Health Research Institute, electromagnetic fields may be healthy, radiation
38:08 Shocking Debate: Who Owns London Hydro? sale of London Hydro, ownership, Vinay Sharma, City of London is sole owner of 1001 shares, imaginary shares, conservation, economic resources vs natural resources, fixed charges, rationing electricity, hydro cost’s negative effects, jobs lost, top dollar for bottom service, judging the success of of London Hydro, Outage Management System, profit for government, no cash cow, infrastructure, regulation no protection 59:28 END