Feb 022017

oil well

When it comes to climate, one theory holds that there’s a fifty-fifty chance that we’ll be unable to adapt to climate change 90% of the time. For the other 10% of the time there’s still a fifty-fifty chance that our odds will remain even. Of course, it depends on which side of the C02 / carbon tax issue you’re on, and on which political party you support.

Sound confusing? Confusing us is the whole point of playing the percentages warns Dave Plumb, who joins us today for a continuing discussion about both the science and politics of climate change.

Here’s a 100% certainty: CO2 production is a natural and healthy occurrence. You could even say that efforts to rid our planet of CO2 are unnatural and unhealthy.

Playing the percentages is just one of the ways politicians justify “fighting climate change” by taxing CO2 production.

Citing man-made CO2 production as a reason for “fighting climate change” – and in turn using the “fight against climate change” as a premise for taxing man-made CO2 – is a circular and fraudulent way to impose a new tax that will neither reduce world CO2 levels nor prevent climate change. Continue reading »

Dec 222016

circuits for a brain

Is “artificial intelligence” (AI) really an artificially stupid topic? Is there even such a thing as “artificial” intelligence, or are we just playing with words?

The answers are not as straightforward as one might at first glance assume. Indeed, assumptions may well determine the outcome of a tautology that would have us chasing our own tales of intelligence.

Join us for a real intelligence gathering, together with our in-studio guest Professor Christopher Essex of Western University’s Department of Applied Mathematics. It’s a discussion about the pitfalls and promises of what has come to be called “artificial intelligence,” and why the discussion itself has as many pitfalls as its subject.

The circular debate between “real” and “artificial” intelligence may simply be caused by assuming that the latter refers to some form of “artificial human.” It cannot. “Intelligence,” however defined, is an unreal concept when used in the attempt to distinguish between man and machine. Continue reading »

Jul 072016

The European Soviet Union


On today’s Just right, more on the ‘exit-stential’ threats created by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union: Is it fair to contrast the values of those on either side of the vote by comparing the juvenile behaviour and irrational fears of the one side with the mature, confident, and rationally persuasive arguments of the other? Or is it even fair to ask that question?

Post-Brexit vote reactions on either side of the original debate are still running at an emotional high.

And while most attention is currently on Britain, what of Europe’s future in a smaller EU? Is it possible that Europe could evolve into a new ‘soviet’? Continue reading »

Apr 072016

Embrace Climate Change

00:03 Tips and points on climate change: Climate Hope, climate change, antidote to CO2 terrorism, where’s the hope, human impact on climate, climate history, more CO2 needed – not less, relevancy of carbon dioxide content, tipping points, life as the planet’s modifier, science vs politics on climate change, media bias, creating a discussion, lack of balanced reporting
15:10 Assault on battery: the Jacobson Plan, total conversion to renewable energy, five sources of energy, batteries for energy storage, fossil fuel energy density, skyrocketing energy costs, Green Energy Act, the real cost and price of electricity, battery disposal and re-cycling
29:25 Venus fry trap: A Venus inferno for planet Earth, sister planet, envisioning the planet Venus, no similarities between Earth and Venus, a brief history of Venus and Earth, water vapour greenhouse effect on Venus, sequestered carbon, CO2 as consequence – not cause, Jurassic Period – the time of earth’s life
43:10 Nature to be commanded: natural changes, overcoming and controlling nature, man’s relationship to nature, the resiliency of life, agenda of wealth-redistribution, time perspective, Milankovitch Cycles, conditions of glaciation, the four predators 59:42 END

Feb 182016

Binary black hole

00:03 Legal ease: Christie Blatchford on feminism and the Ghomeshi trial, challenging the ‘women never lie’ myth, the Bill Cosby connection, feminist politics in the police department
16:50 Feminist protection racket: Woman first person second, Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer Marie Henein, feminist Megan Walker, protecting women from being held accountable for their actions, lawyer Phil Millar, the polarization of public opinion on Ghomeshi,
34:55 The gravity of gravity: gravity wave breakthrough, LIGO, disturbance in fabric of space-time, practicality of gravity waves, Einstein’s theory confirmed, global positioning technology
50:05 Rand’s crater: The naming of Uranus, naming the craters on Venus, public input to naming planet features, Robert’s 25-year-old submission to name a crater on Venus after Ayn Rand, Rand Crater 59:42 END

Jun 262014

Yada, Yada, Yada, Yada


00:07 A tough weak for Tim Hudak:
feedback, Hudak’s tough reality is a weak approach, representing interests – not the public, Liberals are the mob, compromising identity reduces voter choices, distinguishing oneself, PCs already are Liberals, Liberals moved into PC territory – not PCs who abandoned it, compromising principles to get elected, Peter Hudak and Tim Keating
12:16 Rugged collectivists: giving the public what it wants, attracting rugged individualists, political reality is left wing, Coyne’s advice – move toward a winning policy not a right one, radicalism vs extremism, radical is extreme, extreme is radical, temperament, muddled thinking towards muddled action
28:20 Adapting to political climate change: Consider the source – Michael Warren, climate change fear mongering, weather events – like rain and clouds, stopping the weather, global warming, no data to support view, Michael Warren’s gas emissions
45:45 Nothing to talk about: Glen Pearson has nothing to say, yada yada yada 56:39 END