Aug 112016

Iran Nuclear Program

TerroRising Trends: So what’s new in the world of terrorism? What are terrorism’s latest explosive trends? What might be tomorrow’s terrorist strategies that we have yet to witness? What, if anything, can we do about it?

On the very day that we are learning of a thwarted terrorist attack on Canadian soil in Strathroy and possibly in London, those are just a few of the spotlighted questions we target on today’s Just Right. To help us in our quest, John Thompson of the Strategic Capital Intelligence Group joins us for a frank discussion about the realities of terrorist ambitions and efforts.

Today, terrorism is on the rise. That means that tomorrow, today’s terrorism levels will seem like the ‘good old days’. What motivates terrorists? Are they crazy? Are they ideological? Is there a difference?

For an examination of why there is a rise in this trend, as well as a look at how to effectively combat terrorism, join us as we search for the elusive right answers that have become clouded in our environment of political correctness. Continue reading »

Jul 212016

Donald Trump - GOP Entrance


Some have called Donald Trump a Trojan Horse in the Republican camp. However, that legendary analogy may only be a small part of a much bigger picture: How does Trump’s success at this week’s GOP convention relate to the Homeric tales of Troy and Sparta? What is the lesson we should learn? You’ll be amazed by this unparalleled conversation about history’s eternal parallels.

“The gods of history are trying to tell us that we are conceited to think we are fully rational actors, fully forearmed and foresighted, that we know everything, at a given point in time.” All the world’s a stage in the story told by our guest, Salim Mansur, as he connects the dots between significant historical events and ideas that have led to the Trump phenomenon, the Brexit vote, the rise of Islamist terrorism, the resurgence of racism and the various crisis‘ that face the world today.

Given the theme of today’s conversation, it should not be surprising that our discussion about history’s ‘unintended consequences‘ should similarly have led to unintended and unexpected directions in that conversation:

“History is paradoxical because none of us knows what the unintended consequences of our decision are. We always understand history in retrospect. But we live history in prospect. Continue reading »

Mar 172016

Robert Vaughan, Lars Hedegaard, Bob Metz

00:03 Attempted murder most foul: an account of the Feb 5, 2013 assassination attempt, Danish police assurances, hate speech charges, mass Muslim immigration, ominous phone call from Danish police, life under 24-7 police protection, all mosques are radical
16:10 The fall of The New Rome: clash of cultures, open immigration or limit immigration, barbarians with a political ideology, support for Sharia law, how ‘liberal’ governments cheat and lie, Danish immigration crisis, Western values reviewed, Islamic opposition to sovereign nations, differentiation within Muslim culture, an amorphous enemy, too late for Sweden
32:10 Controversial labeling: no appeasement possible to Islam, civil war or total submission, liberal altruism and its willful blindness, the people vs the elites, importing a new proletariat, ‘left’ in the past, realist – not pragmatist, a political ideology masquerading as a religion, defying a gag order for self-protection, secret trial, convicted of releasing name of attacker
50:45 Close the barn door: too late for many countries, the nation-state social contract, the state’s monopoly on retaliatory force, government abandonment of its primary function, the rising trend of self-defence groups, closing Islamic immigration, banning advocacy of sharia, advocating secular government – not theocracy 59:42 END

Dec 172015

comma period

00:03 Taboo topics: history of Just Right’s suspension, Middle-east “refugees”, Western values under attack, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, immigration ban, political correctness as neo-totalitarianism, immigration history, parallels in history, taboo subjects: immigration – health care – theocracy – anti-capitalism
17:30 It’s a comma. Period. religion vs political ideology, reactions to Donald Trump’s calls to stop Islamic immigration, qualifying remarks, political Islam, the West’s history of banning ideologies, multiculturalism vs immigration, national sovereignty, constitutional rights not abrogated, misquoting Trump
36:10 What freedom requires: destruction of democracy through democratic institutions, history of Muslim brotherhood, the West’s culpability, Christian parallels, not his theocracy-our theocracy, what freedom requires, the left is pro-theocratic, terrorism as a distraction, freedom is responsibility
49:40 A fighting culture – Western civilization: carry both shield and sword, fighting ideologies by breaking them, Westernizing hostile cultures, knowing our own values and traditions, checking bad ideas with good ideas – and weapons
59:42 END

Nov 192015


00:03 Marchons, marchons!: Islamist attacks on Paris, political Islam, symbolism of the French flag, symbol of surrender and capitulation, literalists of the Koran, denying rational suspicions while stressing irrational suspicions, defining the enemy, enabling causes of Islamist violence, perfect storm for cultural collapse, ideas rule the world, the collective vs the individual, compliance to authority, shockingly lethal Submission
18:40 Submit to reason: the Fourth Reich, pressure to comply and submit, race is the collective, racist accusations represent submission to the collective, the true racists – campus activists, sympathy for Muslims, French national anthem
28:10 CBC no evil: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – terrorism enabler, suspicious of Christians but cautious of blaming Islamists, denial of evil, denial of discussion, distractions from the evil, war of ideas, terrorism’s after-effects
40:15 Islam: the elephant in the room: John Thompson CBC interview, John Rhys-Davies on Islam, Western cultural values, political correctness, incompatibility of sharia law with democracy, fighting ideas with ideas, Ayn Rand’s call for rational ethics
59:22 END — promo to 59:42

Sep 242015

Arnold the Pig


00:07 Conservatively speaking: Conservatives, war on drugs, Liberals indistinguishable from Conservatives, immigration is the distinguishing issue for Conservatives, cultural clashes with Western values, Pew Research Center, closing borders to Muslims as a security measure, reported numbers adhering to Islamist roots and Sharia law
16:05 I’m migrant: immigrants not refugees, staged photo op on Syrian crisis, mainstream media knee-jerk reactions, welfare shopping in Europe, the good and bad of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives
30:15 Will the real capitalist pigs please stand up? capitalist pigs vs capitalists, political pigs at the trough, crony capitalism, the Uber controversy in France
46:00 Pigging out on capitalism: the Uber controversy in London Ontario, denying the monopoly while defending it, the fixed pie theory, the fixed trough theory, a list of pigopolies, the private interests behind every government monopoly, 58:13 END