Nov 032016

Obamacare Toe Tag

OBAMAdon’tCARE – If You’re Sick
Does Donald Trump care?

With an “average” increase of 25% in health care insurance premiums slated for Americans under Obamacare next year (2017), the inconvenient truth about Obama’s government imposed health care “insurance” plan is this: Obamacare was a scheme designed for those who care more about votes than about health.

Back in Canada, the folly of state monopoly health care in the province of Ontario is becoming increasingly visible as more and more Ontarians begin to publicly tell their stories about their personal health care experiences within the state imposed system.

Ontario’s once gold-plated “Ontario Health Insurance Plan” (OHIP) is now dysfunctional and stretched beyond serviceable limits. In Ontario today, OHIP has become “O NO HIP Replacements” for months or years on end.

Donald Trump has called Canada’s single payer health care system “a disaster,” and as Canadians living in the heart of socialized health care country, we regret that we must agree with Mr. Trump on this count. Continue reading »

Oct 202016

Robert Creamer

Could Donald Trump have been Just Right when insisting that the US election was being rigged?

The release this past Monday by Project Veritas Action, chronicling ‘straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth’ testimonies from the very people admitting to rigging the process, would certainly suggest so.

Already seen by millions of people within the first few days of its release on Youtube, the fact that the Democratic Party is indeed rigging the election can no longer be denied. It’s now documented, capable of being seen by any wishing to witness the sordid testimonies.

Yet, it is but one small fact among many. Together with many other known facts (including the Democratic platform itself), the fact of rigging elections supports a much greater and deeply sinister truth. Continue reading »

Sep 292016

Justin Trudeau

In his September 20 address to the United Nations General Assembly, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed perversely fixated on something he called “diversity.”

As Canada’s representative before the U.N., the picture he painted of his country was not a flattering one. In Canada, explained Trudeau, people his own age “find it tough to make ends meet, even when working full time.

“Young Canadians,” he continued, “told me they couldn’t get a job because they don’t have work experience, and they don’t have work experience because they don’t have a job.”

Then as if describing some uncivilized corner of the world, Trudeau announced that “Women and girls still face inequality in the workplace and violence – just because they are women – even in a progressive country like Canada.” Just for good measure, Trudeau made a point of mentioning “the shamefully continuing marginalization of Canada’s indigenous peoples.”

With the balance of his message focused on opening Canada’s doors to the world’s refugees Trudeau then turned his attention to the “anxiety” caused by his government’s ‘diversity’ policies. “Our leaders are faced with citizens’ anxiety.” In order to allay the anxiety “we need to create economic growth that is broadly shared. Continue reading »

Jul 142016

Muslim on Muslim


So how come only white people are generally portrayed as racist? The answer’s becoming clear: Because the mainstream media has been irresponsibly promoting the scripted narrative of political groups dedicated to that racist narrative. So honky if you’re white – because you’re a racist.

Of course, it’s a ridiculous and false perspective. But you might be surprised how many people believe it – and why.

Two stories, one theme: (1) the racist shootings of white police officers in Dallas Texas at a Black Lives Matter protest; (2) the racist accusations made as a consequence of a physical altercation between two Muslim women in London Ontario. The one theme: Even though innocent, only white people were the targets of both.

White people, apparently, are the problem.

On today’s Just Right, tune in to hear that narrative blown back into the world of reality.
Reality is not a place where the left likes to be, so it remains in denial of that reality and continues to push and promote its own very unreal irrational hatreds. Continue reading »

Jul 072016

The European Soviet Union


On today’s Just right, more on the ‘exit-stential’ threats created by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union: Is it fair to contrast the values of those on either side of the vote by comparing the juvenile behaviour and irrational fears of the one side with the mature, confident, and rationally persuasive arguments of the other? Or is it even fair to ask that question?

Post-Brexit vote reactions on either side of the original debate are still running at an emotional high.

And while most attention is currently on Britain, what of Europe’s future in a smaller EU? Is it possible that Europe could evolve into a new ‘soviet’? Continue reading »

Jun 302016

Nigel Farage

Have the British people, by rejecting membership in the European Union, created a darker or brighter future for Britain? Our first impressions of the post-‘Brexit‘ European Union will no doubt not be our last.

As the British exit from the political EU, there’s no reason why an economic union cannot continue to be part of Britain’s future relationship with Europe – a union under free trade. If there is opposition to that kind of relationship, it will likely come from Brussels, as Nigel Farage stated so boldly before the EU this past Tuesday. All expectations about the EU’s future have yet to be confirmed or proven incorrect, as the story continues to unfold.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, the Liberal plan for Cannabis Legalization is well under way, as police conduct raids on Toronto cannabis dispensaries, charging operators and employees with ‘trafficking’ offences. Many of these dispensaries had freely been operating for years as cannabis vapor lounges, tolerated under the previous Conservative government, which had no plans to ‘legalize’ cannabis. Continue reading »