Jul 282016

white house

TRUMP ACCEPTANCE: As with the five stages experienced by many facing grief and loss, Republicans opposed to Trump have now similarly passed through the familiar stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, with Trump’s victory at the GOP: Acceptance.

For the first time, we take a look a Donald Trump, not as a phenomenon of populism and anti-establishment sentiment, but as the next president of the United States. Is Trump’s promise to “make America great again” merely empty rhetoric, or will he be able to deliver on that promise? What, in critical and concrete terms, will “making America great again” mean in practice?

As Trump now turns his attention to win the hearts and minds of the American voters rather than to defeat his Republican opponents, we can finally see the real choices faced going into this November’s U.S. elections.

On today’s Just Right, join us as we review, not the phenomenon that is Trump, but the promises and policies that he has put forth as the key themes of the Republican campaign. For the first time since he stepped into the political arena, Donald Trump has now set the standards and objectives against which he must be objectively judged. Continue reading »

Jun 092016


00:03 Insufficiently efficient: philosophy as the search for truth, the valid philosophy, Peter Epp’s insufficiency about efficiency, milk marketing boards, supply management vs supply and demand, Alan Slaven’s astronomical support for Ontario’s natural gas ban, economic arguments replacing moral considerations
19:40 The idea that Ideas Matter: lying and politics, no opting out of politics, the conviction that ideas matter – and its consequences, Ayn Rand’s ‘inexplicable personal alchemy’, do not sanction the jailers of the mind and of freedom, certainty of truth
32:15 From agreement to $upport: moving from ideas to action, fighting the fifth columnist minority, identifying the left, funding the enemy, witness to government waste
45:20 Your help needed: how to fight back – give money, Bob Metz, Freedom Party of Ontario, Just Right, making time to support freedom, political warning: “they’re going to kill you”, putting your money where our mouth is, financially supporting Just Right and its journey in the right direction 59:42 END

May 122016

Trump as Pericles

00:03 Pericles’ parallel: Conrad Black’s Civitas keynotes on Trump, prediction of a Trump presidency, four failed US administrations, doubling America’s fiscal debt, conservative reactions against Trump, Pericles’ parallel, the universality of human nature, the individual as unique, media disconnect from public pulse, media malpractice
17:20 Observer effect: economics as behavioural psychology, network of conservative opinion makers against Trump, markets and interests at play, ideology and consequences, doctrine vs pragmatism, we the people are sovereign, Declaration of Independence, skill sets for the political game
33:40 Education by election: Trump on women, women on Trump, trumping the sex and race cards, Hillary Clinton as a catastrophe, upcoming electoral conflict as instruction for young voters, immigration issues, unfunded wars with no results, globalization, free trade vs mercantilism, carbon taxes exporting jobs, America first vs protectionism, politics as the Queen of all disciplines
48:25 The Trump Rearrangement Conundrum: changing the Trump conversation, predicting Trump’s nomination and presidency, process of deal making, the Democratic question, emergence of independents, crossing tradition political lines 59:42 END

Mar 312016

Obama and Castro

00:03 Dead capital-ism: feedback from Allan, capitalism as slavery, who are capitalists, Ayn Rand unread
07:45 Obama’s working theories: Barack Obama on capitalism and socialism, division between left and right as a debate, the Cuban ‘debate’ was a leftist revolution, dismissing the philosophical causes, selling pragmatism, dismissing intellectual arguments as grounds for action, what works as the standard of action, Cuban health care system, praising dictatorships, ends and means, moral basis of the market, market exclusions, Obama’s speech symbolizes the end of the American Dream, no longer leader of the free world
26:35 Brown’s Progressive Con: Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown, a conservative approach to the environment, when a tax is not a tax, taxing clean carbon dioxide emissions, carbonated politics, ‘revenue neutral’ is a scam, carbon pricing is a tax, being political while talking economics, redistributing the wealth
41:00 Conservative ex-tradition: voters as carbon copies of their politicians, continued faith in a conservatism that no longer exists, what Brown really means when saying ‘Climate change is a fact’, having the debate conservatives won’t have, why revenue neutrality only means higher taxes 59:42 END

Mar 242016

GOP Logo

00:03 Trump Derangement Syndrome: the phenomenon of Donald Trump’s popularity, politics is about the people, republic or democracy, the meaning of sovereignty, constraining the sovereign through republican structure, Magna Carta, characteristics of democracy, Constitutional issues as ideological doctrine, no place for academic debate in political arena, constitutional ideologues
15:50 The people’s Trump card: dangers of being doctrinaire on the constitution, government in one’s life, checks and balances, Obamacare, the competent man, America’s three brances of government, single payer health care, immigration not a new issue, problem of incumbency
35:50 Checks and balances – the constrained monarch: Trump’s lack of philosophical focus, dangers of the democratic franchise, racist and bigot charges against the people, making America great again, Eisenhower’s legacy, Democratic-Republican Party of Jefferson, the president as the constrained monarch, the people speak – through Trump, coalition of interests
48:35 Persona and character: Trump as a crude character, messaging through persona, Trump Derangement Syndrome on the Left, Trump as a threat to the left, the Islam factor, conservatism, the problem with ideologues, final predictions
59:42 END

Feb 042016

Infernal Revenuers
00:03 Presumptuous Causes: feedback on cause and effect, ‘snapshots of the continuum’, events and causes in historical accounts, progressive thinking, Alberta’s drift to progressivism
13:15 Winning a debate by ending it: “Ecojustice” vs Friends of Science, global warming, climate change, freedom of speech, Calgary and Edmonton billboard campaign, Competition Bureau, censoring the debate, the ‘denier’ label, the nature of censorship, truth as the victim of censorship, Doomsday Clock, end-of-the-world predictions
31:30 Moral relativism’s relevancy: Roger Scruton on moral relativism, shared values, reality and God, progressive lack of external truths, comparing Objectivists and conservatives, nihilism’s imposing imperatives, nihilism’s contradiction, atheism’s variances
44:35 Proper tax: Roger Scruton’s conservative realization, common values, feedback from Liam on property taxes, preferable forms of taxation, land value tax, asset sales, selling the sales tax
59:42 END