Mar 232017

The Scream

Make no mistake: Our Islamophobic politicians are those most responsible for fostering the make-believe phobia against which they are passing “Motions.” The “motions” themselves are cause enough to be rightly concerned. This concern is entirely rational and appropriate. It is in no way “phobic.”

The constant “anti-Islamophobia” rhetoric generated by those in the legislature and in parliament has itself become a great threat. Since our MPPs and MPs appear unwilling to speak out against the very real threat of Islam’s political agenda, they have instead directed their efforts towards motions and agendas calculated to keep informed voices to a minimum, if not entirely silenced.

Fortunately, not every political party or its leader is “Islamophobic.” There is one political party and leader with the courage to publicly say what desperately needs to be said: Freedom Party and its leader Paul McKeever who is our guest today on Just Right. Continue reading »

Feb 162017



Following his ascent to notoriety when confronted by “gender warriors” at the University of Toronto late last year, Dr Jordan Peterson found himself entangled in a debate with Sam Harris (Waking Up with Sam Harris, January 21/17) that offered a truly rare insight into a fundamental philosophical dilemma. What is the nature of truth?

Having begun their discussion in general agreement on the broader issues, their talk ground to a halt when it became clear that there was an incredible chasm between how each viewed “truth.” For over an hour, their attempt to reconcile the two very different views of truth merely widened the chasm between them. The discussion was halted and a call was put out to their listeners for insight to their dilemma.

Today’s Just Right guest Paul McKeever offered exactly that, and his assessment of “what went wrong” in the Peterson-Harris exchange drew the attention of Peterson himself. At the root of their dilemma, and indeed at the root of Professor Peterson’s problems with “gender warriors,” suggests Paul, was a deep and long held misunderstanding about the nature of pragmatism.
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Dec 292016


As 2016 draws to a close, we would like to thank you, our listeners, for making 2016 Just Right’s greatest single year in audience growth. 2016 was Just Right’s first year as an independent weekly radio broadcast and podcast, free from the constraints of the politically-correct university environment in which the show originated.

Our on-line listener statistics for the 2016 tell a remarkable story: Over the past year alone, visits to our web site have increased from a few hundred per day in 2015 to an average approaching 2000 per day. “Unique visitors” to our site have increased from an average of 2000 per month to 15,000 per month. And with each passing month, thousands more are added to these numbers.

Considering that Just Right is produced only once a week, the growth in the number shows downloaded over the past year is significant. In 2015 Just Right’s bandwidth traffic of 848 gigabytes represents approximately 12,110 show downloads, while in 2016, bandwidth traffic (to Dec 21) of 4.6 Terabytes represents a minimum of 65,242 show downloads. That’s a growth rate exceeding 500% over the past year alone, and the numbers show no signs of slowing down. Continue reading »

Aug 182016

Trump Tower

The FountainBeheaded: Is Donald Trump America’s Howard Roark?

That question suggests the symbolic theme behind our discussion with Western University’s associate professor of political science Salim Mansur, who describes Trump as a ‘doer,’ and suggests that Trump’s critics generally fall into the ‘talker’ camp.

We’re all heard the phrases before: “Talk is cheap.” “All Talk. No Action.” “Don’t tell me; show me.” “Small talk from a big mouth.” “Been there; done that. Wasn’t there; talked about that.” and of course, “Those who can, do; Those who can’t, teach.”

In Ayn Rand’s best-seller novel, The Fountainhead, the main character Howard Roark chooses to become the architect of his own fate and destiny. Though his path to greatness – as an architect – may not have been of his own making, his arrival at his chosen destination is the direct consequence of his own determination to take the necessary action to achieve his goal. Along the way, Roark is constantly trashed by the media, the politicians, and the academics – those who Salim would call “the talkers.” Continue reading »

Jul 142016

Muslim on Muslim


So how come only white people are generally portrayed as racist? The answer’s becoming clear: Because the mainstream media has been irresponsibly promoting the scripted narrative of political groups dedicated to that racist narrative. So honky if you’re white – because you’re a racist.

Of course, it’s a ridiculous and false perspective. But you might be surprised how many people believe it – and why.

Two stories, one theme: (1) the racist shootings of white police officers in Dallas Texas at a Black Lives Matter protest; (2) the racist accusations made as a consequence of a physical altercation between two Muslim women in London Ontario. The one theme: Even though innocent, only white people were the targets of both.

White people, apparently, are the problem.

On today’s Just Right, tune in to hear that narrative blown back into the world of reality.
Reality is not a place where the left likes to be, so it remains in denial of that reality and continues to push and promote its own very unreal irrational hatreds. Continue reading »

Feb 252016

Black and White

00:03 Blacked-out history: Black History Month, London Ontario cited as racist community, history as experiences of racism – not liberation, diversity hiring in city hall, legislating racial mirroring, white power groups are on the left, Ontario’s anti-racism directorate, celebrating enslavement – not freedom, essential history
20:45 Run run from the N-word: why the N-word is different from other racial and cultural slurs, the ‘N’ stamp of determinism, colours do not have histories, London Ontario’s Meeting Tree, capitalism freed the slaves, the welfare state as cultural slavery
38:15 At ease – with fear: fear as the mind killer, promotion of fear, fear for attention, at ease with fear during WW2, Chuck Lorre’s vanity card about fear, attention as a commodity, worthy of fear, list of latest fears, unreal fears and lies
54:05 Ignoring the ignorance: failure of the teaching profession, imparting ignorance instead of knowledge, the dominance of fear in reason’s absence 59:42 END