Sep 082016

Kathleen Wynne as Devil

DEVILI$H FUNDING: “I’m the detail,” said the devil, who always liked to Wynne.
That “detail” fairly sums up the real story behind all the fuss about political party financing in Ontario.

“The devil is in the details,” and Ontario’s Bill 201 (Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016), introduced by Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne‘s Liberal government to combat “political corruption” through financial “transparency“, certainly confirms it.

Bill 201, ostensibly about “election” finance reform, is also about something else entirely. It contains a host of devilish details that no one in the mainstream media has brought to anyone’s attention.

Far from offering any meaningful transparency to combat the corruption in her own government, the Liberal bill broadens the Ontario government’s power and jurisdiction to an alarming degree.

The state will be able to control and regulate not just the electoral process and rules, but all political debate and expression – by anyone – even outside of election periods and when there are no electoral contests. Continue reading »

Mar 312016

Obama and Castro

00:03 Dead capital-ism: feedback from Allan, capitalism as slavery, who are capitalists, Ayn Rand unread
07:45 Obama’s working theories: Barack Obama on capitalism and socialism, division between left and right as a debate, the Cuban ‘debate’ was a leftist revolution, dismissing the philosophical causes, selling pragmatism, dismissing intellectual arguments as grounds for action, what works as the standard of action, Cuban health care system, praising dictatorships, ends and means, moral basis of the market, market exclusions, Obama’s speech symbolizes the end of the American Dream, no longer leader of the free world
26:35 Brown’s Progressive Con: Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown, a conservative approach to the environment, when a tax is not a tax, taxing clean carbon dioxide emissions, carbonated politics, ‘revenue neutral’ is a scam, carbon pricing is a tax, being political while talking economics, redistributing the wealth
41:00 Conservative ex-tradition: voters as carbon copies of their politicians, continued faith in a conservatism that no longer exists, what Brown really means when saying ‘Climate change is a fact’, having the debate conservatives won’t have, why revenue neutrality only means higher taxes 59:42 END

Feb 042016

Infernal Revenuers
00:03 Presumptuous Causes: feedback on cause and effect, ‘snapshots of the continuum’, events and causes in historical accounts, progressive thinking, Alberta’s drift to progressivism
13:15 Winning a debate by ending it: “Ecojustice” vs Friends of Science, global warming, climate change, freedom of speech, Calgary and Edmonton billboard campaign, Competition Bureau, censoring the debate, the ‘denier’ label, the nature of censorship, truth as the victim of censorship, Doomsday Clock, end-of-the-world predictions
31:30 Moral relativism’s relevancy: Roger Scruton on moral relativism, shared values, reality and God, progressive lack of external truths, comparing Objectivists and conservatives, nihilism’s imposing imperatives, nihilism’s contradiction, atheism’s variances
44:35 Proper tax: Roger Scruton’s conservative realization, common values, feedback from Liam on property taxes, preferable forms of taxation, land value tax, asset sales, selling the sales tax
59:42 END

Jul 312014

seaQuest electronic commercial message


00:07 Power grab: Ontario Ombudsman, London city council, Billy Ts, open meeting laws, power grab, hydro rate increase, flat rate hydro, smart meters, supply and demand for electricity
13:40 Forget me ought: anti-spam legislation, Canadian business reacts to spam laws, CASL, crony favouritism, spam law beneficiaries, European Court of Justice, internet search providers, suppressing offending links, on line reputation, deleting the past
29:01 None sum: Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, the nones, religious demographics, religious choices, belief in God, social issues, religious and secular
40:55 Polar expedition: superstition, Pope Francis, exorcism, bible, allegory, the devil, literalism, traditional world view, modern world view, postmodern world view, polarization, reason, principle and politics 53:07 END

Jul 242014

Gary McHale at Caledonia


00:07 First Notions: Caledonia, First Nations, hate crimes, racial policing, Ted Harlson, Oneida, equality before the law, white man’s law, determinism, free choice
17:27 McHale’s Savy: Gary McHale, citizen’s arrest of OPP police officer, Cayuga OPP, racial policing, Douglas Creek Estates, I told you so, Prince of Pot Marc Emery, changing cannabis laws, pot-related headlines
30:03 Told you so: Vladimir Putin, Putin’s popularity in Russia, Malaysia Airlines
Flight 17, Igor Strelkov aka Igor Girkin, Harper’s sanctions against Russia, compensation for Canadian space agency, Russia steel production flooding US market with low prices, 2015 Pan Am Games
42:55 Pan Am Scam Plan: 2015 Pan Am Games, David Menzies commentary, hidden costs, David Peterson, infrastructure projects, toxic political culture 58:32 END

Jun 122014

Income Tax


00:07 Just taxation buys justice: Proper taxation in a free society, feedback on taxation, Ayn Rand on taxation, Objectivism on taxation, voluntary government financing, arresting principle, initiation of force
15:06 An arresting argument: Justice is arresting, Proper government, jails, errors in due process, imposition of a tax on sales, nature of proper government, necessary conditions and institutions for a free society, indirect way to the general welfare, tax injustices, income tax is a bad tax
31:07 No tax freedom any day: Tax Freedom Day June 9 2014, value for tax dollar, war, crime, law and order, early Roman empire, brief history of Roman taxation, ‘voluntary’ taxes are sales taxes, King Louis XIV, worst form of tax
45:45 Is taxation slavery? economic slavery, debt, slave trade in ancient civilizations, definitions of slavery, Greek slavery, Roman slavery, tax slavery 56:18 END