Mar 102016

Scott Williams-Oakes

00:03 Love letter: Happy Trails by Scott Williams-Oakes, crushing political correctness, story first – message second, Happy Trails – the book, pre-dystopian environment, how bad things have to get, a vision of the future – or the present, failed expectations, deteriorating economic conditions, collapse of government, love letter to Ontario
17:30 Re-set: the Ontario of our future, how bad can bad get, violence no solution, Happy Trails – a story overview (no spoilers), a canary in the coal mine, a happy ending with unresolved issues
33:50 Up against the Brick Wall: a brief history of ‘the Brick Wall’, using satire to criticize, pushing the envelope on the Brick Wall blog, every issue open to comment, a man with a mission, staring too long into the abyss, the jester, pointing out that the emperor wears no clothes, watching Rome burn
47:25 End of the story: Atlas Shrugged – a Happy Trails parallel, pessimistic future, rising again from the ashes, filling the vacuum, a bleak future, operation of the machine requires freedom, the terrifying world of comedy, upcoming screen play 59:02 END — Promo to 59:42

May 212015

William Gairdner


00:07 The Great Divide: clash between ideological forces, what’s beneath the surface, why liberals and conservatives will never agree, ideas vs politics, modern liberals vs classic liberalism, human nature, change agents, perfection, party politics, virtue liberals, individualism, equality liberals, from liberty to equality, sexual freedom, libertarian socialism
18:55 Feeling blue about red: theory vs practice, Liberal and Conservative contradictions, prostitution politics, politician vs statesman, more democracy but less freedom, concept of the self, self discipline vs self gratification, self-esteem, duty, we world vs me world, choice vs the common good, pornography, freedom not a good in itself
31:00 The great deviation: freedom as a guarantee of rights, freedom vs choice, the six freedoms, social beings, freedom as power, tyranny and democracy go hand-in-hand, the great deviation, society’s rights vs individual rights, libertarian position, the harm principle, individualism and the non-aggression principle, duties and obligations, conceptions of democracy, society and the next generations, rights – objective and subjective
44:45 Conceit in the moral arena: freedom guaranteed by restraint, libertarian conservatives, social conservatives, fiscal conservative, individual vs social freedom, views on morality, morality as a language, principles and facts before debate, an increasingly closed society, eternal discussion and debate, Canada-US divide, Obama is America’s Trudeau, conceits

Jan 082015

Bill Cosby


00:07 The two courts: Bill Cosby in London, allegations against Bill Cosby, court of public opinion, court of law, presumption of innocence, political opportunism, Jane Piper
19:20 Court of no defence: Megan Walker, Anne Bokma, Bill Cosby, Andy Oudman, court of law vs court of public opinion, courting no defence, lack of evidence, feminism and feminists, public lynching, reputation
29:30 Childhood’s End – Arthur C. Clarke revisited: 2001-A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke, science and science fiction, retrospective view of earlier science fiction, Clarke’s view of humanity
41:20 Heinlein vs Asimov vs Card: individualism vs collective, Robert A Heinlein’s view of the heroic man, Heinlein’s political views, Time Enough For Love, Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game, audio books vs written word 54:50 END

Sep 112014

Teaching Johnny to Think


00:07 A call to prohibit drug prohibition: Global Commission on Drug Policy, United Nations, proposal to decriminalize all drugs, the King of Pot, Jimmy Cournoyer, Prince of Pot, Marc Emery returns to Canada
15:45 Political pot shots? Or practical strategy? Jodie Emery, Liberal Party of Canada, principle and politics, all political parties break promises, left and right, philosophical vulnerability of Liberal Party, NDP, Thomas Mulcair and cannabis decriminalization, contradictions between objectives and strategies, the missing debate
32:30 Why Johnny is Bored and Confused: teaching problems in the schools, Teaching Johnny To Think by Leonard Peikoff, teaching facts at the perceptual level, teaching at a conceptual level, integrated vs disintegrated model of schooling, disintegration, misintegration, integration through objective teaching
44:45 Teaching Johnny to Think: five theories of education, classical theory, socialization theory, child centered theory, moral behavioural theory, cognitive theory, intrinsic vs subjective theories of cognition, objective theory of cognition, systematic process, reading, writing, arithmetic, mathematics, history, science, literature, little or no hope in public school system 55:22 END

Aug 282014

UWO Gazette


00:07 Making book on the future: civilization’s basic books, cook book – science book – philosophy book, future prediction, ideas and consequences, ideas in history, unhindering inquiry into the nature of the universe
13:20 Idea-ology: power of the printed word, from the enlightenment to the present, preserving knowledge, paper vs data storage, cyberhumans, genetic engineering, utopian future vs bleak future
26:40 Western Gazette delivers – an apology: Western Gazette frosh issue, Megan Walker, Andy Oudman, owed an apology, calls for resignation and apologies, Megan Walker’s bizarre demands, Megan Walker’s call for censorship, O-Week Drinking Game article, disturbing reactions to satire and humour, Big Bang Theory Drinking Game rules
48:14 Froshing at the mouth: the Gazette articles that offended, how to date a teaching assistant, stalking on Facebook, drug advice, no sense of humour 53:07 END

Jan 092014

Darwin Fish


02:30 Ann Coulter’s airy evolution idea: Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially A Republican, scientific theory, politics in science, evolution, the Bible, unborn babies, teenagers and sex, Darwin’s theory – the ‘mystery religion from the Victorian age’, random mutation, mathematical impossibilities, complex mechanisms, theory without God, ‘God created the world and I’m not particularly interested in the details’, intelligent design,
17:10 Let’s play god: acting against principle, light of knowledge as the creator of moral choice, creationism vs evolution, no first cause, species evolution – an epistemological event
31:57 Just makes no incandescents: 2014 incandescent light bulb ban, bulb manufacturers are behind the ban, General Electric – Sylvania – Philips vs capitalism, consumer choice, no such thing as ‘crony capitalism’, criminal politicians, dirigisme, lobbying government for market monopolies, ‘greedy capitalists’
50:45 Kellogg’s lane change: Kellogg’s plant closing in London, market changes, Kellogg Lane, thank Kellogg’s – don’t condemn it, no greedy corporation, Kellogg’s has its Just Right 58:08 END