Mar 092017

Andrew Breitbart

It’s never been news that “fake news” exists. We used to call it “false news.” It has existed since the very concept of “news” itself first emerged. So why is “fake news” news now so newsworthy?

There is a REAL news story here, and it’s not one you will hear from the establishment media – because the real story is about them. Their “fake” story lines start with Donald Trump. They continue with Donald Trump. And they end with Donald Trump. See the pattern?

A team of “researchers” at Western University in London Ontario is about to launch a web site called “Culling Out The Crud.” They claim to have created a piece of software that can filter out “fake news” with an 85% accuracy rate. All very “scientific,” you see.

And if you believe that one, our understanding is that the bridge in Brooklyn is still for sale; care to make us an offer?

Says political scientist/professor Matt Farrell: “Fake news has reinforced the narrative in the Trump ideology…”

Even though there is no such thing as a “Trump ideology,” they are nevertheless certain that their computer software can spot it and root it out. In practice, “Trump ideology” is a fake term created to mean “any ideas from the Right.”

The debate about fake news – not the fake news itself – is a symptom of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

For the real news fakers on the left (which includes many “right wing” lefties), fake news exclusively originates from the Right: Just blame Donald Trump. Just blame Alt Right. Just blame Breitbart.

Those who are creating all the stories about “fake news” are the primary fakers themselves, and they have an agenda: “Let’s make sure that everyone irrationally hates Donald Trump so that we can defeat him in the next election.”

Today on Just Right, we offer our own samplings of fake news – from the establishment media – that we have ourselves repeatedly witnessed and experienced first hand.

In the end, “fake news” is no news; it is a social media phenomenon. It is the consequence of an established media that has found its own credibility under attack by the existence of alternate media sources. Most of them are not “fake” news outlets, but report the facts the left chooses to ignore for political purposes.

In continuing to attack their competition as “fake news” sources, the establishment media is simply further losing the trust of an audience that has found alternate sources proven more reliable.

Like Just Right.

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