Jun 232016

This my rifle...

00:03 It’s done with guns: Orlando terrorist attack, Islamic terrorism, gay rights, gun laws, safety first, Second Amendment, statistical analysis of gun ownership and crimes, cause and effect dynamic in gun debate, preventing tyranny, private ownership of high-powered weapons
14:15 Guns control: Bill Whittle’s ‘Number One With A Bullet’, gun and crime statistics, 2007 Harvard Study on gun ownership, the gun problem vs the murder problem, freedom and force, gays as victims, evidence on the road to tyranny
30:50 Sinful thinking: tacit approval of the social order, choosing to think, denying one’s nature, homosexuality accepted as evil, refusing to think, submission to authority, religion as philosophy, more freedom through more thinking
42:45 Heaven on earth: Paul McKeever’s ‘Virtue of Sin and The Great Satan’, misconceptions about religion and freedom, religious beliefs conflict with what the religious practice, sinning in the cause of freedom, do your own thinking, consensual sinning, immature religions, politics and religion, rationality as the good 59:42 END

Jun 162016

Clinton vs Trump

00:03 From the melting pot into the fire: Presumptive nominees – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, expectations of violence on campaign, white nationalism, Obama’s apology for Hiroshima, the Democratic theme that America is defective, Trump’s claim of no fair hearing before a Mexican judge, Trump’s attack on minority racism, Lady Justice is blindfolded not blind, melting pot, American exceptionalism
17:25 America First: Donald Trump as team player, Trump’s leadership qualities, Paul Ryan’s reconciliation with Donald Trump, Republican Party, Trump’s recording-breaking vote support, Trump’s Vision – America First, nationalism and populism in a historical context, from Vietnam to Iraq – a history of failure, the cold war, the majority is white
32:05 Deconstructing Hillary: the Democratic record, Hillary’s dismal track record in government, taking credit for Osama Bin Laden’s execution, Bill Clinton’s affairs in state affected the affairs of state, contrasts in state – Clinton vs Trump, Hillary as the angry woman, Hillary questioning Trump’s German heritage
45:35 The buck never stops here: State Department investigation of Hillary Clinton, main stream media’s omissions, bringing an indictment against Clinton, heading towards a police state under Obama’s administration, America’s abandonment of the rule of law, putting Bill Clinton in charge of the economy, the left’s internal conflicts 59:42 END

Jun 092016


00:03 Insufficiently efficient: philosophy as the search for truth, the valid philosophy, Peter Epp’s insufficiency about efficiency, milk marketing boards, supply management vs supply and demand, Alan Slaven’s astronomical support for Ontario’s natural gas ban, economic arguments replacing moral considerations
19:40 The idea that Ideas Matter: lying and politics, no opting out of politics, the conviction that ideas matter – and its consequences, Ayn Rand’s ‘inexplicable personal alchemy’, do not sanction the jailers of the mind and of freedom, certainty of truth
32:15 From agreement to $upport: moving from ideas to action, fighting the fifth columnist minority, identifying the left, funding the enemy, witness to government waste
45:20 Your help needed: how to fight back – give money, Bob Metz, Freedom Party of Ontario, Just Right, making time to support freedom, political warning: “they’re going to kill you”, putting your money where our mouth is, financially supporting Just Right and its journey in the right direction 59:42 END

Jun 022016


00:03 Naturally lying about natural gas: Ontario’s future power crisis, Wynne’s reaction to natural gas ban stories, feedback from Bill on the political party syndrome, Donald Trump, being politically incorrect, Freedom Party – turning philosophy’s complexities into simple planks, the folly of ‘independent candidates’, the necessity of political parties and their purpose
15:35 Power rationing’s rationalizations: Ontario NDP MPP Peter Tabuns’ sinister climate change theories, no ‘beginning’ to climate change – starting points, climate change as communist doctrine, socialist plans to create poverty, Patrick Brown a climate change propagandist
27:55 The climate changers: H.G. Well’s prophetic Time Machine vision of the Eloi (as willing slaves) and Morlocks (their keepers and masters), former UN climate official Ottmar Edenhofer’s clarification that climate change is irrelevant to carbon dioxide politics, redistributing world’s wealth through climate policy, cap-and-trade, executive secretary of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Christiana Figueres advocacy of forced poverty and forced depopulation through climate policy
43:45 We are the Eloi: an analysis of Christiana Figueres’ contradictory and evil anti-capitalistic philosophy, capitalism as the solution – socialism as the problem, natural population control through freedom, blaming capitalism for collectivism’s failures, ignoring the creators of wealth, flow economy, stock economy, use of fossil fuels a consequence of economic freedom, calling for anarchy but with a strong anarch 59:42 END

May 262016

Fireman Patrick Brown

00:03 Is it government? Ontario’s state of anarchy, political parties as organized criminal gangs, Toronto pot crackdown, defining what government is, Al Capone’s political popularity, alcohol monopolies and cartels
14:15 Ontario’s power politics: cap and trade, killing production with green policies, ending competition in the energy market, phasing out natural gas, monopoly on energy, rationing electricity, single payer energy system, forced electric car sales, prohibiting fossil fuels for home heating, a long history of Ontario’s power politics, Liberals and Conservatives as gangs, quotas on electricity, smart meters as instruments of rationing
32:15 Criminal conduct is not ‘government’: Liberals-Progressive Conservatives-New Democrats are all climate communists, Progressive Conservatives as no option for change, Ontario as a Green Acres comedy, Conservative destructive policy of ‘Power at Cost’ (1902), Conservatives explicitly against capitalism since 1905, abuse of government power on power, the natural gas problem (1950s), climate change as pretext, legalizing criminality, Ontario’s political cartel, appealing to the ‘something-for-nothing’ voters
47:45 Freedom to party: truth vs lies – and bullsh*t, elected criminal organizations – Liberals, PCs, and New Democrats, electing a government instead of criminals, political party restrictions through finance reforms, plans to silence political opposition, escaping Ontario’s oppression, Ontario’s pension plan as control of individual movement, for government – vote Freedom Party, Kathleen Wynne’s obsession with sex, freedom isn’t free, Freedom Party 59:42 END

May 192016

I Married A Monster From Outer Space

00:03 May Day M’aider Mayday: May Day celebrations of oppression, organized labour is organized violence, business as the organizer of labour, no celebration of the mind, celebration of labour, Les Miserables, sinister heroes of the labour movement, socialist admiration of totalitarian thugs, Karl Marx, socialism’s dismal record,
14:50 Un-mutual society: perpetuating class struggles, creating barriers for socialism, workers vs industrialists, capitalism destroys barriers, false classifications of people, class struggles depend on hatreds, eco-terrorists vs the majority, the struggle against reality, destroying the concept of the individual
22:30 First science – then fiction: the birth of science fiction, science fiction’s status of legitimacy, sci-fi pioneer Hugo Gernsback, 1958 movie recommendation – I Married A Monster From Outer Space
47:33 Science friction with science fiction: lunar landing denials and rebuttals, science fiction movie review selections of the 1950s-1960s: I Married A Monster From Outer Space (1958), 12 To The Moon (1960), Cat Women On The Moon (1954), Horrors Of Spider Island (1962), IT – The Terror From Beyond Space (1958), Invaders From Mars (1953), The Thing From Another World (1951), The Wild Wild Planet (1965), Voyage To The Planet Of Pre-Historic Women (1968 / 1962), Visit To A Small Planet (1960) 59:42 END