Oct 082015



00:07 Pornography – Toronto’s location dislocation: pornography news updates, porn debate heats up again, prostitution, Bill C-36, Canadian content porn requirements, money for sex, porn industry avoids Toronto, regulation vs prohibition, Montreal as Canada’s porn center, Brazzers
20:32 PornNO: children and on-line pornography, parenting, addiction to porn, re-defining porn as violence, porn as infidelity, anti-porn activists, the missing discussion
39:00 PROnography: more pornography news updates, Western University porn study, attitudes towards women, myths about porn
47:26 Don’t just blame porn: right-leaning states lean to porn, Archives of Sexual Behavior, top porn search terms – teen – ebony – pov, socially conservative beliefs, teens and moms, MILFs, consistencies in sexual behaviours, erectile dysfunction and porn
57:39 END

Oct 012015



00:07 Voting in good conscience: voting dilemmas, voting on principle, feedback on voting dilemma, voting preferences and priorities, power of a moral argument, moral leadership, Marc Emery Prince of Pot, effecting democratic change
18:35 The lesser of evils: political legacies, weakening one’s own position through compromise, dangers of a single issue focus, the voter’s real choice, justifying your vote
39:10 Questionable motives: motives reconsidered, Ontario Bill 53 Protecting Passenger Safety Act, feedback on Uber, chaos vs freedom, good law vs bad law
54:25 Uber – Same tale of two cities: feedback on Uber, Toronto-London comparison, taxi licence rental, taxi plate ownership, Section 232 of Municipal Act, taxi monopoly costs to drivers, influx of drivers and riders, pricing as market mechanism 1:01:26 END

Sep 242015

Arnold the Pig


00:07 Conservatively speaking: Conservatives, war on drugs, Liberals indistinguishable from Conservatives, immigration is the distinguishing issue for Conservatives, cultural clashes with Western values, Pew Research Center, closing borders to Muslims as a security measure, reported numbers adhering to Islamist roots and Sharia law
16:05 I’m migrant: immigrants not refugees, staged photo op on Syrian crisis, mainstream media knee-jerk reactions, welfare shopping in Europe, the good and bad of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives
30:15 Will the real capitalist pigs please stand up? capitalist pigs vs capitalists, political pigs at the trough, crony capitalism, the Uber controversy in France
46:00 Pigging out on capitalism: the Uber controversy in London Ontario, denying the monopoly while defending it, the fixed pie theory, the fixed trough theory, a list of pigopolies, the private interests behind every government monopoly, 58:13 END

Sep 172015

Javad Zarif


00:07 Many voices, not one: signing of Iran deal today, 14th anniversary of 9/11, Muslims Facing Tomorrow – National Post ad, differing voices within the Muslim community
07:04 Iran deal – releasing the nuclear demon: pushing Iran towards nuclear power, Obama’s legacy deal and disengagement strategy, the nuclear question, history of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (1968) (NPT), Obama’s end-run on Congress, releasing the demon of nuclear proliferation in Middle East, Iran’s history of exporting terrorism, nuclear weapons for sale, prospects for nuclear war, deal not binding
30:45 Trump deal – why Donald Trump is a true phenomenon: lack of trust for elected politicians, Iran deal causing more voter distrust, reversing the Constitutional process through the Corker Bill, the anti-politics politician, policy vs leadership and attitude
44:10 Cause and defect: Trump as the symbol of political incorrectness, illegal immigration, the welfare state vs immigration, Trump challenging the establishment, Trump’s call for national sovereignty, borders vs barriers, anti-free trade attitudes
55:47 END

Sep 102015



00:07 Consent clearly defiled: conflicting definitions of consent, affirmative consent, legal definition of consent, verbal – not affirmative, myth of the rape culture
17:20 Politically cracked ideology: sex as a biological imperative, men view sex as an end in itself, women view sex as a means to an end, the ‘Consent Conscious Kit’, affirmative consent is impossible consent,
30:30 Campus courts and jesters: campus sex courts, American Department of Education rules on affirmative consent, sexual violence and alcohol, restoring presumption of innocence to college campuses
41:55 The farce estate: ABC news Network Forces Whoopi Goldberg to reverse her support of Bill Cosby, Goldberg has nothing to apologize for, censoring the discussion about affirmative consent and presumption of innocence
58:35 END

Sep 032015

Hong Kong Monopoly


00:07 Slaves to slavery: economic slavery, debt as slavery, work and life as slavery, the two grand choices for production – capitalism or slavery, where life offers no choices, why natural obligations are not slavery,
18:50 Not why capitalism works: George Gilder on capitalism’s secret – altruism, refuting Gilder’s case, needs of others, greed as immediate consumption, capitalist entrepreneurs, voluntarism, hope of civilization, moral code, conditions of capitalism
34:45 Cab fair: Orest Katolyk – London bylaw enforcement, taxi monopoly, Uber charges, gild socialism, issue distractions Uber alles, technology apps, city’s protection racket, Roger Caranci, limit on number of taxi licenses, so what’s a monopoly, fixed pie economy theories behind taxi monopoly
45:00 Monopoly’s monopoly on monopoly: 80th anniversary of Monopoly – the game, Monopoly is not about capitalism, capitalists vs capitalism, a brief history of Monopoly the board game, Anti-Monopoly the board game, how Monopoly helped WWII prisoners in Germany, Sept 2015 monopoly tournament in Macau China 57:33 END