Apr 282016

Think b4 u Send

00:03 a True Hurtful Illegal Necessary Kind police warning: International Safer Internet Day Feb 9, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), T.H.I.N.K. Before You Send, emotional public response to thought police, the feminized OPP, the Rebel, journalism’s reaction to police warning, questions unasked, deja view news, the safety excuse
13:55 Right on the money: the Famous Five, the women on the face of money, bank note images, gender tokens, Trudeau’s pledge to place woman on Canadian bank note, earning the honour, names under consideration, Emily Carr, Laura Secord, Isabel Paterson, The God of the Machine, Agnes Macphail
26:20 Legalizing the new pot prohibition: the illusion of legalized marijuana, news commentaries on cannabis legalization, government monopolies for safety sake, prohibition still the rule, legality of actions, age restrictions and consent
43:20 Turtle injustice: trade barriers, Professor Anindya Sen’s pot proposals, international drug treaties, Mexico declares marijuana a human right, prohibition is force, prohibition of force 59:42 END

Apr 212016

Politica Map


00:03 Teachers struck: feedback from Michael, blaming teachers for failing to teach reason, recognizing the good teachers, qualifying remarks, some teachers deserve to be bashed, praising the educators who earn it
11:50 Law of nations: national identity, nations as systems of law, changing national borders throughout history, cause of national identity crisis, secular laws vs theocratic laws, Donald Trump on national identity, borders are essential
26:20 Justin Trudeau’s mob Rule: democracy under attack by democrats, Liberal Party of Canada – the party with no memberships, Trudeau breaking Liberal tradition, Liberal movement – not party
43:35 Democratic myths and misses: Goldwin Emerson’s humanist democracy, the meaning of democracy, the meaning of majority rule, the meaning of people rule, voting myths and voting truths, role of political parties, the meaning of democratic equality, the human factor – reason 59:42 END

Apr 142016

Navier - Stokes

00:03 The fluid dynamics of the climate debate: Navier-Stokes equation, long-held skepticism on ‘global warming’, climate change – a difficult study, no discussion on science or technicalities, journalist pop quiz, fluid dynamics, politics vs science, lack of knowledge in the discussion, banning the climate change discussion
16:50 Sounds foolish: Big Bang Theory – the TV show, Large Hadron collider, April Fools victim, songification, noting worlds’ end, mapping sound, every day an April Fools day on climate change, an effort to understand climate change, no experts in the field of the unknown, political obstruction to the serious study of climate change
31:30 Terrestrial extra: alone in the universe, questioning the questions about extra-terrestrial life, standards of life, probabilities of life in space, light-speed game, struggling for the truth of nature, conference on star formation, a positive answer, an amazing overwhelming universe with or without ET, no probability sample space, Graham’s number is bigger than google
48:45 Ether or: gravity wave confirmation, the two flavours of relativity, electromagnetic field, gravity has no charge, space medium and ether, medium is the electromagnetic field itself, invariance of equations 59:42 END

Apr 072016

Embrace Climate Change

00:03 Tips and points on climate change: Climate Hope, climate change, antidote to CO2 terrorism, where’s the hope, human impact on climate, climate history, more CO2 needed – not less, relevancy of carbon dioxide content, tipping points, life as the planet’s modifier, science vs politics on climate change, media bias, creating a discussion, lack of balanced reporting
15:10 Assault on battery: the Jacobson Plan, total conversion to renewable energy, five sources of energy, batteries for energy storage, fossil fuel energy density, skyrocketing energy costs, Green Energy Act, the real cost and price of electricity, battery disposal and re-cycling
29:25 Venus fry trap: A Venus inferno for planet Earth, sister planet, envisioning the planet Venus, no similarities between Earth and Venus, a brief history of Venus and Earth, water vapour greenhouse effect on Venus, sequestered carbon, CO2 as consequence – not cause, Jurassic Period – the time of earth’s life
43:10 Nature to be commanded: natural changes, overcoming and controlling nature, man’s relationship to nature, the resiliency of life, agenda of wealth-redistribution, time perspective, Milankovitch Cycles, conditions of glaciation, the four predators 59:42 END

Mar 312016

Obama and Castro

00:03 Dead capital-ism: feedback from Allan, capitalism as slavery, who are capitalists, Ayn Rand unread
07:45 Obama’s working theories: Barack Obama on capitalism and socialism, division between left and right as a debate, the Cuban ‘debate’ was a leftist revolution, dismissing the philosophical causes, selling pragmatism, dismissing intellectual arguments as grounds for action, what works as the standard of action, Cuban health care system, praising dictatorships, ends and means, moral basis of the market, market exclusions, Obama’s speech symbolizes the end of the American Dream, no longer leader of the free world
26:35 Brown’s Progressive Con: Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown, a conservative approach to the environment, when a tax is not a tax, taxing clean carbon dioxide emissions, carbonated politics, ‘revenue neutral’ is a scam, carbon pricing is a tax, being political while talking economics, redistributing the wealth
41:00 Conservative ex-tradition: voters as carbon copies of their politicians, continued faith in a conservatism that no longer exists, what Brown really means when saying ‘Climate change is a fact’, having the debate conservatives won’t have, why revenue neutrality only means higher taxes 59:42 END

Mar 242016

GOP Logo

00:03 Trump Derangement Syndrome: the phenomenon of Donald Trump’s popularity, politics is about the people, republic or democracy, the meaning of sovereignty, constraining the sovereign through republican structure, Magna Carta, characteristics of democracy, Constitutional issues as ideological doctrine, no place for academic debate in political arena, constitutional ideologues
15:50 The people’s Trump card: dangers of being doctrinaire on the constitution, government in one’s life, checks and balances, Obamacare, the competent man, America’s three brances of government, single payer health care, immigration not a new issue, problem of incumbency
35:50 Checks and balances – the constrained monarch: Trump’s lack of philosophical focus, dangers of the democratic franchise, racist and bigot charges against the people, making America great again, Eisenhower’s legacy, Democratic-Republican Party of Jefferson, the president as the constrained monarch, the people speak – through Trump, coalition of interests
48:35 Persona and character: Trump as a crude character, messaging through persona, Trump Derangement Syndrome on the Left, Trump as a threat to the left, the Islam factor, conservatism, the problem with ideologues, final predictions
59:42 END