Jul 282016

white house

00:03 Fear and loathing in America: Donald Trump as US presidential candidate, a polarized election, Why Trump defeated Ted Cruz, constitutionalism vs principle, Robert’s personal election parallel to the Trump-Cruz debate, Trump’s political history over the decades, Trump’s new audience – the American people
15:25 Trump acceptance: Little fault in Trump’s acceptance speech, Trump’s policies and objectives, Trump as a plain talker, radical Islam, gay rights, Trump as the non-politician, America’s slide back into racism, political correctness
26:25 Trumps action plan: National Post against Trump, literal politics, a review of Donald Trump’s key issues, giving back to the country, fixing the rigged economic system, schools failing American children, putting America first, ending special interest monopolies, globalism – pro and con, fears of protectionism, energy production, Obama care, tax reform
43:35 Feedback – polite and not so polite: feedback and letters from Just Right’s listeners, racist accusations against Just Right, feedback not fit to publish, over-representation in the prison population, shortwave listeners from around the world 59:42 END

Jul 212016

Donald Trump - GOP Entrance

00:03 Zeus among mortals: Donald Trump’s inevitable GOP nomination, closing chapter of the Vietnam generation, failed presidents, Salim Mansur’s July 17 American Thinker article, 1976 GOP parallels, history’s unintended consequences, detente
15:00 History’s struggle for memory: unintended consequences and unforeseen consequences, political insights through the Homeric Tales, parallels in Greece and Turkey, Ronald Reagan’s intended and unintended consequences, Saudi Arabia’ s active role in 9/11, Trump vs the establishment, America’s embrace of Islamism, Shah of Iran, inertia of the cold war policies
31:30 An unexceptional presidency: contrast in leadership – Trump vs Obama, Obama’s war on American exceptionalism, Obama as the most divisive president on race relationships, Obama’s embrace of Black Lives Matter, Obama’s support of Islamists, Chilcot Report on Tony Blair’s Iraq Invasion, Jean Chretien’s hypocritical retrospect on Iraq
47:55 Establishing the new Establishment: Brexit, gap between the people and the establishment, globalism’s borderless world, the abandonment of nation states, global rejection of the elites, Brexit vote as a reassertion of national identity and control, Islamist terrorism in Nice France – Orlando – Turkey, mainstream media’s disconnect with the people, Trump’s ghostwriter of his 1987 Art of the Deal 59:42 END

Jul 142016

Muslim on Muslim

00:03 Racism’s necessarily Left narrative: peaceful coexistence is the norm, creating a cultural and racial divide, the necessity of conflict, race researcher, emboldening minorities against white majorities, racist narrative is necessarily left, Black Lives Matter as a racist movement
15:10 Black racism matters: career racists, whites as racism’s targets, police enforcement, Black Lives Matter disrupts Toronto’s Pride Parade, Obama’s enabling of racism and cultural conflict, racism overused, President Lyndon Johnson’s racist legacy
29:35 Falsifying a narrative of hate: a left-wing racist agenda – identity politics, accusations of racism and Islamophobia as weapons of censorship, London Free Press’s false hate crime narrative, hate crimes in London Ontario, Andrew Lawton shatters the hate narrative with a fact
45:30 Racism’s white noise: anti-white racism as a matter of demographics, race relations activism for government funding, discovery of freedom and capitalism by white cultures, tribal and collectivist mentalities incapable of creating capitalism’s wealth, mental illness as cause of racism, police complicit in hate promotion, anti-hate movements launched by officials, fueling the fires of imagined hatreds, hate crimes are thought crimes, fear of white majorities by minority activists, differences between the black community and Islamic responses to violence and terrorism, continuing open discussions about race relations 59:42 END

Jul 072016

The European Soviet Union

00:03 Exit-stential threats: Brexit reactions and feedback, left vs right reactions, ideas trump economics, a peaceful change in governance, America’s exit from Britain, American Declaration of Independence
13:10 A new soviet? Protestors against Brexit, Left-wing tactics, the Muslim issue, conflicting ideologies, democratic pretense of the left, Euro planning for tyranny
29:50 The 7.9% solution: the breakdown of science, National Post’s Junk Science Week, corrupting science for political ends, junk science – a definition, junk science – examples
44:55 Anti-ideal, logically speaking: conflicting definitions of science, confusing science with knowledge, confusing knowledge with science, the ideology conundrum, junk science as a consequence of junk philosophy 59:42 END

Jun 302016

Nigel Farage

00:16 BrExited Right: surprising Brexit results, Britain votes to leave European Union, Queen’s gambit, British exit a victory for democracy and individualism, a brief history of European unity and disunity, UK never welcomed to EU, collectivist culture vs individualist culture, common interests served through free trade, fundamental flaws of the European Union, Nigel Farage speaks to European parliament
17:35 Democracy, democracy, democracy: blueprint to end individual states in the European Union, Britain is armed as European nations are disarmed, Christopher Monckton’s editorial on Brexit, how the EU must repair itself, the EU has already collapsed
27:55 Cannabis culture clash: Toronto police raid cannabis dispensaries, Marc Emery protests by continuing sales of cannabis in defiance of police, public myths about cannabis, fascist solutions to the cannabis problem, becoming freedom oriented, complaint system is unjust
45:35 ill Legalization of cannabis sales: Toronto protesters take principled position, Sunday shopping prohibition and Marc Emery, current legalization plans as cartel monopoly, crony politics, Erin Goodwin arrested, Liberals now the obstacle to legalization 59:42 END

Jun 232016

This my rifle...

00:03 It’s done with guns: Orlando terrorist attack, Islamic terrorism, gay rights, gun laws, safety first, Second Amendment, statistical analysis of gun ownership and crimes, cause and effect dynamic in gun debate, preventing tyranny, private ownership of high-powered weapons
14:15 Guns control: Bill Whittle’s ‘Number One With A Bullet’, gun and crime statistics, 2007 Harvard Study on gun ownership, the gun problem vs the murder problem, freedom and force, gays as victims, evidence on the road to tyranny
30:50 Sinful thinking: tacit approval of the social order, choosing to think, denying one’s nature, homosexuality accepted as evil, refusing to think, submission to authority, religion as philosophy, more freedom through more thinking
42:45 Heaven on earth: Paul McKeever’s ‘Virtue of Sin and The Great Satan’, misconceptions about religion and freedom, religious beliefs conflict with what the religious practice, sinning in the cause of freedom, do your own thinking, consensual sinning, immature religions, politics and religion, rationality as the good 59:42 END