Aug 252016


00:03 The New Left’s lost causes: The New Left, a brief history of the left and post-modernism, disowning history, discarding defined values for undefined values, social justice, hollow definitions, old left vs new left, no causes – just venues, ignoring failures in history, distorting political labels, the new elite, yellow journalism, collapse of trust in institutions, no debate in news media
15:20 Inconvenient histories: motives for abandonment of history, civilization’s precious trust, historic eras, a track record of failure, a coming revolt against the New Left, Europeans rise against multiculturalism, Donald Trump, Brexit, rejecting the current culture
28:35 Simply revolting: revolutions – pro and con, establishment thinking, revolting against tyranny, superficial revolts, Arab Spring, revolution in thinking and culture, the abandonment of thinking, clear definitions as essential for clear thinking, no coherent ideology behind Trump, risking a negative future
46:20 Reason’s Reconstruction: constructive political responses, democracy is rough and tumble, politics is personal, respecting differences and drawing lines, tolerance is an advance on respect, re-learning critical thinking, the assault on reason, the tests of reason and faith, embracing causes as self-identity, the necessity of judgement and debate 59:42 END

Aug 182016

Trump Tower

00:03 Sounds presidential: doers vs talkers, causes of intense hostility to Donald Trump, personal achievement, the talkers – media politicians academia, Trump as doer, Trump as talker, builders, Howard Roark – the Fountainhead, accomplished reputations, professional politicians, politicians who are just talkers, talking as doing, Sophists and sophistry, Robert Stanfield vs Pierre Trudeau on wage and price controls, Brian Mulroney, ground zero approval ratings
17:40 Talking points: evidence of doers vs talkers, parsing Trump, Trump’s policies, immigration, economy, foreign policy, talking as a means vs as an end, talking as a lead to action, demos, democratic politics, criticizing the people through criticizing Trump, contrast in accomplishments – Hillary Clinton, personal wealth – privately earned vs taxpayer paid, closed circle of talkers
31:35 The FountainBeheaded: critical opposition, Trump accused of calling for violence, Second Amendment supporters, talkers projecting their own faults, doers vs ‘don’ters’, diminishing achievements, avoiding greatness, envy, the levelers, the idea of greatness, the candy floss of words
45:05 Populism as pejorative: historic context in American politics, founding fathers as doers, serving the people with a vocation outside politics, term limits, growing political class, Canadian populism, Rob Ford as the people’s choice, accomplished outside of politics, populism as pejorative, political participation rates
59:42 END

Aug 112016

Iran Nuclear Program

00:03 TerroRising trends: explosion of lone terrorists, changing terrorist tactics, terrorism’s means and ends, terrorism’s differing forms and objectives, psychology of terrorists, motives behind terrorism, grey borders of terrorism, organized crime, protest, violence vs terrorism
14:15 Go indoctrinate yourself: differing penalties for differing motivations, legal responses to convicted terrorists, ideology’s influence on terrorists, religious belief – faith – doubt, comparative religious violence, ISIS and Al Qaeda, successful prevention of terrorism, self indoctrination, the dark web
28:55 Nuclear chaos? nuclear terrorist threat, seventy years without nuclear warfare, weapons of mass destruction, chemical and biological weapons, technical revolutions, history’s account of ideologues in control of the state, a changing world of violent actors, distracted by terrorism, taking all security threats seriously
43:40 Paper tigers and straw men: climate change – the distraction, avoiding real environmental problems, destructive ideology of the left, fighting paper tigers and straw men, illusory progress, blind governments as an obstruction to safety, full-spectrum threats, arming the public, emergency preparedness, Swiss model vs Texas model, arming individuals, creating a safety culture 59:42 END

Aug 042016

The Big Picture

00:00 Expertly fooled on climate change: climate experts on climate experts – not on climate, experts vs generalists, experts as pixel hunters, expert as pejorative, infallibility of experts
15:30 Generally speaking about experts: poor expert results on predictions, climate change economists, big picture view vs pixel view, the politics and economics of carbon taxation, generalist vs specialist, Earth Venus Mars
32:55 Putting climate change arguments under water: changing sea levels, land levels, a disappearing Pacific Ocean, tectonic subduction, volcanic subsidence, isostatic rebound in the northern hemisphere, CO2 comparisons – Venus-Earth-Mars
49:45 Warming to global warming: more heat in – more radiation out, greenhouse defect, life’s impact on climate, reflections on sunlight, CO2 is beneficial to life, Jurassic Period, today’s climate as good as it gets 59:42 END

Jul 282016

white house

00:03 Fear and loathing in America: Donald Trump as US presidential candidate, a polarized election, Why Trump defeated Ted Cruz, constitutionalism vs principle, Robert’s personal election parallel to the Trump-Cruz debate, Trump’s political history over the decades, Trump’s new audience – the American people
15:25 Trump acceptance: Little fault in Trump’s acceptance speech, Trump’s policies and objectives, Trump as a plain talker, radical Islam, gay rights, Trump as the non-politician, America’s slide back into racism, political correctness
26:25 Trumps action plan: National Post against Trump, literal politics, a review of Donald Trump’s key issues, giving back to the country, fixing the rigged economic system, schools failing American children, putting America first, ending special interest monopolies, globalism – pro and con, fears of protectionism, energy production, Obama care, tax reform
43:35 Feedback – polite and not so polite: feedback and letters from Just Right’s listeners, racist accusations against Just Right, feedback not fit to publish, over-representation in the prison population, shortwave listeners from around the world 59:42 END

Jul 212016

Donald Trump - GOP Entrance

00:03 Zeus among mortals: Donald Trump’s inevitable GOP nomination, closing chapter of the Vietnam generation, failed presidents, Salim Mansur’s July 17 American Thinker article, 1976 GOP parallels, history’s unintended consequences, detente
15:00 History’s struggle for memory: unintended consequences and unforeseen consequences, political insights through the Homeric Tales, parallels in Greece and Turkey, Ronald Reagan’s intended and unintended consequences, Saudi Arabia’ s active role in 9/11, Trump vs the establishment, America’s embrace of Islamism, Shah of Iran, inertia of the cold war policies
31:30 An unexceptional presidency: contrast in leadership – Trump vs Obama, Obama’s war on American exceptionalism, Obama as the most divisive president on race relationships, Obama’s embrace of Black Lives Matter, Obama’s support of Islamists, Chilcot Report on Tony Blair’s Iraq Invasion, Jean Chretien’s hypocritical retrospect on Iraq
47:55 Establishing the new Establishment: Brexit, gap between the people and the establishment, globalism’s borderless world, the abandonment of nation states, global rejection of the elites, Brexit vote as a reassertion of national identity and control, Islamist terrorism in Nice France – Orlando – Turkey, mainstream media’s disconnect with the people, Trump’s ghostwriter of his 1987 Art of the Deal 59:42 END