Nov 262015

Balanced Broadcasting


00:03 Suspended! CHRW continuing on-air suspension of Just Right, political correctness on campus, a brief review of circumstances leading to show suspension, Just Right 419, the Syrian refugee crISIS
10:30 Held in suspense: a question of balance, taking the right out of Just Right, the complaint cited for Just Right’s CHRW suspension, CRTC complaint threat, no reasons yet for suspension, circumstances of Just Right’s suspension, shame on the complainant, alternate views are not right, how the racist label prevents discussion
28:40 The right balance: academic justice, taboo topics – feminism and Islam, our history of complaint concerns, balancing the unbalancable, political interests hiding behind complaint process, early threats of balance directed towards Just Right, John Thompson – guest threat, volunteers with no rights – just responsibility, picking the right guests
48:20 Guest who’s not coming? risks of inviting left-wing guests, past history of leftist debating tactics, Tim Carrie – London District Labour Council – no show on Just Right, our next step for freedom of speech 59:42 END

Nov 192015


00:03 Marchons, marchons!: Islamist attacks on Paris, political Islam, symbolism of the French flag, symbol of surrender and capitulation, literalists of the Koran, denying rational suspicions while stressing irrational suspicions, defining the enemy, enabling causes of Islamist violence, perfect storm for cultural collapse, ideas rule the world, the collective vs the individual, compliance to authority, shockingly lethal Submission
18:40 Submit to reason: the Fourth Reich, pressure to comply and submit, race is the collective, racist accusations represent submission to the collective, the true racists – campus activists, sympathy for Muslims, French national anthem
28:10 CBC no evil: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – terrorism enabler, suspicious of Christians but cautious of blaming Islamists, denial of evil, denial of discussion, distractions from the evil, war of ideas, terrorism’s after-effects
40:15 Islam: the elephant in the room: John Thompson CBC interview, John Rhys-Davies on Islam, Western cultural values, political correctness, incompatibility of sharia law with democracy, fighting ideas with ideas, Ayn Rand’s call for rational ethics
59:22 END — promo to 59:42

Nov 122015

Village of the Damned


00:03 Campus blahs: Yale campus disturbance, inter-cultural affairs committee letter on Halloween costumes, theory vs practice
13:10 Progressive deformity: zero tolerance for free speech on campus, John Dewey, Ayn Rand’s Comprachicos,deformity for political suppression, disconnecting the mind from reality through progressive education, anti-cognition as the standard of education, from structure and discipline to chaos and disorder, student activists as the modern comprachicos, abandonment of reason in favour of force
28:25 The failure of success: Harry Dent’s great re-set, predicting economic crashes, engineered destruction of capitalism in America, David Stockman, ‘Irrational Economics Summit’, government enterprises as successful failures
40:50 The success of failure: the economic re-set, no political re-set, inflation’s attractions, irrational fears of deflation, the relativity of inflation, quantitative easing, recognizing the crisis, system of socialism vs conditions of capitalism, ends and means 55:18 : END — promo to 59:42

Nov 052015

In God We Trust


00:07 Mission Just Right: co-host trust issues, WBCQ 5.110 MHz, Paul Lambert, American and Canadian culture, eternal issues of humanity
13:15 Smile when you say freedom: Marni Soupcoff’s Sunny Side of Liberty, vaping for freedom, pitfalls of selling freedom, partisan and non-partisan freedom movements
26:25 Busting the trust culture: GOP Debate – Ted Cruz, fourth estate, biased media, declining trust in the media, Democratic media, trust issues, trust but verify, how government can be trusted – according to its nature, moral and cultural relativism
44:00 Common trust: intuition as cognition, trust in the commons, cultures of mistrust, clergy, politicians, media 54:27 END – promo to 59:42

Oct 292015

Stop Harper


00:03 Left and Right – A comparison: characteristics of the left, media reaction to Canadian federal election results, leftists vs rightists, contrast in print – Toronto Star vs National Post
15:25 Star of the Left: Toronto Star editorial on Harper’s electoral loss, assertions of ‘misgovernance’, the left’s expressions of revulsion against Harper, characterizing the left as petty and vindictive, the left has no class
32:30 Our political culture of corruption: the West’s crisis of corruption, Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne and the teachers’ unions, forms of corruption, consequences of corruption, against what standard, examples of systemic corruption in political practice
48:30 Voting for corruption by corrupting the vote: the ideology of the non-ideological, contradiction as corruption, ‘war of ideology’, solving the problem of Canadian democracy, majority rule as an end rather than means, pragmatism, ideology matters, choosing between right and wrong, the contradiction of ‘non-partisanship’ and proportional representation 1:04:58 END

Oct 222015

Magna Carta


00:04 No electoral shock: better a Liberal majority than minority, implications of proportional representation
08:35 Cultural MisAppropriation: defining Canada’s culture, quantifying the common social traits of Canadians, common ways of life, national diversions, transitory cultures, multicultures as evidence of freedom of choice, freedom is what defines Canada’s culture, England’s seeds of freedom, a freedom culture, Magna Carta
26:00 Freedom culture: principles independent of space and time, CBC as a vital part of Canadian culture, sect 27 of Charter of Rights and Freedoms, multiculturalism vs a single culture shared by all, cultural change at Playboy Magazine
47:35 Putting Uber Unter: taxi monopolies threatened, London England’s Uber equalization plan, nature of literal equality, public interest, why the sharing economy isn’t about sharing
1:00:23 END