Feb 042016

Infernal Revenuers
00:03 Presumptuous Causes: feedback on cause and effect, ‘snapshots of the continuum’, events and causes in historical accounts, progressive thinking, Alberta’s drift to progressivism
13:15 Winning a debate by ending it: “Ecojustice” vs Friends of Science, global warming, climate change, freedom of speech, Calgary and Edmonton billboard campaign, Competition Bureau, censoring the debate, the ‘denier’ label, the nature of censorship, truth as the victim of censorship, Doomsday Clock, end-of-the-world predictions
31:30 Moral relativism’s relevancy: Roger Scruton on moral relativism, shared values, reality and God, progressive lack of external truths, comparing Objectivists and conservatives, nihilism’s imposing imperatives, nihilism’s contradiction, atheism’s variances
44:35 Proper tax: Roger Scruton’s conservative realization, common values, feedback from Liam on property taxes, preferable forms of taxation, land value tax, asset sales, selling the sales tax
59:42 END

Jan 282016

John MacMurray

00:03 Just Wrote: feedback from Paul T – Murray – Rob – Trevor, our WBCQ sponsor Paul Lambert, skepticism, cause of feedback, cause of ship, introducing the four causal modalities – Formal – Material – Efficient – Final
17:15 No time for cause: integrated knowledge vs retention of facts, motivation of the left, John Macmurray on cause, natural law, the continuant, law of nature as pattern of continuance, time and the present, Leonard Peikoff on cause, entities vs actions, time travel fantasies
33:20 Necessity of choice: the inefficiency of efficient cause, cause vs motivation, from facts and stats to knowledge, significant knowledge, knowledge as source of morality and ethics, choice and knowledge
44:25 The sum of your experiences: life as an end in itself, predictions vs intentions, be cause, knowledge and eternity, first cause, God, existence
59:42 END

Jan 212016

talking tree

00:03 Commune-Ism: resurgence of back-to-nature culture, rejection of modernity-reason-capitalism, Wicca culture, tribalism and the rejection of Western values, contrasting cultures and music of the late 1960s, Don Van Vliet, Captain Beefheart, Mel Tillis,
17:30 Natural harmonies: communing with nature, personification of nature, personification of ‘society’, technology’s communing with nature, ‘Nature to be commanded must be obeyed,’ human nature
27:15 Profound questions: truth defined, truth predates human history, feedback from Murray, same facts – different conclusions, how can we know the truth, knowledge vs belief, philosophy and epistemology, accusations of arrogance, metaphysics, a question of truth
44:25 Certainly true: Truth vs facts, causal modalities – first-material-efficient-final, search not for truth but for reality, John Macmurray on thought without purpose, knowledge for knowledge’s sake as a relapse into unreality, necessary significance and purpose of knowledge, divorcing knowledge from action, educate in reality, fear of being wrong, fact determines truth, the importance of clear definitions 59:40 End

Jan 142016

George Jonas

00:03 Bye George! in praise of George Jonas, National Post, journalism, Jonas on immigration as invasion, competing identities of the new immigrants, Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy, Jonas the poet, aboriginal science, ideological fanatics in universities, Jonas on international courts
15:55 The right vocabulary: terms of experience, losing our understanding of culture and politics, Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz, a vocabulary of freedom, freedom misunderstood, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, Freedom Party of Ontario, freedom in a political context, freedom is not freedom from government, right and rights are moral concepts, individual rights – not group rights, no such thing as animal rights, Constitutional rights vs natural rights
28:47 Corruption of justice: Bill Cosby charges, still innocent until proven guilty, feminist Megan Walker, feminist Gloria Allred, allegations vs the known facts, fourteen things you should know about the Cosby controversy, affirmative consent is an anti-concept, principle of justice under attack
49:35 Many women do lie: a brief review of a few Cosby allegers, Gloria Allred’s legal strategy and political objectives, Cosby’s defence, Cosby’s counter-suits, the judgment vacuum 59:42 END

Jan 072016


00:03 No great expectations: speculating on 2016 and beyond, 2013 Bill Whittle commentary
06:50 Expectation disintegration: promoting despair and malaise about the future, longing for a garden of Eden, human infallibility, the no hope philosophy, cultural nihilism, post-modernist culture, political narcissism, political trends, time to revolt against political correctness, distinguishing between society and the individual, achievements of past generations, teaching history as a continuum, deconstruction of values, cultural decontextualization, information – knowledge – wisdom, cultural stories, the cult of envy, destroying values to destroy differences, hatred of the good for being the good, tolerance of intolerance
31:45 Cultural fragmentation: Justin Trudeau, lost capacity to make reasonable judgements, Liberal Party platform, Trudeau as Canada’s hollow man, Trudeau the counter-intellectual, spirit of the times, one world government agenda, nation state concepts, using environmentalism as the means to defeat capitalism, defending or defeating human nature, multi-culturalism is the immigration crisis, cultural fragmentation
53:30 Our cause – freedom: personal-cultural-societal values, necessity of values for a freedom culture, values create Western culture 57:07 END — Promo to 59:42

Dec 312015

00:03 Opening the line to public discourse: influence of open line talk shows, spoken word vs talk, Andy Oudman on cross border shopping, promoting the general welfare through self interest, wealth creation, will Trudeau get elected?
11:10 It’s in the mail…: taxes, jobs, Canada Post’s mail monopoly, ending door to door delivery, technology the challenge to Canada Post, privatize mail delivery, Kellogg’s survival, biting the hand that feeds, community mail boxes
24:20 Officially complacent: reconciling Islamist terrorism with Muslim immigration, Tarek Fatah, Salim Mansur, vigilance not intolerance, appropriate response to Montreal attack, political Islam’s open and stated objectives, avoid political correctness, a war has been declared upon the West, ideological conversions, radicalization of Islamist terror, Western society penetrated by Muslim Brotherhood
42:00 Triple play on governance-voting-democracy: fining or rewarding the vote, voting is not democracy, voting a right-not a duty, obtaining a false sense of consent through the forced vote, democracy about equality under the law, informed voter responsibility, buying your vote through advertising, purpose of political advertising, government expanding beyond governance 59:42 END