Jan 202018

As public anger and resentment grows over ever smaller and insignificant issues, it appears that the West is indulging in a form of cultural masochism. In other words, Western Culture is destroying itself from within – a clear symptom of Leftist influences.

Do many on the Left truly have a death wish? Given the evidence, It’s a question that’s being asked more and more these days. The masochistic trend seemed to have passed a tipping point on the internal threat to our own culture with last summer’s Charlottesville riots, but that may only have been one marking point in a chain of events that continue to expose the Left’s true objectives.

Above all, there is a conscious and deliberate effort on the part of the Left to prevent knowledge of Western culture, by misrepresenting Western values, context, and history. That’s understandable, since Western values and the success of Western culture continually disprove Leftist ideologies.

Unfortunately, the Left’s sinister strategy has been working. It has gained an upper hand in the West by creating a climate of ignorance and misinformation that falsely lends Leftist ideology some appearance of credibility. For example, most public school systems in North America no longer teach their own history in context, thus attempting to make issues like slavery and racism relevant in an environment where they no longer exist (while conveniently ignoring them where they do exist – in the world’s Leftist jurisdictions).

Whether the West will survive the Left’s hatred of life without a radical counter-revolution or major conflict is something that remains to be seen. But both Danielle and Robert agree that the failure on the part of the West to define and promote Western principles are at the root of the problem. And that is why, in contrast, creating awareness of these principles is also at the root of doing what is Just Right to correct it.

Jan 182018

Saul Alinsky

As the author of 1971’s Rules For Radicals, were he alive today, Saul Alinsky would no doubt be pleased to see his own radical views and tactics resulting in progress for those on the Left – particularly his beloved Democratic Party.

Some of the Alinsky symptoms:

  • increased violence during political rallies
  • the growing intolerance of differing views on campuses
  • the polarization of political forces along lines of racism and the haves and have nots
  • the manufacture of fake news, and much more
  • All of these symptoms reflect the “rules” outlined in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Many attribute today’s decline in civilized political discourse directly to Saul Alinsky. His book has been often cited as a reason for the successes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    As we share the opinions of Dinesh D’Souza, David Alinsky, and Ralph Benko as heard during a July 20/17 C-SPAN debate about Saul Alinsky’s radical rules, the controversy begins with the book’s opening epigram dedicated to the “first radical” – Lucifer. (After all, it is to Lucifer’s kingdom that the Leftward road of good intentions leads.) Continue reading »

    Jan 142018

    2017 Solar Eclipse

    It’s one of those editorial items that Ayn Rand might have cited in what she called her “horror file,” those news stories and commentaries of her day that best illustrated America’s deteriorating intellectual and moral climate.

    The trend continues. From the pages of Atlantic Magazine, in an August 18, 2017 commentary by Alice Ristroph (American Blackout), came the argument that the pending solar eclipse was, in effect, a racist eclipse.

    “It’s pure lunacy,” says Robert Vaughan in his conversation with Danielle. “This is insanity. This is not sane. The author would, in past, have been placed in an asylum.”

    Worse, the loony commentary appeared in a supposedly credible media source.

    With the media “lens of the Left” so intensely focused on real and imagined incidents of racism, the then-pending eclipse was overshadowing their stream of anti-Trump stories. So why not turn the lunar event into a racist metaphor to protest Trump’s America? That, according to Danielle, is how the Atlantic Magazine’s editorial comes across, particularly given its political content.

    It’s a fascinating look into the dismal minds of those who are constantly focused on race and group identity. What is continually being “eclipsed” is logic and reason. That’s why the superficial and associative thinking of the Left will always be incompatible with what is Just Right.

    Jan 112018

    The Know Ledge

    At what point does it become necessary to actually “know” things about certain issues or topics? When is it ok just to leave the details to the “experts“? It’s a practical question that is fundamentally based on individual responsibility.

    It is also a question that has bedeviled Professor Christopher Essex, theoretical physicist and mathematician with the Department of Applied Mathematics at Western University. As one of the pioneers of climate change computer modeling, his skepticism about the political climate that has arisen around this field of study has fallen mostly on deaf ears.

    Understandably, when it comes to the details of science and technology, most people will defer to the experts. But there comes a point when leaving it to the experts may in fact be quite detrimental to those affected.

    Having reached the point at which the responsibility to know falls squarely on those who need to know, a decision must be made. Shall we continue to rely on opinions and “expertise” that does not seem to be consistent or realistic, or shall we finally take the leap from the ledge of ignorance and embrace the technicalities of knowledge? Continue reading »

    Jan 072018

    Harvey Weinstein

    Once you have a phenomenon like the “Weinstein Effect” named after you, it’s pretty obvious that the phenomenon itself is not about you. It’s about a pattern, in this case a social pattern exhibiting itself in the society of the rich and famous. Even Donald Trump is being accused of suffering from the Weinstein effect.

    As described by Wikipedia: “The Weinstein effect is a global trend in which people come forward to accuse famous or powerful people, mostly men, of sexual misconduct. The term came into use to describe a worldwide wave of these allegations that began in the United States in October 2017, when media outlets reported on numerous sexual abuse allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein. Described as a ‘tipping point’ or ‘watershed moment’, it precipitated a ‘national reckoning’ against sexual harassment. USA Today wrote that 2017 was the year in which ‘sexual harassment became a fireable offense’.”

    What makes many of the sex scandal stories surfacing in the media suspicious are many of the other factors at play that get no air play.

    Most significantly, since when are “sexual assault,” “inappropriate behavior,” “misconduct” and “rape” all considered equally serious? These are extraordinarily different acts, and the failure to distinguish clearly between has many negative consequences. Continue reading »

    Jan 042018


    Still suffering from the Trump Derangement Syndrome, North America’s “establishment” media during 2017 continued to misrepresent the president at every opportunity. Why? (1) To discredit Donald Trump, and, (2) To cover up the real scandals in the Democratic camp, many that are criminal and treasonous in nature.

    As the establishment news media continues to disseminate “fake news” as its means of opposing Trump and hiding self-evident truths, it’s always refreshing to have Salim Mansur join us for a real news update. U.S. President Donald Trump has already accomplished more during his first year in office than most presidents accomplish within their entire mandates, notes Salim.

    For example, it took Donald Trump to finally execute America’s long-standing policy of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s legitimate capital city. It took Donald Trump to decisively defeat ISIS, the terrorist group that was aided and abetted by the policies of the previous American administration. It took Donald Trump to enact the always-promised-but-never-delivered tax-cuts for Americans. It took Donald Trump to deregulate America beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Under Donald Trump, the American economy is once again booming as it has not done in decades.

    Trump has not only put America first; he is also advising other nations to do the same by encouraging them to similarly act in their own best interests. Continue reading »

    Dec 312017

    The Argument Sketch

    Have you ever had the feeling that some of your personal “arguments” with friends and acquaintances begin to polarize along what appear to be political divisions of Left and Right?

    Take any disagreement, and one side may be right and the other wrong. Or, both sides may be wrong. Or, both sides might be correct – but “arguing” in differing contexts.

    However, when facts and feelings are in conflict, watch out! And when one side in an argument uses facts to support a case, then the opposition often retorts that facts are “uncaring” and therefore, they “care” and the other side doesn’t. Which to them, is a winning argument.

    “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” notes Danielle noting Ben Shapiro. You don’t have to be mean or uncaring just by insisting on sticking to the facts, she “argues” in this discussion with Robert Vaughan. Unfortunately, facts may be facts, but often do not relate to what one side in an argument sees as being relevant.

    It may well be that the very nature of “argument” makes it impossible to have one in a way that “feels” Just Right for all sides.

    Dec 242017

    Merry Christmas! For Christians and non-Christians alike, Christmas is that time of year for reflection, introspection, and for being a season that preserves the tradition of goodwill towards mankind.

    Not a Christian invention, the practice of giving gifts, getting together with family and friends, and celebrating the birth of a new life brought into the world are universal values, enshrined by the Christmas season and shared by all peoples of goodwill.

    Those very qualities can also be a source of great stress, as the absence of loved ones unable to share the season with us for various reasons become associated with a positive spirit and a great time of year.

    Within the greater Christmas tradition also exist many differing personal traditions of the season. These include varying celebrations of family events, to the different music played and movies that are watched and re-watched faithfully as personal reflections of the meaning of Christmas.

    Whatever your tradition at this time of year, this conversation between Danielle and Robert will affirm that when it comes to Christmas, there is no one way to celebrate Christmas that is Just Right.


    [Just Right, with Bob Metz and Robert Vaughan will resume its new weekly broadcasts in the new year. Until then, be right, stay right, do right, act right, think right, and be right back here!]