Oct 202016

Robert Creamer

Could Donald Trump have been Just Right when insisting that the US election was being rigged?

The release this past Monday by Project Veritas Action, chronicling ‘straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth’ testimonies from the very people admitting to rigging the process, would certainly suggest so.

Already seen by millions of people within the first few days of its release on Youtube, the fact that the Democratic Party is indeed rigging the election can no longer be denied. It’s now documented, capable of being seen by any wishing to witness the sordid testimonies.

Yet, it is but one small fact among many. Together with many other known facts (including the Democratic platform itself), the fact of rigging elections supports a much greater and deeply sinister truth. Continue reading »

Oct 132016

Trump Access Hollywood

To say that Donald Trump was treated unfairly, unjustly, and disrespectfully during the second US presidential debate would be a gross understatement. Yet many disagree.

Even though the debate was among the most watched in American history (thanks to the presence of Trump) the vast majority of people nevertheless did not watch it. They are unfortunately relying on what they read and hear in the mainstream media – commentaries and reactions that would suggest that the media itself did not watch the debate.

From Globe and Mail columnist John Doyle’s “douchey” review of Donald Trump’s performance, to the myriad of distracted progressives in the media, journalism’s abandonment of its traditional function and status as the “fourth estate” appears all but over. Today’s mainstream “journalists” are increasingly dedicated to misinformation, disinformation, unbridled emotional frenzy and hatreds, and above all, dedicated to lies disguised as “facts.” That’s why Hillary Clinton loves “fact checking.” She knows that “facts” are the best way to obscure truths.

Like flies that keep banging their heads against the glass they cannot see, progressives of the left and right alike find themselves banging their heads against a force they refuse to see: the forces of reality about to visit their agendas of unreality. In this presidential election, Donald Trump represents that force. Continue reading »

Oct 062016


“What is Aleppo?” asked US Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson when questioned by CNN about his stand on the Syrian city. His honest question could have easily been asked by most Americans and Canadians alike.

Aleppo, of course, is the Syrian city currently at the epicenter of today’s middle-east conflicts. From daily news accounts of the violence, the streams of refugees pouring out into Europe and now to North America, and of the growing polarization over immigration policies, the West is faced with a crisis that few Western leaders seem to comprehend. As a consequence, many Western leaders end up making matters even worse.

With America and Russia at odds over the Assad regime, many have good reason to fear that a conflict much larger than the one in Syria may erupt. Syria’s problems have become the world’s problems, and the world’s problems may well be soon revisited upon Syria.

Just as many might justifiably stumble over the question “What is Aleppo?”, so too most would not be able to answer another key question that bears on events much closer to home: “Who is America’s best presidential candidate for peace?”

Answer: Donald Trump. Indeed, America’s direct involvement in Syria could be a thing of the past if U.S. president Donald Trump has his way. Continue reading »

Sep 292016

Justin Trudeau

In his September 20 address to the United Nations General Assembly, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed perversely fixated on something he called “diversity.”

As Canada’s representative before the U.N., the picture he painted of his country was not a flattering one. In Canada, explained Trudeau, people his own age “find it tough to make ends meet, even when working full time.

“Young Canadians,” he continued, “told me they couldn’t get a job because they don’t have work experience, and they don’t have work experience because they don’t have a job.”

Then as if describing some uncivilized corner of the world, Trudeau announced that “Women and girls still face inequality in the workplace and violence – just because they are women – even in a progressive country like Canada.” Just for good measure, Trudeau made a point of mentioning “the shamefully continuing marginalization of Canada’s indigenous peoples.”

With the balance of his message focused on opening Canada’s doors to the world’s refugees Trudeau then turned his attention to the “anxiety” caused by his government’s ‘diversity’ policies. “Our leaders are faced with citizens’ anxiety.” In order to allay the anxiety “we need to create economic growth that is broadly shared. Continue reading »

Sep 222016

pole dancer

Are some people happy to be sad? There appears to be much evidence that this is so. Sadly, misery loves company.

Sadder still, today’s political trend is one that will soon provide more company for misery. Misery also loves the left.

The political pursuit of misery is a reality and comes in many forms. Misery is delivered with the fulfilled promises of socialism, communism, fascism, progressivism, theocracy, anarchy, fighting climate change, and other something-for-nothing fantasies sold as political ideals.

Of course, what’s really being pursued by those doing the ‘pursuing’ is power; misery is merely the price suffered by the body politic for that pursuit.

The trail of sadness left in the wake of these false ideologies permeates the cultures and the minds of the individuals who both willingly and unwillingly become its victims. From hope to hopelessness, from meaningful purpose to meaninglessness, and from prosperity to mere subsistence and existence, the direction of our current political trends is not even denied by those who advocate them. Continue reading »

Sep 152016


‘PEOPLE BEFORE’ PROPHETS: Are you buying all the bull about capitalism? Or are you buying all the bull about socialism?

One of the more popular manifestations of the misguided debate is the often spouted slogan, which is strongly believed by virtually all those on the left, and meekly accepted by most right-wingers: “People Before Profit.”

“People before profit” is an evil idea, and is no philosophy.

It is a call for outright theft and expropriation, plain and simple. It cannot possibly mean anything else and should be morally condemned whenever encountered.

The desire to live without effort at the forced expense of others is at the root of all the world’s evils. Whether called socialism, communism, fascism, or progressivism, It is humanity’s most self-destructive tendency. From slavery to war, and all social and political evils in between, that evil desire turned into action is and has been the cause of untold misery and sorrow.

Capitalism is the only economic condition that rejects this moral premise. “Thou shalt not steal” is among the essential operative principles of capitalism. Continue reading »