Sep 222016

pole dancer

Are some people happy to be sad? There appears to be much evidence that this is so. Sadly, misery loves company.

Sadder still, today’s political trend is one that will soon provide more company for misery. Misery also loves the left.

The political pursuit of misery is a reality and comes in many forms. Misery is delivered with the fulfilled promises of socialism, communism, fascism, progressivism, theocracy, anarchy, fighting climate change, and other something-for-nothing fantasies sold as political ideals.

Of course, what’s really being pursued by those doing the ‘pursuing’ is power; misery is merely the price suffered by the body politic for that pursuit.

The trail of sadness left in the wake of these false ideologies permeates the cultures and the minds of the individuals who both willingly and unwillingly become its victims. From hope to hopelessness, from meaningful purpose to meaninglessness, and from prosperity to mere subsistence and existence, the direction of our current political trends is not even denied by those who advocate them. Continue reading »

Sep 152016


‘PEOPLE BEFORE’ PROPHETS: Are you buying all the bull about capitalism? Or are you buying all the bull about socialism?

One of the more popular manifestations of the misguided debate is the often spouted slogan, which is strongly believed by virtually all those on the left, and meekly accepted by most right-wingers: “People Before Profit.”

“People before profit” is an evil idea, and is no philosophy.

It is a call for outright theft and expropriation, plain and simple. It cannot possibly mean anything else and should be morally condemned whenever encountered.

The desire to live without effort at the forced expense of others is at the root of all the world’s evils. Whether called socialism, communism, fascism, or progressivism, It is humanity’s most self-destructive tendency. From slavery to war, and all social and political evils in between, that evil desire turned into action is and has been the cause of untold misery and sorrow.

Capitalism is the only economic condition that rejects this moral premise. “Thou shalt not steal” is among the essential operative principles of capitalism. Continue reading »

Sep 082016

Kathleen Wynne as Devil

DEVILI$H FUNDING: “I’m the detail,” said the devil, who always liked to Wynne.
That “detail” fairly sums up the real story behind all the fuss about political party financing in Ontario.

“The devil is in the details,” and Ontario’s Bill 201 (Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016), introduced by Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne‘s Liberal government to combat “political corruption” through financial “transparency“, certainly confirms it.

Bill 201, ostensibly about “election” finance reform, is also about something else entirely. It contains a host of devilish details that no one in the mainstream media has brought to anyone’s attention.

Far from offering any meaningful transparency to combat the corruption in her own government, the Liberal bill broadens the Ontario government’s power and jurisdiction to an alarming degree.

The state will be able to control and regulate not just the electoral process and rules, but all political debate and expression – by anyone – even outside of election periods and when there are no electoral contests. Continue reading »

Sep 012016


From the absurd, like invisible sculpture, to the unthinkable, like war, irrationality always tends to drift towards some form of nihilism and destruction – assuming it hasn’t already reached that point.

Using examples encompassing metaphysics to aesthetics, today’s Just Right opens with a lighter look at some of the outrageous “you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up” defective philosophical thinking that has surfaced in news accounts from the sixties to the present. It’ll make you smile. It’ll make you frown.

Whether the creation of “vagina egg art” or a proposal to have euthanasia vans drive around the country to help alleviate the problem of having “too many old people,” these examples represent some of the intellectual trends of the day. Frighteningly, the defective thinking behind such views is really no different than the current thinking behind today’s greatest political fad: so-called ‘climate change,’ and the outrageous political policies it has justified.

During the second half of today’s Just Right, the term ‘fight or flight’ takes on a new meaning when considering the fifth generation jet fighters like the F-22 Raptor or its latest incarnation, the F-35.

Much confusion has reigned in Canada around Prime Minister Trudeau‘s initial rejection of purchasing the F-35 as ‘the’ fighter jet to update Canada’s air defence. The confusion is understandable, given how much the story has changed over the past few months and how little is actually known about the particulars. Continue reading »

Aug 252016


DANGEROUS TALK: The Left (that political array of communists, fascists, socialists, Democrats, New Democrats, Liberals and collectivists) continues to force us down a path that would betray “civilizations precious trust,” in the words of John Thompson of the Strategic Capital Intelligence Group. John once again joins us in studio on today’s Just Right, this time for a discussion about a necessary history lesson – about history.

Paradoxically, with each success of the ‘left,’ the very problems the left campaigns against get worse. The increasing violence, confrontations, protests, hollow accusations of racism and sexism, environment-destroying environmentalism, and causes that always hide sinister goals and intentions, have taken a toll – with the greatest price being paid by the very people in who’s name the ’cause’ was fought.

With a track record of consistent failures, the Left is forced to deal with a very inconvenient history. It deals with that history by ignoring it. The best way to ‘ignore’ history is by fictionalizing it; and in so doing, evade and avoid knowledge of the root causes behind real historical events. You could say that ‘not talking’ about real causes is the cause of the left’s lost causes. Continue reading »

Aug 182016

Trump Tower

The FountainBeheaded: Is Donald Trump America’s Howard Roark?

That question suggests the symbolic theme behind our discussion with Western University’s associate professor of political science Salim Mansur, who describes Trump as a ‘doer,’ and suggests that Trump’s critics generally fall into the ‘talker’ camp.

We’re all heard the phrases before: “Talk is cheap.” “All Talk. No Action.” “Don’t tell me; show me.” “Small talk from a big mouth.” “Been there; done that. Wasn’t there; talked about that.” and of course, “Those who can, do; Those who can’t, teach.”

In Ayn Rand’s best-seller novel, The Fountainhead, the main character Howard Roark chooses to become the architect of his own fate and destiny. Though his path to greatness – as an architect – may not have been of his own making, his arrival at his chosen destination is the direct consequence of his own determination to take the necessary action to achieve his goal. Along the way, Roark is constantly trashed by the media, the politicians, and the academics – those who Salim would call “the talkers.” Continue reading »