Oct 192017


Believing that those on the Left are merely people of good will with opposing or differing opinions on the role of government, many are falsely led to believe that the Left is interested in an honest political debate and democratic consensus.

But this is simply not so.

The Left hates freedom, hates capitalism, hates Western values, and of course, hates everything that’s Just Right.

For the political Left, hate is, and always has been, the prime motivator. For the Left, violence is an acceptable means of “expressing free speech.” For the Left, principles don’t matter. For the Left, “When persuasion fails, just use force.” Continue reading »

Oct 122017

Star Trek Discovery

The debut of the latest Star Trek series, Discovery, has certainly produced some highly polarized views. It has even generated some controversies that may have more to do with Donald Trump’s “America First” policies than with Discovery’s story itself.

It’s difficult to deny that the strongest reactions to Discovery have been the negative ones – those from fans disappointed with what they saw in the series’ first three episodes – we included. It’s also difficult to deny that whether or not Star Trek Discovery is great entertainment depends upon the eye of the beholder.

But a greater question has arisen, one concerning the Law of Identity: Does Discovery “pass the Star Trek smell test”? Is it “Star Trek”? Are there any objective ways to decide? Does it even matter? Or is this simply another matter to be settled by the “eye of the beholder”?

As a barometer of the times in which its stories were broadcast, the world of Star Trek itself has become increasingly transformed from one of individual rights and individual identity (the hallmarks of a free society) to one of group rights and group identities, with all of the implications that each suggests. Continue reading »

Oct 052017


“I’m only twenty-five years old, and I don’t know anything about anything,” wisely chides our in-studio guest, Richard Raycraft.

That’s exactly why, as CHRW Radio’s (94.9 FM in London Ontario) News and Spoken Word Director who has a personal passion for the integrity of journalism, Richard likes to ask questions.

Having just completed a CBC radio documentary that has earned him acclaim, its subject matter is one in which Richard shares an additional passion beyond journalism: fighting against ISIS.

What would inspire someone like Richard to want to fight ISIS by joining a foreign militia? What was it that inspired two other young Canadians to do the same – and to lose their lives in the process? The answers to both questions are what merged as the theme of Richard’s documentary. Continue reading »

Sep 282017

Man with megaphone

“Hello darkness, my old friend…”

Though not yet law, Canada’s Motion 103 (M-103) (against “Islamophobia” and “systemic racism”) has an intent, warns Salim Mansur, Western University’s associate professor of political science.

“I would go as far as to say that in Canada we do not have free speech,” he laments. “What we have is regulated speech.

“In fact, in all of the Western nations except the United States, there is no free speech. There is regulated speech. It’s only in the United States that we come closest to the ideal of free speech because of the First Amendment.” Continue reading »

Sep 212017

Freedom of Speech

As predicted, the fallout from August 26th’s disgraceful “anti-hate” rally in downtown London Ontario is just beginning.

The big question now is this: Will this coming Saturday’s (September 23) next PEGIDA rally spark the same kind of response or will the city just simply attempt to ignore it?

OR: will Jenny Hill and PEGIDA get their much-deserved apology from the city?

Having been falsely accused by London’s mayor and most of the media of being “white supremacists” and “racists,” now that the truth is out, will those guilty of casting false accusations do the RIGHT thing or will they simply ignore reality and continue on their journey in the LEFT direction – and do the wrong thing?

As if that’s not enough to keep us all on the edge of our seats, what you’ll hear from our guests today, Mark Vandermaas of Israel Truth Week and Jenny Hill of PEGIDA, will no doubt be alarming to many – as well it should. Continue reading »

Sep 142017

greenhouse defect

Inconvenient truths about the ‘climate change’ debate

We call it the “Greenhouse Defect.” Take it literally. Take it figuratively. Works both ways.

In the politically driven debate about “fighting climate change,” the actual “science” surrounding climate and the earth’s environment is simply not relevant.

Just ask Chris Ballard, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. In his Sept 9 letter to the editor disputing a column by Lorrie Goldstein, Ballard wrote the following:

“As Ontario’s independent environmental Commissioner said in her annual report, ‘putting a price on carbon by itself would not be enough to achieve Ontario’s reduction targets… Ontario needs complementary emission reduction measures.’ Continue reading »