Feb 182018

“So we’re saying that” Jordan Peterson’s infamous Channel 4 interview with Cathy Newman is just one of the issues that John Otis and Scott (the Brick Wall) Williams-Oakes found was generating a lot of outrage. That outrage went both ways: those who were upset by Newman’s twisting everything that Peterson said to fit her own narrative, and those who were blaming Peterson for the vitriol and outrage aimed at Newman following her outrageous interview.

Also on John and Scott’s outrage meter this week are Ontario’s new minimum wage laws. These laws also generated outrage in two directions: the outrage expressed by the businesses forced to cope with the additional forced and artificial expense and the outrage felt by those angered when some businesses cut back on voluntary staff benefits in response.

Or how about the more fundamental and universal outrage felt by the Left who shout versions of ‘make the rich pay’ and argue that those who earn millions of dollars should be robbed because “no one works for $60 million.” Now that’s really outrageous!

And did you hear about the outrage expressed by both Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau and Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne over the fake ‘hijab attack’ story generated by an 11-year-old girl last month? Outrageous. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised when our top politicians are forced to rely on fake news stories – to support their fake values agendas.

Whatever form it takes, ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ is still an act of robbery. And for that reason alone, no Leftist ‘wealth redistribution’ schemes can ever be Just Right.

Feb 152018

Nunes Memo

Hot on the heels of the release of the ‘Nunes memo,’ Salim Mansur once again joins us to share an insight that both explains the incredible significance of its release, and offers a ‘who’s who‘ behind the illegalities and corrupt activities orchestrated by the Democratic Party against Donald Trump.

The ‘Nunes memo’ is named after Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) in the U.S. Congress, California representative Devin Nunes.

His January 18, 2018 memo to that committee summarized an “investigation update” on “significant facts relating to the Committee’s ongoing investigation into the DOJ and FBI and their use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) during the 2016 presidential election cycle.”

The memo was declassified by the order of the President on February 2, 2018. As always, the devil is in the details and with Salim connecting the dots, the story that unfolds tells a tale that dwarfs the infamous Watergate scandal, a story that compelled then-president Richard Nixon to resign. Continue reading »

Feb 112018

Even though there was never any cited complaint or concern expressed, the Toronto District School Board last October declared the word ‘chief’ as being an offensive term directed against aboriginal peoples.

“The word ‘chief’ is the world’s worst slur ever,” sarcastically jokes Danielle in this conversation with Robert Vaughan. After all, “the word means ‘leader’ – someone of honor – like the Commander in Chief of the United States!”

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that at a time when Donald Trump is Commander in Chief of the US military, that the term ‘chief’ should come under attack. It is precisely because it is meant as a term of honor and recognition, that the word is being expunged from the Toronto District School Board’s lexicon of acceptable terms.

One word at a time, the social engineers of the Left are destroying the essential principles of epistemology and the objective meaning of words and concepts.

“It’s a slow process calculated to erode our ability to think,” warns Danielle.

It so doing, the steady drip of irrationality becomes the means of wearing down our ability to resist all of the chiefs at the Toronto District School Board and in government.

There can no longer be any doubt that “the chief concern” of those manipulating language through prohibition is to prevent objective and rational thought. After all, only in this way is it possible to prevent the possibility of thinking – or acting – in a way that is Just Right.

Feb 082018


In the wake of Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown’s resignation due to anonymous allegations of sexual misconduct, the term “identity politics” has taken on a new – and valid – meaning. In this case, the “identity” in question concerns that of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party itself.

Falsely viewed by many as a party on the Right, it is no such thing. The confusion is somewhat understandable, given that the PC Party sits in ‘opposition’ to the ruling Liberal Party, a party most definitely on the Left, as is the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Unfortunately, opposition in the legislature does not mean opposition to the ideas, principles, philosophies, or political direction of the other parties. In every essential way, the philosophy and leadership of the Progressive Conservatives point to the Left.

There is, however, one significant difference between Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives and the other parties of the Left. Continue reading »

Feb 042018

The Last Jedi

Just Right Media is pleased to introduce THE AGE OF OUTRAGE, “a conversational look at selected topics in the news that most anger people,” featuring hosts John Otis and Scott (the Brick Wall) Williams-Oakes.

From the theater release of Star Wars the Last Jedi to the protests in Iran, John and Scott demonstrate that there’s plenty for people to get outraged about.

Calling the latest Star Wars saga “the most polarizing and divisive film” of the Star Wars franchise, Scott cites those who hated the film because the plot does not move in expected directions, which apparently upset a sector of the established fan base. The controversy rages.

Another outrageous circumstance has been the “deafening” Liberal media silence about the implications of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation trip, which now has led to his being found guilty of conflict of interest ethics violations. Continue reading »

Feb 012018


Whether or not the term “sh*thole countries” was actually used by US President Donald Trump, there is little question that he did use “strong language” to express his criticism of such countries. In so doing, Trump directly struck at his real target – the Leftist ideologies of those countries.

America’s Left responded with its usual defense: just shout “racism” and hopefully everyone will look the other way. This tired tactic is itself proof that the Left has no objective or honest case to make.

As our in-studio guest Salim Mansur demonstrates, those accusing Trump of “racism” are, in addition to being racist themselves, “far worse” than racists. They are, in effect, saying that sh*thole countries are the result of the racial makeup of those who live in them – and that the citizens of such countries should remain content to live in those countries.

Ironically, those shouting “racism” the loudest are the very people who support the ideologies of the countries Trump criticized – and therein lies the real story. Continue reading »

Jan 282018

Canadian Cop-Out

Talk about a group identity crisis! That’s exactly what Danielle and Robert do in this discussion about Canadian actor Donald Sutherland, who shamefully, has admitted to feeling shame and guilt – for being a white male.

Having appeared on NBC Today to promote his television series Ice, Sutherland related his experience with movie co-star Helen Mirren (The Leisure Seeker) who accused him of “being the most privileged person on earth” because Sutherland is a white male. Being seen as part of a group that is “mendacious, misogynist, bigots, racists” was, apparently, “appalling” to Sutherland.

But have no fear. Even though white and male, Donald Sutherland had an out: “I am a CANADIAN, and that’s what I am….” In so doing, Sutherland provided an example of how the collectivist mind progresses: from racism – to nationalism – to hypocrisy.

Shame on Donald Sutherland for being a Leftist (collectivist), which is the prerequisite for accepting group identities as the defining point of an individual’s character and achievements.

Shame on Donald Sutherland for not having condemned Helen Mirren’s racism and misandry on the spot.

Shame on Donald Sutherland for choosing to re-tell this appalling encounter in a positive light via his own phony virtue signaling, based on yet another group identity – being Canadian.

But being on the Left, and having fully accepted collectivist identity over individualism, it’s understandable why people who view themselves and others in this way are incapable of doing what is Just Right.

Jan 252018

Disneyland City Hall

Upon the release of last week’s London Institute poll on the city’s upcoming municipal election this fall, our guest Amir Farahi’s commentaries on what the poll tells us created quite a storm of controversy.

As executive director of the Institute, his harsh criticisms of London mayor Matt Brown and London city council has made him the person to turn to for expertise on the state of the city – and for a perspective on the city that provides a sober alternative to the official views.

Like many municipalities across North America, London has a very Left-leaning council, which means that much of municipal planning is really social engineering, determined by ideologies of the Left. From Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to fighting climate change, the city’s priorities are in direct conflict with those of the majority of Londoners.

Alarmingly, London falls dead last among all Canadian cities in employment rates and labor participation rates. The city now boasts the third highest poverty rate in Canada. It has a drug epidemic problem larger than that of Toronto or Vancouver, cities many times larger than London.

Not surprisingly, Mayor Matt Brown fared quite poorly on the London Institute’s poll. Brown’s past sex scandal, his skewed priorities and his state of the city address (which left much to be desired) have led to Londoners’ re-assessment of the mayor’s boasted “culture change” at city hall.

Also not too surprisingly, mayoralty maverick Paul Cheng scored highest in the poll, thanks to his declared opposition to BRT.

Of course, no candidate for the city’s mayor will be perfect, nor is any such expectation realistic.

We can only hope that with the information and knowledge provided by the likes of the London Institute and Amir Farahi, the next election’s results might point in a direction that could be Just Right for the city and for the times.