Aug 272015

Andy Janson


00:07 Hydrogen bombed: hydrogen as fuel, hydrogen storage device, fears of hydrogen, water as fuel, OPG’s plan to bury nuclear waste, Deep Geologic Depository, introducing uranium
16:05 Nuclear wasted: from uranium to lead, disposing nuclear waste – identifying the problem, nuclear submarine storage, nuclear reactors being built around the world
28:35 Nuclear new clear vision: new proposals for eliminating nuclear waste, ASAT (anti-satellite), one way trip to the sun, Fulton device, Gerald Bull, Thunder Well, hypersonic shock wave, an irrational one hundred thousand year contract
44:10 An elevating future: uranium’s future potential, nuclear waste as fuel, liquid fluoride salt, irrational nuclear waste burial expectations, space elevator, financing the true disposal of nuclear waste 57:48 END

Aug 202015

Black Sails


00:07 Power in the telling: too much scripted TV, scripted TV programs, fixed audience, finding good television shows, TV listings, 300-400 scripted TV shows currently in production, no fixed markets, the power of scripted television, editorializing by script, TV recommendation – Black Sails
18:40 Sailing from anarchy to self-government: Black Sails – the TV series, masterful storytelling, review samplings, adult content, story-driven plot and theme
36:20 Some things are black and black: Black Sails – a story of power, piracy, voting, turning plunder into trade and profit, law, order, establishment of legal authority, monarchy, libertarian ideal, no governance vs good governance
50:25 Courting the public court: latest Bill Cosby allegations, Gloria Alred’s call for a public debate, three more women make allegations against Cosby, Cosby’s philosophy on sex
59:16 END

Aug 132015

Donald Trump


00:07 Keep the change, thanks: Canadian federal leaders’ debate, why Stephen Harper won the debate, political change, superficial media reaction, given alternatives
17:55 Last past the post: Canadian federal leaders’ debate, electoral reform, engaging youth, elected dictatorship, representation, Quebec separatism, poverty, climate change, social justice, group rights, the function of political parties, first-past-the-post,
37:05 Trump trumps would-be trumpers: US Republican debate, Donald Trump, ridiculing Trump, war on women, Trump leads in polls
49:10 Trump card: US Republican debate, Donald Trump, Obamacare, single-payer health care, welfare vs welfare state, campaign donations as bribes, abortion, pro-life, Trump’s tone, running independently, Trump as a Republican problem
1:00:43 END

Aug 062015

Parliament Buildings


00:07 The wrong to vote: voting about anything and everything, Canadian federal election under way, political parties, “who’s” vs “what’s”, politics and war, excuses for not voting, voting as an obligation or a right, blood and democracy
20:12 Screwing up royally: abolishing the monarchy, kingdom and freedom, constitutional monarchy vs royal family, voting reforms, referenda, first-past-the-post, proportional representation, dangers of a ranked ballot, abolishing the Senate,
35:35 Pan the Olympic Games I Am: 2015 Pan Am Games, Toronto 2024 Olympic bid, real reasons for hosting sporting events, conflict between politicians and public, Pan Am Games media negativity, catalysts for infrastructure, a brief history of sport funding losses and scandals
49:55 Harbouring memories of Pearl Harbor: Article 9 of Japan’s post-war Peace Constitution, Japan’s military, Japanese constitution, Japanese parliament votes to circumvent Article 9, Japanese president Shinzo Abe, no referendum, war and politics, Japan as a new player on the world military stage, a just war 59:20 END

Jul 302015

I Spy


00:07 Feminism’s cause is feminism’s ‘Cos: Bill Cosby, New York Magazine on Cosby, same old stories and allegations, feminism’s unmentionable agenda against Cosby, smearing Cosby’s defenders
28:10 Allegation invalidation: New York Times release of Cosby’s deposition, Cosby’s reactions to Andrea Constand’s allegations, once seduction now rape, not justice but validation
35:20 Feminism’s double standard: Camille Paglia on Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, feminism’s support of the left and attacks on the right, demonizing masculinity
49:20 Bill Cosby – summary convictions: feminism’s exploitation of the Cosby allegations, keeping the allegations in the court of public opinion, making unproven rape allegations socially acceptable, somebody’s lying or the issue is consent
1:02:11 END

Jul 232015



00:07 Simply astronomical! astronomical events and anniversaries, moon landings, the moon as a planet, supermoon, Einsteinian oddity, same supernova observed repeatedly, lost generation of monster stars, Asteroid day warning, threats to civilization
23:10 Plutonian reactions: New Horizons spacecraft arrives at Pluto, fastest speeds, a light comparison, significant and unexpected discoveries on Pluto, dwarf planet, universal patterns
34:22 Mars attracts! Mars One Mission to Mars, one-way mission, psychological challenges of living on Mars, space isolation and depression, mission unto death, ‘lie to fly’ culture, entertaining a two-way mission to Mars, looking ahead on human space travel
46:45 Dwarfed by significance: planetary debate about Pluto, discovery of Aires, International Astronomical Union, defining ‘planet’, dwarf planet, the sun as a planet, planetary properties, astronomically defined by the company you keep, making the definitions relevant, re-thinking ‘planet’, Pluto still a planet
1:02:20 END